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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make dog that lives longer. Letting the dog go a day without food increase almost every dog's food drive. As a general rule one would not want to go more than two days without feeding. studies with rats there is a diminishing return on a rat's motivation and learning ability after going 3 days without food. Do not get the habit of feeding the dog right after you train, wait for 2 or 3 hours. Some lazy dogs pick up on the fact that right after training they always get their nice big bowl of food. These dogs not try as hard for a food reward because they know that one way or another they are going to get fed real It seems that this phenomenon goes away if there is more than hour break between training and feeding. randomly increasing and decreasing the feeding times works as as it's hour after training. Dogs that are well fed have to learn that all food comes from your hand. As I mentioned, we feed a raw all-natural diet. You can read about this on web site at http: feedingdogs.htm I have a male that did not have a ton of food drive I changed his diet to all hamburger and let him go a day without food. Then for 4 or 5 days the only food he got was hamburger from hand during marker training. remember when you fast a dog for a day and then bring out the hamburger the meat is going to be a high value treat for the dog. you are going to the dog be a little more hectic than normal. That's Our goal here is more to teach the dog to appreciate the value of food treats than to train a complicated task. we only ask the dog to do very simple things that he already knows like a hand touch or a sit or down. During this initial work if he zoned out and did not pay attention I simply took him by the collar, without saying a word, put him his dog crate and walked away for 3 or 4 minutes. That experience did wonders for his food drive. After a week we went back to normal feedings always several hours after training. If your dog blows you off during your training another approach is to simply stop, take the dog by his collar and put him his dog crate. Then go get another dog and let the second dog eat the first dogs' daily bowl of food right front of the crate. 't for a second think this doesn't say volumes to the dog your training. You only need to do this a couple of times before he gets the picture. A caveat here is that you should get the habit of feeding these dogs inside their dog crates. This eliminate the possibility of dog fights. You probably find that cooked meat or raw meat cut into small chunks are your dogs favorite food treats. Using them training is great, but you also get to the point where having to cut up meat every day is more than you care to do. This is where the all-natural treats come What we have found our dogs like it when we make a trail mix of dog treats. We put pieces of cut up meat, pieces of string cheese and several kinds of all-natural treats a plastic tub our fridge. We fill our bait bag from this tub. When we go out we randomly select a treat from this trail mix. The variety of this random selection builds interest our dogs because they never know what the next treat reward is going to be. Have you ever watched a dog eat a piece of steak? Unless the piece of meat is huge they take it their mouth and virtually swallow it. I find myself thinking, Hey dummy why didn't you chew that a little and make it last a little longer? The fact is dogs derive pleasure from the physical act of eating. Your dog would get more pleasure out of cutting the same