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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make puts me right to sleep! I also get to go downtown shopping lots of stores. There is much to while human shops! Goals: human is telling me that even though I'm doing awesome at commands, there are still some things I have to work on. I guess they want me to be more awesome than I already am. now I be focusing on doing this thing called stand. First they tell me down and stay and I do that. Then all of a sudden stand! Wait! Why did you tell me down if you want me to stand? Oh well, I start standing when I'm told I can get to furever person sooner. I'm also not supposed to go potty when I get really excited. OOPS! Sometimes it's hard when I am happy to someone! I promise to keep working hard on goals! I try to check back next month to continue telling you about story! 3 18 Status: Hi Everyone-especially future recipients! Happy and Passover! I've been very busy at the ranch with girl She is the best! I training with her. She teaches me lots of really cool tricks that one day help human! And the best part is…she knows how much I BELLY RUBS! When I do great work I get treats of course, but is the best belly rubber around! This month I have been busy working on doing tricks with words or hand signals! Guess what?! I can do both! Yes, I am that good! has words and hand signals for each trick and I have learned that a word or hand movement can mean the same thing! Do you know why that is important? What if furever person is a meeting with me and it is very quiet, I decide…Hmmmmm I'm kind of tired of laying down right now and I stand up. It would be a little disruptive for person to interrupt the meeting to say, down. Instead, person can get attention and move his her hand a certain way and I know I am supposed to lay back down and be really quiet while the meeting is going on. No words have to be spoken. Pretty tricky, huh? I'm getting really good at knowing ALL the hand signals! Guess what I'm really good at? Retrieving vest! That is silly! She tries really hard to make this game harder and harder, but I can always find vest no matter where she hides it the barn! When person needs their vest because it might have their medicine or cell phone it, I be able to run and get it no matter where it is the house. This is a really fun trick because it's almost like playing hide and seek! I am a good seeker! I'm going to share a little secret with you… favorite trick to do is called paws up or I also hear the humans call it DPT. I get to put paws up on humans lap and push weight on them. It feels like a big huge hug for us both. lets me paws up on her a lot. I her! Adventures: and I have been going on lots of adventures. It's how those humans figure out if we can do all of our tricks even when there are a lot of people around or if we are a new place. Sometimes these places are loud and noisy like parks and playgrounds and other times we go to places where I should be quiet and stay a down and under while drinks a coffee or has a sandwich. job is to lay right under her chair or the table and be really quiet-never, ever am I allowed to gobble up any food that might get dropped. That's not good service dog manners. Goals: every service dog has to have goals we can always do better things for our human. and I are adding new tricks for me when we are public now. She has been putting a harness on me human can use me to brace if they have a hard time with balance. far, I am doing really