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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make tossed trash. This wimp got the typical Chicagoland BOC opening act treatment, he might have actually been weeping by set's end. Truly a deer headlights moment. Vitale's Madmen were next up. Having seen them recently, opening for the J. Geils Band. I enjoyed the same, fairly brief set again. Vitale and bassist Passarelli had been Walsh's Barnstorm, now Vitale was touring on his solo LP Roller Coaster Weekend. Pretty harmless, fairly bland, but I'd seen much worse. Since the crowd had already spewed it's bile at Roger Vitale went over fairly well. Vitale's claim to fame was being The Eagles tour drummer for years. Our group moved to the upper row of bleachers at the opposite end of the ice rink, under the scoreboard. One of the guys, who was nicknamed The Human Smoke Machine, was happily shotgunning weed at any stranger who walked by. He also pulled a huge wine skin out of his jacket, passing it around once, then chugging the remaining contents himself. date, Diane, the only female our group, was awe of his herbal alcoholic intake. The rest of us were accustomed to it. Did I mention he was also the driver that night? No such thing as a designated driver back then! After a while, we noticed people passing by us a few rows below us began to seemingly disappear before our very eyes. We thought it have been the combination of weed and wine causing us to things, but, upon inspection, we noticed a gaping hole the floor, which unsuspecting people were falling into. Lawsuit city! One of the others headed off to find someone to cordon off the hole, while we bravely stood guard. While trying not to laugh, of course! As for the gig itself, BOC's playing was great, especially who was introduced as Rockets Bouchard going into his solo. The explosions were massive, while the sound, at least at our end of the low-ceilinged building, was fairly echoey, but the playing came through loud and clear. A killer set list, too. But we were far away, it was difficult to the onstage action clearly. I do remember had a huge, clear plexiglass and at one point, came dashing out of a huge cloud of smoke machine smoke to the front of the stage for a solo. BOC, awesome as always! Late again; Power was off of generators and the scrim was trying to fall... The scrim was a huge 24x24 kodalith mask of the first album cover sandwiched between black scrim material front and white scrim material behind the effect being that it looked like a plain black backdrop till we hit it with light from behind and then the image was very bright... It had two 10 ft velour curtains that had big scrim logos sewn into them that were lit at the same time... we had a really jury rigged little truss works to attach it to and a hydraulic lift to raise and lower it and numerous cables and turnbuckles to stabilize it... The SLIGHTEST flex the stage would result this thing swaying about wanting to fall... scary when you have to work underneath it all night and if it falls TOWARD the stage would take lighting system down and into crowd as well... luckily it never quite happened.. I was at this show. The venue was called the Cascade Ice Arena. Still to this day one of the best non-stop rock-n-roll shows I ever saw!!! Nugent opened and he was awesome, playing most of his self-titled Nugent' LP. Status Quo followed and I had never heard of them until this concert. Needless to say, 1975 they were at about their all-time boogie rock best. To the three of them on stage rockin' back-n-forth as one was a sight to behold for this 15 year old. Then of course, BOC playing what was basically their 'On Your Feet' LP was incredible. Three bands, all of whom could headline and have and all of whom were probably at their musically peak. Wow, what a show! Sunrise: St Arrived Baton Rouge to find gig canceled... there was a BIG