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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make from the 1825. The majority of the dogs that I've worked with, with the SportDOG system, the medium setup works great. Out of all of dogs, I 't have anybody that uses a low stim setup. I only have one dog that uses a high stim setup. most dogs are going to get by with the medium. But if you need to dial it down you've got that as option. Just all-around great collar. SportDOG knows how to make dials better than anybody. And that's a big deal for me. If you are used to a dial on a transmitter and you prefer that over some of the newer setups that we have, if a dial is what you are looking for, SportDOG makes the best dials. They feel great and it's probably favorite thing about this particular collar. It's just a really well-made dial. neat collar. Works really well. I've enjoyed using them. Snell By: Family pet. Love this collar. 18 month old un-neutered male lab works with me all day at our horse rehabilitation farm. He had started bolting every time I let him out. He would actually leave the farm and end up surrounding neighborhoods. Hormones kicking I'm sure! Was very worried he'd get killed the road or stolen. It took about a week of de-bolting training on a line with the SD collar. He's now off-leash and back to work all day with no problems. I like the 1 mile range too. If I get busy and lose sight of him it's quite easy, on the farm, for him to get that far away. There have been times I've toned for a full 3 mins and then him come running. I'm sure he was at the back of the property. Very happy to have dog back by side! Acosta, Terrapin Horse Center, NC By: Family pet. I compared the SportDOG SD-825 to a number of e-collars on-line and bought it based primarily on 's recommendation. excellent collar; however, the training books and videos are important to assure you 't use the e-collar incorrectly. While our dog is primarily a pet, I have been working him on uplands and the range and response is fantastic. By: Family pet. dog is already trained, but can sometimes be very stubborn. We take him out hiking, he can run off leash. He likes to deer and sometimes does not come back very promptly when called with a whistle. It only took a couple of times out with the collar, and he really listens, even with all the distractions of running free outdoors. The video and training pamphlet are excellent. Easy to understand instructions and easy to use control. Fast delivery and very competitive price. Plus you can call Gun Dog Supply if you have any questions or problems with your unit. That was the deciding factor to buy from them. By: Family pet. We recently adopted our dog to be a family companion and running partner. He is awesome, but his prey drive is over the top. He had put himself and me some dangerous situations by chasing things The collar works well and he has responded very quickly to it. He even wags his tail when he sees the collar, because he knows that we are about to head out for FUN. This particular model was recommended to me because it works well for dogs with longer hair. I also the fact that there is a tone and vibration setting. I truly believe that this collar save dog's life some day. By: Family pet. Great training aid. When the collar goes on the attitude and focus change. that he felt the stim, when he doesn't listen I can use the tone as a warning, and it is more than enough to get his attention. The beeps alone change his attitude. Great piece of gear. Makes training a 3 month old Lab much easier. By: Family pet. The training collar worked great! It's easy to use. Good instructions. I had to only shock her 3 times starting at level 1 and went up to level 3 and then back