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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make even when the 'homeboys' were running around front of her. Interestingly, we had driven over to San yesterday to attend the funeral of a dear friend and were having lunch San at the time of Gareth's call with fellow Brown and his wife We talked for hour or more, only to look up and Gareth and his hunting partner exiting the same restaurant! Small world! Thanks to Gareth's wife for the pix of waiting to leave for the weekend! Also two straight weekends of exciting calls from Barksdale, with another report from his to be 6 month old' De Multiple finds and retrieves again. and Gareth, are shining example's of how to develop great birdogs...take them hunting a lot and develop a line of communication...praise and correction. Both of these gentlemen treat these dogs as true hunting partners, talking to them as if they are human and, doing, build trust and a strong communications link with these dogs. As the fine old-time trainer Brown used to say....'you gotta teach 'em english! Meanwhile, Bear De was a touch less enthusiastic about his weekend, but sends along his congratulations to sister and niece After proudly posting about the amount of birds we have been finding at Dos Jefes this year...nature seems to be full of surprises. As more and more rumors surface of a bird 'dieoff' areas of the state, and particularly South Texas...DJ partner and guests had a tough time getting birds pointed this past weekend. Covies were there, but much smaller and the birds, some cases, were not as large as just a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, reports from Barksdale, who's pup DeLamont is just over five months old had a tremendous weekend at a ranch midway between Falfurrias and Hebronville. was full of excitement as he called on his way back to today, telling of 's solid points and multiple retrieves. It is exciting to such a talented dog develop and I am excited that is able to get her into a lot of birds during this important development period. was the most aggressive of the pups out of DeLamont and Natl Bean's Blaze and from the start, established her dominance over her siblings from the feeding pan to mom's faucets! I cautioned him that she would be a real 'handful', but she has developed into a very enthusiastic but responsive bird dog and at such early stage!!! Congratulations All of these are outstanding wingshots and they brought along some class Brittanys, including the other two pups from our most recent breeding of Hello De x Natl Ch Bean's Blaze. Plus, had his outstanding Black Lab that was amazing to watch. The weather was the 50s and the wind was a factor much of the time, but we found ample numb The real fun came watching the 3 month reunion of 's pups.....we 'gang' ran them on Jackrabbit Flats and it was off to the races. I was very proud of our but 's male, Blaze had the fastest and most impressive speed and drive for a large pup I have ever seen. 's had matured a great deal since we watched she and drive away and she shows a lot of class and Update: I'm posting this on 21, sitting Sugar Land with a lingering cough as I had to cancel trip down this week with Gareth and Murchison but the report was 12 covies found yesterday afternoon and 18 finds this morning. A call a few minutes ago said there were another 12 covies found this afternoon! Plus, the good news was about our 5 months old pup that sleeps at the foot of our bed every night. She was really running wide and had knocked a few covies previous trips but according to Gareth, she found 4 covies this afternoon, with two of the finds that she held enough for and Gareth to down birds front of her, and her to retrieve! DOUBLE There is nothing like seeing a dog get it! Thanks guys...I am glad you were there with her. Just home from a week at Dos Jefes with friends, a bunch of bird