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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make communities. Programs that are available to the women are medical and dental services, mental health, chemical dependency, educational, work and parenting. More than 90 percent of all inmates at the Women's Prison are involved educational, vocational and recovery reentry programmings. The prison strives to promote child-parent bonding and development of parenting skills preparation for family reunification. Special family Kids' Day events occur once a month under the supervision of parenting staff to promote positive relationships. The prison's educational programs include classes to obtain high school-equivalency diplomas, college preparation classes, and courses to learn computer, personal and job-related skills. partnership with the prison, correctional enterprises offer inmates vocational training opportunities through the prison industries program. Industries such as garment and apparel print-screening, direct-printing, design work and embroidery, as well as assembling hygiene kits for prisoners. The prison paws program was started 2004. It is a canine training program which allows inmates opportunity to learn new skills and improve self-esteem while socializing canines, and teaching them basic manners the canines are better community members. A garden project, launched 2012, has enhanced the nutritional variety available to inmates and when abundance of produce is available donations are made to the community food bank. The women who work the garden and greenhouse can earn their master gardener certification addition to life-skills and technical on-the-job training greenhouse operations. The programs offered by the prison are enhanced by community partnerships and the large number of volunteers who donate time to bring -based, physical wellbeing prevention, substance abuse treatment and education, healthy relationships, cognitive behavioral strategies and life skills, creative arts programming, and victim awareness programs and activities. Victims who participate restorative justice programs such as a victim awareness panel often experience healing; and it strengthens the inmate's accountability and understanding of the harm they created through their crime while promoting a social bond to the community. These programs encourage change inmates and provide ties to community, while allowing them to give back a positive and productive way through interactions and community service projects. The Billings Area Reentry Task Force is a collaborative partnership made up of community stakeholders; the Montana Department of Labor, Montana State University Billings, Montana Department of Corrections, other government entities, and community-based organizations and other interested local parties who promote the removal of barriers which impede successful offender re-entry. This holistic approach starts at the point of contact with the criminal justice system focusing on employment, relationships and family, health services, alcohol and other drug treatment, and housing needs during inmate's transition from prison to the community. Montana Women's Prison 701 South 27th Street Billings MT 59101 Phone: 247 Fax: 247 Chaplain: 247. One-on-One Dog Training in your home... Private dog training in your home consists of 1 hour to 1 2 hour sessions. These are longer than other dog training facilities because it is crucial that the dog and the owner are both addressed. Private dog obedience training is recommended for dogs who have problems too involved for a group training class: Private dog training is also the best option for anyone who wants or needs individual time to reach maximum efficiency. 1 2 hour private dog obedience lessons in your home cost $95 per session. Some people and their dogs require 1 or 2 lessons, while others might require as many as 10 to 12 lessons. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. For more information about individual dog training lessons, or to schedule a private session: Call us at 877. Congratulations you are the proud new parent of a fur-baby! As anyone can tell you, bringing your new puppy home is ways just like bringing a human baby home. There are feedings, naps, learning and stimulation activities, poopies to clean up and all of the joys and challenges of guiding this one into the big wide world. The fact that you are on the Internet right now leads us to assume that you are aware of the great new tools that are available as the result of technological advancement. That is to say, smart phone applications or apps, for the really tech advanced amongst you. Now, apps are not