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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make energy and endurance can boost your workout. Because his is constantly pulling to go, breeder Smith of New Hampshire harnesses the pooch, gets on his bike and lets the dog take him for a ride. As with all bird dogs, the hunting instinct can override caution, so keep your on a leash near roads. Pointer Big hearts and expansive lungs make for great athletes. Pointers were bred to go all day the field, looking for game. That translates into a high-powered cycling companion whose vicious tail wagging lets you know all's right his world. Watch that your dog's birding instincts 't take him near cars. Siberian Husky The Siberian husky is the quintessential -distance dog. California breeder Barbara Schaefer's dogs, mid-level sled-dog competitors, average 10 to 12 mph for 25 Their of running needs to be tempered hot weather. Though their double coat won't grow as thick warmer climates, it makes it harder for huskies to cool down. Weimaraner The swiftest the group, the weimaraner won't stop-even if it runs its pads off. They are a nightmare without exercise, says dog handler and cyclist Wildfeuer of California. Short, light coats prevent overheating and what Wildfeur calls a co-dependency gene ensures they'll return to their human when they inevitably take off after birds or squirrels. Has anyone ever used a spray collar as a training aid? I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has used one, why they used it, did it work the short term did you notice any negative behaviour your dog having used this? Sorry, I 't want opinions whether these are right wrong, cruel, etc but just from people who have used one. I met someone the other day who used one on her dog to prevent chasing deer She couldn't praise it highly enough several months ago but I would also be interested othe peoples experiences with these type of collars Used a citronella one before for barking,it was actually the early signs of SA but we didn't know at them time and teaching a quiet command wasn't helping. Overall,a waste of money. Anytime barked it sprayed but then he shook his head and the sensor moved to the next time he barked it didn't spray and i ended up having to go out to fix it,thus rewarding the barking. Didn't work the or short term,it actually made it worse. It broke too,after 2 weeks. I wouldn't waste time with one frankly,you would be better off putting the training and get much better results than using a collar. I wouldn't say they are cruel,well depends but i wouldn't class them as humane either. I mean how would you feel having a lemon spray shot up your nose. Thanks for your comment, it's really useful for me to hear of peoples direct experiences good bad! If I ever did consider one it would be a remote controlled one to avoid it going off by mistake. I would also not use it myself but work with a trainer who would use this. There is a section within the David book that details steps leading up to using citronella association with chasing animals I am do put the training to deter chasing but I'm still struggling 18mths later. Given the high populations of deer we have where I live, a spray collar is soemthing I consider Quite honestly, I'd be very, very hesitant to trust that a spray collar would be aversive enough to stop a dog from chasing prey. didn't notice ripped ears or paws or a nail being torn off I'd think it highly unlikely he'd have noticed a nasty smell or blast of water his face. I suppose it depends on how intent your dog is on chasing though. One of our pals at the park uses one on her Cocker Spaniel and she says it has really helped with recall. any animal he sees and I did consider using a spray collar but rejected it because I'm not mad on the idea and also he is intent on the I doubt he would notice it. This woman's spray collar also has