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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make be reimagined, providing island-inspired cocktails and a menu of fresh seafood dishes. The golf clubhouse restaurant, Sul Verde, invite guests to enjoy traditional southern Italian cuisine a rustic setting. The hotel also modernize its spa and create a new fitness centre. New amenities include 44 new golf carts and upgraded golf course featuring enhanced course aesthetics. 2017. 3. The new owners of Rosewood 's are confident the future of tourism Bermuda beyond the 's Cup. Alessandro Colantonio, who led the purchase of the property for Miami-based investment firm Gencom, said that the company had been looking at investments on the island for several years, but now felt the tourism industry was moving the right direction. I would like to say we have always presented ourselves as being a very opportunistic investment shop. As we spend a lot of time this space, over time, we have learnt to really identify assents the market where we -term potential, be it the form of investment tourism or airlift. Bermuda is a location we have looked at several times over the years, and this was the third time we looked at 's We first looked at it 2012 and at that time we were not comfortable with the direction of tourism. When we looked again 2015, we started to the start of the tide turning when it comes to the future of the destination. addition to the steady increase visitor arrivals, he said Gencom noted the rise airlift to the island and investments the island by Carlton and St Regis, saying the island was showing renewed brand interest. The 's Cup is great, but we look at that as a launching point for a -term boost for the market. Across the board, all things are pointed the right direction for us. Mr Colantonio credited the Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Bermuda Government with putting the island's tourism industry on the right track, saying: I would say the future has never been brighter, based on the last 15 months of data. Asked about plans to develop further luxury real estate properties on the site, Mr Colantonio said the details were still somewhat of a work progress, but stated that the company understands that there are concerns about construction density on the site. And he added that the company was focused on quality over quantity when considering any further development on the side, saying: We 't want to do much on one side of the business plan that it affects the other side. The phase one plan that we have mind contemplates 16 waterfront condos a very low-density development. Other than that, it is about selling the existing unsold fractional ownership units. He said the company was also looking at potentially selling a handful of SDO lots on the site, but added: None of the lots are being looked at as multiple developments. It's really single family homes. The only area that we really put a number on was the 16 waterfront condominiums. Phase two has a few different options that we are looking at. Mr Colantonio also said that the company was not presently looking at changing the staffing levels at the resort, but he added: If anything, we are going to need to add some staff. 2017. 19. Government has hailed the sale of Rosewood 's Resort to American company. It was announced this week that the Miami-based investment group Gencom had bought the 88-room hotel and invest some $25 million into the property. Minister of Tourism Kenneth Bascome told the House of Assembly this morning that the sale was another milestone for Bermuda the East End. Gencom was founded 1987 by Mr Karim Alibhai and is one of North 's leading hospitality and luxury hospitality related residential real estate investment and development firms and consists of a group of companies involved all aspects of the hospitality industry, Mr Bascome told MPs. The Gencom group of companies offers expertise distinct areas including finance and capital markets, asset management, design, development and equity management and residential sales and marketing. addition, the Gencom management team has a wealth of experience and members of senior management