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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make civilians. According to the younger anchor, a journalist from BMF TV called the office where the brothers were holed up and it's one of them who picked up the phone. Amazing, isn't it? the second part of the clip, we are told that it's Koulibaly, the who killed a female police officer, and who took hostages inside a kosher supermarket, who called BMF TV and asked them to get touch with police because he wanted to speak to them. And we hear him say that he synchronized his actions with those of the brothers at the paper's offices, adding that they started together the day of the shootings. Let me tell you, this video clip is not to be believed. To this day I have no proof that the brothers were the shooters, nor that the lone gunman was acting concert with the two brothers. This wouldn't make any sense. Later… HCN @Hoff I really do not understand what you are trying to say with: With taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and favor of The Jews play both cards. There are Jews fuelling hatred against them, and there are at least as that defend them. I 't know where do you live. I live a neighbour country I know well what's happening By sympathetic do you mean bringing millions of African Muslims into giving them generous welfare, letting them steal, rape, beat and never go to prison for whatever crime they commit? Ah, without forgetting building thousands of Mosques while letting the Churches fall apart? If that's the case then Jews have always been really sympathetic to them. Not just now. And it is sure, without any doubt, that the Jews completely own Great Britain and Germany. Nearly all influent politicians are Jews and supporters of Francois Hollande and Sarkozy even met a synagogue before the last elections. It's like they said: No matter who wins, the power remain into our hands. When Francois Hollande came to power he started immediately to attach Christianity by cracking down on private Catholic schools. And I won't even start talking about marriage the Jews much. If you think that Jews are control over just because some Jews recognize Palestine for whatever reason, then you are mistaken. Gorsline Funny to hear that this is the largest terrorist attack Europe for sixty years with roughly 20 people dead. Every weekend 40 people are murdered Chicago with its Jewish mayor Rahm and a former community organizer named Barrack Obama whose previous work the city helped to set the stage for what is going on there today. It would be worth sending all 90 French police to Chicago every Friday night and fly them home again every Monday morning just to put a lid on the carnage. Caveman2012 Thank you for posting the unedited link to the video of the assault on the kosher store. The police did incredibly SLOPPY job. The two entry teams at each side of the doors were almost firing at each other. Too crowded. Only pistol fire, which is not efficient if the gunman carries a vest. On the other hand, Coulibaly ran into his death. He did not fire his AK, which he carried on a sling, was he out of ammo? The cops also execute him with head shots while he is already on the floor. the news they said that he had explosives and detonators. Had he assembled a vest with them and detonated it as he crossed the entrance there would be at least ten dead cops. fact, if you analyze his movements, it seems to me that he wanted to do Otherwise I cannot explain him running into the police gunfire. the photos you can that he carries a camo tactical vest, but I guess no explosives. This was quite amateurish. How did he and the Kouichi brothers get AK's, ammo, explosives, grenades and RPG? is not the US, these items are hard to come by! Let's wait and who ends