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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make deactivated on 16 Feb 1946. Other Sites of Interest: 8th Airdrome Squadron Facebook Page 72nd Airdrome Squadron Source: Air Force Historical Research Agency Lineage: 72 Airdrome Squadron and the 72 Operations Squadron consolidated with the 654 Operations Support Squadron Redesignated as 72 Operations Support Squadron on 1 Oct 1994. Assignments: Second Air Force, 1 Feb 1943 Oct 1944 Air Commando Group, 23 Nov 1944 Sep 1945 Air Base Group, 16 Jun 1952 Jun 1962 Air Base Group, 1 Oct 1993 Air Base Wing, 1 Oct 1994-. Stations: Salt Lake City, UT, 1 Feb 1943; Walla Walla AAB, WA, 3 Mar 1943; Rapid City AAB, SD, 8 Dec 1943; McCook AAFld, NE, 25 1944; Casper AAFld, WY, 14 Jul-4 Oct 1944; Asansol, 26 Nov 1944; Warazup, 20 Jul 1945; Loping, 31 Aug-23 Sep 1945. Ramey AFB, Puerto 16 Jun 1952 1962. Tinker AFB, 1 Oct 1993-. Service Streamers: World War II American Theater. Campaign Streamers: World War II: Offensive. Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers: None. Decorations: Air Force Outstanding Awards: 1 Oct 1957 Jun 1958 1995 Dec 1996 1997 Dec 1998 2005 Dec 2006. Emblem: Approved on 19 Aug 1998. Lineage, Assignments, Stations, and Honors through Jun 2010th Airdrome Squadron Source: Mr. Shearon Lineage: Activated 1 Mar 43 at Field, GA. Arrived North Africa 11 44; Moved to 3 MAR 44; Moved to 28 Sep 44. Disbanded 8 Oct 48, reconstituted 1991 as 86th Operations Support Sq, activated 1 91 at Ramstein AB, assigned to 86th Operations Gp, inactivated 15 04, reactivated 5 Feb 05. Source: Ex-CBI Roundup Serviced the 492nd Bomb Sq 7th Bomb Gp. 87th Airdrome Squadron 89th Airdrome Squadron Source: Lt. H. Hayes, USAAF, Mrs. Hayes, Ms. Hengl, and AFHRA records 1 Apr 43: The 89th Airdrome Sq. was activated at Field, GA. Maneuvers and duty at Lebanon, TN Airport with Tennessee Air Support from Aug-Oct 43 Dec 43: began travel to overseas duty; departed from Camp Newport, VA, on 13 Dec 43 by liberty ship SS H. Mulholland. Arrived and debarked at Oran, Algeria c. 1 44 and moved on to Algiers before boarding a ship for transport to a permanent assignment at Indian location. 3 44th Airdrome Sq broken up and personnel placed under administrative control of the Chinese American Operational Training 25 Jul 45: Per General Order 166, Headquarters Army Air Forces, Theater, the 89th Airdrome Squadron was relieved from assignment to Army Air Forces, Theater Training Center, assigned to Air Service and further assigned to Central Air Depot. 28 Jul 45th Airdrome Squadron departed for Agra aboard a Special Train. Source: Mr. Shearon Lineage: Activated 1 Apr 43 at Fld, GA to Oran, Algeria 44, Algiers. Algeria 44, Bombay, Feb 44, Camp Malir to 1 45, Agra, 28 July 45- disbanded 8 Oct 48, reconstituted 1991 as 89th Operations Support Sq, activated 12 Jul 91, assigned to 89th Operations Gp at Andrews AFB. Source: Mr. Brown The unit was known as Cantrel's Kittens, after the unit commander. The patch was unofficial and was made mid-to-late 1945 as a momento for the unit members. Source: The 89th Operations Support Squadron provides vital mission support including intelligence, weather, airfield operations, mission operations, current operations, operational training and flight management. Airfield operations manages the nation's executive airfield which includes two runways, and coordinates operations with nine partner flying units from all the military services, including active, guard and reserve; and the Department of Energy, State Police and Civil Air Patrol. The flight management section is the largest the Air Force. The unique mission operations section conducts mission planning, coordinates en route support and gains diplomatic clearances for hundreds of missions each year. The current operations flight provides operational scheduling and command and control of all SAM aircraft harmonization with Andrews Post and the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force Special Missions Office. Source: Capital Flyer Andrews AFB, MD The 89th Operations Support Squadron provides Special Air Mission operational support for Headquarters United States Air Force-directed missions transporting the president, vice president, senior government officials and other dignitaries. It provides aviation and airfield management, mission planning and execution, intelligence and weather support, air traffic control