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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make and had stopped to read a map. He gave them a brief coaching session about stopping traffic. CO Bret Grundmeier dealt with a few complaints of illegal burning as homeowners tried to burn prohibited materials while they did their yard clean up. Very little ice fishing activity was found on the still frozen-over lakes. A few people had their summer fishing poles out and were searching for catfish and sturgeon on the larger rivers that were open and flowing. Farmers continued to report problems with wolves harassing cows during calving CO Eugene Wynn took calls regarding nuisance animals and fielded questions about upcoming safety classes. He assisted the Pine County Sheriff's Office with a fight and the State Patrol with vehicle accidents during the snowstorm over the weekend. Wynn also monitored compliance with closures local state forests. CO Croatt monitored wildlife management area and state roads for damage and also handled a complaint of ATV damage to a township road. The assistant area wildlife manager stated that while doing a sharp-tailed grouse survey, two wolves came out into a field and noticed him. He then started walking back to his truck and the wolves began to follow him until they noticed his vehicle. Isle vacant. Malmo vacant. CO Kuske assisted the Training Section with the upcoming Academy and investigated a call of a deer hanging a front yard. It was found to be a legal road kill deer. Kuske spoke at the Royalton firearms safety class and handled calls about injured owl, a dead eagle, deer feeding complaints, and questions about the upcoming turkey hunting seasons. CO Caleb Silgjord spent time during the week following up on cases and monitoring angling activity. He also prepared for upcoming firearms safety class and provided a law and ethics presentation to the Meire Grove youth firearms safety class. A call regarding a sick coyote was also fielded and handled. CO Todd VanderWeyst found a few anglers out this week but they were having little to no luck. The officer assisted neighboring officer with a deer case. Snow over the weekend slowed activity and left people wondering what the fishing opener be like. CO Thesing worked anglers, followed up on illegal burning complaints and worked on the upcoming Conservation Officer Academy. With the never-ending snow, more snowmobiles were out again. Enforcement action for the week included a citation to Mother Nature for leaving out past the deadline. CO Frank Rezac reports checking ice fishermen and snowmobile riders during the week. Calls about regulation questions were also returned and dates set to speak to area hunter education firearms safety classes. Enforcement contacts were made for no snowmobile safety certificate and expired snowmobile registration. Pierz vacant. Annandale vacant. CO Londgren checked anglers, closed snowmobile trails and trappers, and fielded calls about injured animals. She also scheduled upcoming speaking events and prepared presentations. CO Mohs focused on ATV and snowmobile activity. Snowmobile riders are reminded that --aid trails closed 1. Enforcement action was taken for operating a snowmobile the road right of way, snowmobiling on a closed trail, and operating ATV without registration. CO Krauel spent the week checking anglers and patrolling for ATV activity. Panfish anglers are still finding some success on area lakes. Krauel also gave law talks to two firearms safety classes. At one class, Krauel also had the opportunity to present one of the instructors with his 40-year award. Over those 40 years, it is estimated he has taught more than 1 students. A big thank you to all of the dedicated safety instructors! CO McGaw checked some ice anglers during the week. Ice conditions remain fairly stable. Panfish have been hit and due to fluctuating weather. Turkeys are still grouped up but one lone was seen walking across a snow-covered field. CO Tony Musatov spoke at a youth firearms safety class. Complaints about animals were handled and follow up was done on a big-game case. Musatov worked ATV complaint areas and followed up on property illegally left on WMAs. CO Reller followed up on a possible wetland violation. He also gave two presentations at firearms safety classes Monticello and Rockford. CO