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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make This can be addressed during initial phone call. I'd to discuss the things you want for your dog to be safe and contented your home. I teach your pet own home, using gentle methods for rapid learning and reliable results. I teach you how to transfer these skills and make them last your home. I customize the training for you to meet your unique needs and goals. Call for more information, to meet with me, meet dogs, where your dog be staying and have your questions answered. Care Dog Training Carpentersville IL 60110 Call Mazzeri at 847 5089 for more information training is effective. It lasts. When your dog is ready to come home, I'll show YOU how to maintain your dog's behavior. Simply live with your dog as we'll teach you at the orientation, and it's unlikely you'll experience loss of training. Call with any questions you have about the training or your dog's behavior. Should you need assistance person, we'll simply book a no charge appointment to bring your dog to home. Together, we'll solve the problem. If -person appointment does not resolve the issue, I'll work with your dog until I've fixed the problem. No training charges apply. What do the guarantees cover? The one year to lifetime guarantees cover all the training issues originally established when booking your dog. It's Intuitive and... I guarantee training! High Quality Dog Training from Experienced Professional trainer is cheap insurance compared to Just wanted to quickly update you that is doing very very well! I went for a 2 hour walk with him and a friend thru Park, and then down the Lakefront path, and over to Water Tower, and back up Lake Shore Drive for the 2nd weekend a row. A small dog charged him off leash and he was just fine. He actually was perfect passing all other dogs! friend likes walking with him and said he is very well behaved Thank you for helping us! We are going again next weekend!!! says hello! he still is very exhuberant, but that is part of his youth and charm. He still walks very well on a leash now. Merci, XOXO From a four footed graduate: Thank you much for taking such good care of me and teaching me all that good stuff; like walking calmly on a leash and going to place. humans are much happier! From his proud owners: I have interesting story about and me that I would like to share with you about just how important the energy is for the person holding the lead. To make a story short, I had Shi out for his morning walk today when I encountered some significant challenges for him I just decided I was going to tap the button when he would alert, say Let's Go and just keep walking like everything was great. Well, he responded perfectly and, basically, kept his cool I was proud of him that I made sure to take time out to praise him. Anyway, when I took off the collar to crate him when I left for work, I saw that I had forgotten to turn it on! overall, our work with and the remote collar seems to improving every day We can't thank you enough for providing the tools, help, and guidance that has given us that Thank you much for helping us have a better dog and training us to know how to have a better dog. We appreciate you every day! Best, Payton is a delightful Dobe Shepherd mix who was just a bit too exuberant about life. His people just wanted him to 'listen' to them when they called him and not drag them down the street on a walk. Payton needed to have house manners explained to him, but was a quick learner. Randy and Rita, his proud owners, have done a really nice job of maintaining his new skills. Payton has a wonderful, friendly temperament and now he knows how to greet people politely. His reward for a job well done? Why his big, red, rubber ball, of course! Please, Throw it farther, dad! I