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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make the foundation for getting our dog to properly execute a course. Learn more and register. Agility Foundations 2 focuses on combining the flat work from Agility Foundations 1 with the obstacles from Agility Obstacle Familiarization. This help your dog properly and safely execute a course. Learn more and register. Agility Fun Runs is perfect for dogs with boundless energy! The agility equipment be set up to run through a course and further grow your dog's agility skills. A trainer be present to aid activities and answer any questions. Learn more and register. This class is triple your fun! The agility equipment be set up to run through three different courses and further grow your dog's agility skills. A trainer be present to aid activities and answer any questions. Learn more and register. Agility Outdoors is 4 weeks and helps your dog work on a mix of agility obstacles a realistic yet distracting environment. Possible obstacles covered include: single jump, tunnel, tire, a-frame, double jumps, wobble board, pause table, weave poles, panel jumps, dog walk, broad jumps and chute. Learn more and register. You are sure to enjoy Novice Rally. It offers dogs and handlers experience that is fun and energizing. Teams move at their own pace through a course comprised of 10 stations. Stations have activities that teams must complete before moving on. While perfect heel position is not required, teamwork and communication is encouraged. The main objective of Rally is to train dogs that can behave at home, public and the presence of other dogs a manner that is positive at all times and under all conditions. Learn more and register. Are you looking for something to do with your dog that is fun and challenging? Does your dog show aptitude for learning tricks? Or do you want to refocus some of your dog's particularly stubborn behaviors into a trick that he learns that he can only give you paw when you say HIGH FIVE? We have the answer, tricks training. Learn more and register. Some dogs are difficult to handle or aggressive on a leash and traditional obedience class settings are more stressful than productive. Feisty Fido classes are the perfect choice for owners faced with these specific challenges. They teach pet parents about leash behavior and help them work through their dog's feisty behavior when they're on-the-go! These classes are ideal for reactive and dog-aggressive canines. Learn more and register. Do you music? Do you to dance? Are you looking for a fun and entertaining opportunity to teach your intelligent and active dog a new skill? Then Freestyle Training just might be the perfect fit for you and your music-loving pooch! Freestyle Training, human and canine students learn how to coordinate movements to create a unique and personalized dance! Learn more and register. Novice Nosework is designed to develop your dog's natural scenting abilities by using their to hunt and their of toys, food and exercise. This course is sure to be fun for your dog. It help build your dog's confidence and also burn a lot of mental and physical energy. Learn more and register. Advanced Nosework, your dog is introduced to odor detection. The game is changed from hunting for food or toys to learning to identify and search for a target odor. You focus on building teamwork with your dog by improving your handling skills and your dog's communication skills when he she locates the target odor. The class is geared towards tactics, advanced handling and off-leash work. As a team, you and your dog learn to navigate more intricate and challenging training scenarios. Learn more and register. Treibball was developed Germany to help people provide their energetic dogs with additional opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. Dogs competing this sport use a combination of herding, agility and soccer-like skills to complete the course. Treibball is ideal training for any energetic dog who works well off-leash and needs a job, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn't have sheep! Learn more and register. Disc Dog Foundation focus on teaching you and your canine partner the foundations of the sport of disc