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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make Dictators opening were also on the I would guess that's your anecdotal BOC Dictators 1974 date because BOC didn't play BCC 1974. I worked there and was the person who recommended bands to the student activities director. Click this link to some of photos from that night poster hangs 's room he met the band 2004 and had copy of Secret Treaties signed by the band. Spokane, WA. Good gig but truss broke. This refers to the fact that when the lighting truss was being lowered, one side was being brought down faster than the other and it up, then slipped about 5 ft... This caused a flex near the center that broke some welds and the whole thing then came crashing down, kicking the large lifts out from under either end of it... A very dangerous situation that could have meant serious injury had there been people around on stage... just another reminder to NEVER stand under moving loads no matter how years it's been since you've seen one fall... This wasn't the only time something like this happened... I've even got pictures somewhere of essentially the same thing happening Dijon It was 13th 1975 at the Spokane Coliseum. It was 19th birthday as well! Mother actually wrote me a note to get out of school to go the show that was 100 north Spokane, WA. I was living Walla Walla, WA at the time. A little farm town with a population of only 25. I left the afternoon with two of best buddies a very beat up VW Bug that had dents all over it because it had been rolled. We got to Spokane the late afternoon and secured our crash pad with one of buddies friends who's girlfriend and he were complete Rundgren fanatics. I heard a lot of Rundgren before the show at their apartment. I did get them to play the first BOC album which the had we could all get the grove before the show. When we got to the show I found out there was a opening act. I think it was a band called Mann. Not positive on that and I have been trying to find out for sure ever since. Who ever they were, they were forgettable. I was there to BOC! We then found at least four other of best friends from High School who had drove up another car. It was festival seating of course and we all found out spot on the floor about 30 feet from the stage. I can't remember what they opened with but they just exploded on to the stage like a bat out of hell. had the mirrored glasses with the cape with the red satin lining. I have to tell you it was very surreal because we had ingested quite a bit of weak Phycodelics and the band really had the mystique about them. I remember Flaming Telepaths coming across to me as if they were speaking directly to me with the chorus, and the jokes on you, as a stay away from hard drugs message. Another highlight was during ME-262 when the band started goose stepping and the audience all started marching as well. The sirens and explosions were incredible I am not sure if they had lasers 1975 but the shot this beam of light at a mirror ball during Astronomy that shot stars all over the ceiling. This little farm town boy had never seen anything like that. 's Masarati GT was also a highlight! I also remember being very surprised to hear Born to be Wild as the encore. It seemed to be some kind of message they were trying to get across through a geology of Rock N Roll. It jogged memory banks because I 't think I heard that since I saw Easy Rider grade school. At the end of the show I just stood front of the stage astonishment. The Coliseum had pretty much cleared out and small band of friend had found me after we were separated the rush and crush for the stage. There was all sorts of trash and bottles everywhere.