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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make going to the door, but make him sit before opening the door. You are rewarding him for signaling you to let him go out, but he must earn the privilege of having the door opened for him. When you open the door, make your puppy remain sitting until you and other family members go out the door first. This show him that higher-ranking members of the pack go out the door first and hopefully this keep him from bolting out the door whenever it is opened. Mealtime is a very special time for most puppies. The individual feeding him is a special member of his family and is often considered a higher-ranking member. If you have children, help them measure out the puppy’s food and have them place a few pieces of food into the dish. After the puppy eats them, have the children add a few more pieces until all the food is gone. This lesson teaches the puppy that a child’s hand reaching toward the food bowl means the child is giving him something and not taking anything away. This exercise help desensitize your puppy to children around his food bowl while he is eating. Allowing the children to do the feeding, elevate their rank because the puppy must depend on them for his food. Another good idea is to have all family members do things to distract the puppy while he is eating. Pet him, rub him and gently pull on his tail and legs. This serve to desensitize him to human contact while eating and make him less likely to be protective during these times. Do the same thing when he is chewing on his favorite chew objects or playing with his favorite toys. Take these objects away from your puppy, praise him and then give him a food treat as a reward for giving up his prized possession. Eventually, you not have to use food as a reward. Praise him and give back his chew object as a reward. Once your puppy allow you to do this without any incidents, supervise and allow your children to do the same thing. Eventually every family member should be able to take things away from your puppy and reward him for giving them up. Some training methods utilize training techniques such as “neck scruffs” and the rollover.” If a dog is “dominant aggressive” and forceful training methods are used, he submit to the individual training him. If other family members challenge him and force him to do something against his he not submit to them and they could be at risk of being bitten. If he growls or snaps at individual and makes them back down, he has elevated his status over that particular individual or family member. He then use threats attempt to be control. If this aggressive behavior escalates, he eventually become unacceptable pet. Euthanasia or the animal shelters is often the fate for a dog with this type of behavioral problem. A puppy that is trained using humane, fun training methods, where he has to submit to you for everything he receives, has a better of becoming a well adjusted adult dogs that knows that all family members are higher ranking than he is. His life be made easier for him because he not have to continually figure out his rank. If someone feeds him, plays with him and is kind to him, life is pretty easy. If adult dog has to continually try to figure out where he fits into the family, life is a lot more stressful and he is more likely to develop behavioral problems. If you own a dog that is threatening family members you be able to use some of these same techniques to retrain him. Making this dog understand that he has to earn everything he receives is the key to retraining. If this is adult dog that has already reached his social maturity, you have to proceed cautiously to avoid the risk of someone being injured. If children are involved, extreme care must be taken. You do not want to risk having children approach a dog’s food