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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make about instantly. The pad wax seems to help a little. Maybe if you can get your dog to keep the booties on, that'd be ideal. Just a thought but how do you know if your dog has pooped when out riding?. As you well be riding ahead of your dog and you won't him or her take a dump. Then some poor comes riding along and goes straight through the poop and it could splatter all over him, not nice. Get real on the dog poop issue. Trails I ride are literally covered tons of livestock crap. dogs little turd dries up and is gone a week. The idiots who bag it up and leave it on the trail to be preserved for eternity are the real bad ones here. Let your dog and move on it is not a big issue the big picture. Alain-I 't think intelligence has much to do with it. dog cycles back and forth. Sometimes he is a genius and goes the grass off to the side. Other times he runs up front on a climb 200ft. ahead and drops right the center of the trail. Sometimes it is right on top of another dog's poop. it really is driven by other factors than intelligence and more related to territory claims I think. dog shreds trail harder then most bikers. He always comes. He listens to basic comands ive taught him like stop, go, left, right, move, follow that kinda stuff. I tell people that we ride with to tell him to move and he I trust his judgment 100% and urge friends to as well. Its just like riding with another friend. The more your learn from each other the better it gets especially if you both know the trails. Some dogs should stay off the trail though. Just like some people. dog is great at everything except move. Any tips to get him good on this? I've nicked his heels once or twice and almost gone over the bars avoiding him a couple times. Because of this I only take him on super flat and mild rides, any advice would be greatly appreciated I can get him back out there with me for more rides. Try to teach move off the bike while walking. dog kinda just got it. He relized what move meant after i almost hit him a couple of times. i just hold line and say move. Also have trust your dog. If hes smart and quick he'll figure it out last second and move. Or you'll run his ass over and he'll get it next time. I didnt formally train dog. We just ride a lot and he picked things up. I used to riding with German shepherd but since the massive growth popularity of mountain biking recent years, the trails I ride have gotten too busy for me to feel comfortable taking her. I think out the sticks it's fine but as far as UK trail centres are concerned, unfortunately the dog is best left at home for everybody's safety. I Dogs above most things the world. Even more than biking itself. But i can't stand it when people bring them to trails other than their hometrails. its just dangerous to others who are not ready to encounter a dog on a trail. And articles like this dont prevent this from becoming a dangerous trend. Because this selfish age people just dont care about how much they inconvenience others and dont care if they hurt their dog as as they can have a life that is worth recording and sharing online... i dont sound too bitter Typical dog owner comment, It's not dog that's the problem... Trail dogs aren't a problem for the owner just everyone who's behind the owner. I get wanting to bike with your dog but unless you are seriously the only person out there it's kind of a selfish move and you shouldn't be surprised people aren't as stoked on your dog as you are. I didn't make any claims of dog being well trained not of other people liking her out