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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make the full cost of the lesson is payable. However, owning a dog is a huge responsibility and dog owners find that their dogs 'misbehave', or are over boisterous, lack control and are generally much harder work than they expected. It's not just very worrying for the safety of your dog and those around you it can also be very embarrassing. Studies have shown that between the ages of two months and four months your puppy should be exposed to as positive experiences as possible. We focus on providing opportunities for puppies to develop social skills and manners with both dogs and people. This class teach you and your puppy basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, off, leave-it, take-it, and leash etiquette. Other common management issues also covered include: housebreaking, jumping, chewing, and mouthing handling. Puppies that out interacting with others at this stage their lives can prove to be difficult later on .Pups look forward to coming to class ,mingling with their buddies,playing with toys whilst off lead,meeting lots of new people, and learning as they go along .Plus they all know about the biscuit box the class!!. This is a very popular class...... and there Your dog be learning manners, like it did from mum and all the litter class i use one of dogs as a TEACHING DOG.Dogs learn best from other canines, especially mature dogs,this is why i involve STORM the classes. She is a 11 year old GSD bitch,obedience trained, who is confident, balanced, friendly with all, but is a pack leader within our dogs. She interact with dogs class, but keep boisterous pups check and let them know their place! She enjoys being involved puppy class! We can teach our puppies new exercises and fun tricks etc, but we cannot teach them doggie language. They can only learn this from socialising with other canines. The Shepherd is intelligent, noble dog, who wants to and protect its family. Putting training place, setting rules and boundaries, GSD,S are very trainable dogs, and working with this breed is extremely rewarding! who live harmony within their family pack Anyone who has lived with a Shepherd, understand the bond one can have with them, the fabulous sense of humour they have, and the devotion this breed give you! Mon., 8, 6 a.m. Mahoney of Medical Lake with his English setter, I'm Too. The dog was inducted into the National Shoot to Retrieve Association Hall of Fame 2002. It's not uncommon when I'm hunting, working or walking dog to have onlooker say, Is that a Mahoney setter? The term is used this region to describe handsome, birdy English setters that run like the wind, skid to stone-still, tail-high points on birds, and come home to add welcome to the family room. Spokane-area setter breeder and trainer Mahoney died on 25 at the age of 78, but not before he spread the happiness of fine bird dogs to hunters and families far and wide. He be interred on Thursday at 11 a.m. military ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery at Medical Lake. When he came to work the recreation program at Fairchild Air Force Base 1975, Mahoney bought a short-haired pointer for a hunting partner, says Mahoney, his wife of 52 years. He went out to a dog trail near Four Lakes and got hooked, she said. We bred our shorthair a couple times, then stared training to support the habit. Pretty I was grooming dogs for clients. It was a family deal. Mahoney always liked hunting dogs, but he never fell with one until he trained English setter named We were able to buy her from the owner down the road, and took her all the way to runner-up the national Shoot to Retrieve Championships, she said. Next he trained and campaigned one of her pups, Whiskey Delight who quickly stood out the crowd and marched on to win the nationals. wasn't one and done. The next Mahoney setter to win the national championship was I'm Too, a radar-like bird finder with panda-black eye patches immortalized the National Shoot to Retrieve Association Hall of Fame. Dickie, as Mahoney called