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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make itself is structured to give the student a comprehensive but general understanding of the subject matter. If I had to offer one critique, I wish the program would have afforded more practical application. There were times where it was too theoretical. The overall online experience was what I expected and for the most part the student population came to work which made the process enjoyable. There seemed to be a significant level of diversity which led to thoughtful and robust online discussion forums. The online school platform changed the middle of the program which was a little distracting but the new platform operates ahead of the old based platform. Overall, I really enjoyed experience the Diplomacy Program and would recommend it to those who are seriously thinking about online school because a traditional setting is not option. of Military History February 5 I am hearing awful lot of negative feedback about Dr. Grenier and I feel inclined to disagree. I went through the MMH program from 2009. Professor Grenier taught both seminar 5 and capstone seminar. I am actually glad I had seminar 5 with him as it prepared me for exactly what he would expect from a capstone. He holds your papers to extremely high standard. He is a tough professor. He not sugarcoat anything. When you get your first graded assignment back you wonder how you have managed to be successful graduate school up to that point. As I write this I can find a dozen mistakes writing he would criticize me for. After saying all that I am glad I had him. He made me a better writer and historian. I analyzed things more depth than I ever have and was able to communicate thoughts better writing. If it seems like he grades too much on grammar and not enough on content maybe you are right but the two are linked. It is through writing that you express your arguments and analysis. After achieving success both classes I felt like I had actually accomplished something monumental. I felt like the capstone was a true capstone, or, crowning achievement. If you are sensitive to criticism and have your feelings hurt easily, this not be the professor for you. If you want someone who is going to challenge you at every step and mold you into a better writer and analytical thinker, Grenier is your of Business Administration January 20 I'd first like to say that this is a rigorous program with little room for a personal life, strap yourself's going to be a bumpy ride! Expect to work Mon-Sat every week to keep up with assignments. Sundays are your little reprieve make the most of it. On average expect to write about 10 words per week between discussions and individual or team assignments. It won't always be that way, but expect that the majority of writing to be marathon nature, albeit substantive. At first, it comes as a bit of a shock...but after a week or two of engagement, you get used to the extensive workload really quickly. Expect team assignments every other week for a year and a half! Moreover, expect to read 4 chapters between two books weekly to absorb the material throughout the week. One GIANT PLUS is that provides your courseware and books. You receive new books two-three weeks prior to the previous course ending. The professors are VERY knowledgeable, but remember, we are ALL different-- are they, just like life there are various extremes of people you need to work with. You do well to keep open mind. Some professors are fluid and work with you...others...well you get point. The worst thing you could do is alienate yourself by being argumentative right off the bat. Develop relationships with them for better or worst, it help you traverse the rough waters. IF you happen to want to participate the project management concentration, know that the learning curve is STEEP the first course, with a TON of information. You be overwhelmed and out of your depth the first course. To add insult to injury, there is a graded exam after each week--if you're