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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make dog is very spirited when he finds a game bird. By: Family pet. Collar is excellent, and the customer service even better. News at the dog park is, this is the place to do business. After two days of working with boxer, I am now the boss. I had to shock her once on the #1 setting, and she got the message to listen to me. Thanks. By: Owns 6 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. The first transmitter I received did not charge. Called troubleshooting number the and the representative was great. They sent me a new transmitter. When the new transmitter arrived, it did not charge. Called the troubleshooting number the and the representative was, again, great. She told me that they replaced a part, and that they would send me another transmitter. The third transmitter works like a charm, and seems to be just about the only thing that can hold male lab a sit and stay while another lab retrieves. By: Hunts. I have excellent squirrel dog. Her only drawback was killing chickens. This collar is easy to with enough bite to get her attention. Before each shock, I would hit the button that makes the beeping sound, now when she hears the beep she lie down, no longer needing a shock. I rate this collar high for the main reason of being able to ride the 4 wheeler with the remote around neck with no worries of it vibrating out of pocket. By: Lab and Great Dane. Owns 12 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. I everything about this. I have not had to turn it past level 3. I do not have to use it much, dogs listen pretty well. If they get hard headed, as as I put it on they listen like a champ. I can leave this sitting around for a month cut off and cut it on and it still have a charge. The dogs go swimming with it a lot, it holds up well. I have recommended this product to people, two thumbs up on the SD-425. By: Chocolate Lab. Family pet. Paid attention to the DVD and worked a little harder on Nib's skills on her leads, 8', before using the e-collar. The results were really gratifying. Responsiveness is good and she's quickly correcting some behaviors that she picked-up under her previous owners. I'm new to the technology, but the theory makes sense. I'll standardize on the MacFarlane protocols for consistency and look forward to even greater improvement. By: Labrador. Hunts. I have been very satisfied with this collar. It is just as advertised on your website. dog is just over 7 months old and knows the basic commands I bought the collar because he was becoming a little hard-headed.... following the commands when he wanted to, especially when he was away from me. The collar has him focused again. I really like the vibration beep option addition to the stimulation. Follow the instructional video. Make sure your dog knows the basics and this collar be a huge help. By: Owns 2 dogs. Family pet. This collar has really helped with dogs. We live the middle of town and like to let the dogs roam the yard but we had a problem with one constantly barking at the people that would come and go at the park across the street. This collar has helped us give immediate corrections when necessary, and we that it came with the vibrate and tone By: Hunts. Family pet. Collar works very well. I the three functions. While using I notice dog responds more to the vibration, which I like a lot. Having the audio, vibration and stimulation mode is perfect for training. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a E collar. By: Family pet. at recommended this collar for our 82lbs puppy who needed some help obeying commands, and it has completely changed his training for the better! He's happy, enjoying more time with us outside, and his obedience is incredible. I rarely have to turn the dial past vibrate after the first day. We now taking him outside with us