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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make It was keyed into the lighting well, any epileptics the audience had it bad for a few minutes, I can tell you and it was as good as drum solos get, plus I like as a drummer but I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of drum and bass solos. They just kill the momentum of the show. At least we hadn't yet had a bass solo... Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!, dropping bombs and wailing sirens introduced Me262 which kicked off at a fair old rate but transformed into a festival of self-indulgence which at times slowed the show down to a real crawl and at other times looked and sounded great. First there was some laid back stereo guitar swapping during which time the tune meandered about all over the place for a while. Some of it was technically brilliant there was one bit which built up faster and faster into a crescendo of echoing sound only to fade gently away... Then THUD!! the dreaded bass solo, but it didn't last and quickly joined I remember how I was still hoping for Astronomy at this stage and was worried about the amount of time left. Then things changed as, a manner reminiscent of a goalie running into the opponent's penalty box towards the end of a game, popped up with a guitar to create that legendary force known as The 5 Guitars. Wearing a black top hat, 's emergence snapped a jigsaw into place and we had electric version of duelling banjoes. This bit was just like the record and at last we had idea of what was going on visually onstage during that part of the track. Me262 built up to it's climax and then they were off. Cheers, shouts and stamping on the echoing floor brought them back: We only have time for one more... Oh no only one!! What would it be? Would it be Astro this is off our live album and is by Mr Bouchard... Oh well, at least Hot Rails is a brilliant track to end on and this was a great performance of it. Then it was Thank you and Good night... We fled out into the night, ran like to the Holiday Inn and caught them arriving got a picture of me with and outside, got Secret Treaties cover signed and finally went home to bed. Do Cultoids dream of eclectic sheep? I can't say, but that night the world was mine all mine. Blue Öyster Cult had played the Liverpool Empire. And they didn't know it but it was all for me. Just for me. Oh yeah... and for Ridgey too. I also remember the flash cubes because I took pictures at a Buffalo NY show where Be Bop Deluxe opened for them and all that came back were little blobs of light that look like the photos of UFOs that you tabloids! I was at this gig the main thing i remember is when father came to pick me up from the show he told me he could hear the encore quarter of a mile away from the building. i remember the 5 guitar part and that it was amazing gig! BOC headlined incredible show on Dec. 21 at the Winterland San This was the third time just over a year I had seen the Band. Hot on the release of On Your Feet Or On Your Knees earlier the year, the Group were finishing out the year more popular then ever The line up for this nights concert was Link Wray, whose claim to fame was the late '50's instrumental Rumble. He did not seem to impress the crowd much. He was older dude even '75. He would strike a chord on his semi-hollow body guitar and really work the whammy bar! That was his thing. Kansas was second on the They played a very strong set of American hard progressive rock. '76 would be a big year for them as well, with the release of their excellent Leftoverture and the hit Carry on Wayward One odd memory I have of Kansas was that