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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make or if pup gets too close to the launcher when you launch it. Your pups FIRST FLUSHES should be natural, WITHOUT A LAUNCHER. you tie the command to 'whoa' once pup understands that he can't catch the bird and naturally self-initiates his own point, then and only then do we command whoa. We NEVER whoa pup onto point. He must figure out on his own that he can't catch the birds. There are techniques to help you help him understand that he cannot catch the bird. If what I have written here is not working, write me. Nothing is more pleasurable than to hunt with a dog that you both learned the basics together! This all relates later to the bird field.. Chief was heeled along side then commanded to whoa, the handler walked out front and gave the non-verbal reminder to stay at whoa. Keep mind that Chief is fully trained. He whoa on the dime out hunting if he were asked to. This can save your dogs' life. A bird dog about to rush across a busy road needs to be put under control to save his life! There are methods to teach whoa but mine is to start from the standstill position of heel. The dog already knows to stand close beside you at heel, whoa is a natural command to follow. proceed to section on 'whoa' Let me know if you need me to clarify anything. The only dumb question is the one not asked. Keep it fun; keep the lessons short and Good luck! Just what IS the natural retrieve? It is the instinctual predatory drive that a dog possesses which makes it pursue dead or wounded game for the purpose of consuming. has domesticated this instinct to encourage the dog to share its bounty instead of eating it This strong instinct that originated from the wild dog is why the dog naturally retrieves. The 'fun' is really the dogs predatory instinct of pursuit and retrieval which we encourage through positive reinforcement. Anything negative breaks the dogs thought process and that his instinct is somehow flawed thus the dog stop naturally retrieving. There are differences various dogs Some dogs are more about finding the next live bird rather than fool around with the retrieve. This sort of dog is all about its natural prey drive to actually find live birds. This dog also be tougher to steady on birds! It is more about 'find'. You have to understand this dog finds the challenge to locate birds to be more exciting. Often times, this dog is a great retriever of tennis balls and such but when hunting live birds, the predatory instinct outweighs the instinct retrieve consume store. Storing is when a dog buries its food for later consumption. Then there is the dog that is opposite of above. While it loves to find birds and point, it lives for the retrieve. These sort of dogs have a strong to retrieve and usually won't leave a shot bird to find the next bird. Its life is about finding that shot wounded bird for consumption storage. Again, we are talking about its primal instincts. The key is to develop the natural predatory drive to 'gather' its kill for consumption storage. We need to 'turn on' that instinct at a very early age. I discuss this further on this article. Dogs are like us. They want to be taught the easiest way possible. Would you rather something be forced on you or done gently? Dogs have the same response. the case of the retrieve, we want to gently encourage their natural predatory drive to find, kill, gather. We play retrieving with our pup early on and do it over and over. This is repetition and the foundation of repetitive conditioning. What is repetitive conditioning? If you were ever athlete, your coach probably taught you about muscle memory. Well, repetitive conditioning is the same thing. A Baseball player take 200 swings a day with his coach observing to ensure that he is making the correct swing. That way, when the player steps up to the plate a game,