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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make Put a collar and tags on your new pit bull that you can find him when he gets lost. You should also get a microchip for your dog he can easily be found if all else fails. Many pit bulls that are lost suffer because it is difficult to place them into homes with new families. Take the short time to properly care for your pet and you'll make a big difference his well-being. House-train your pit bull. If your pit bull is a puppy, he have to urinate often. He'll need to use the toilet during several occasions: after he eats, after a car ride, when he wakes up from a deep sleep, and after exercise. He'll need to go every few hours throughout the day, though by six months, he should be able to go a night without using the restroom. Here's how you can house-train your pit bull: Learn to read your dog's body language. Just like people, pit bulls are all different creatures with different fears and needs, and they have different body language that can show when they are upset or agitated. As you get to know your pit bull, look out for signs that show that he's upset. If he starts growling, barking, pacing circles, or generally looks angry, then it's time to what you can do to change the situation. Get to know your own little creature and look out for signs that he's too excited, upset, or even tired. Use positive reinforcement. When you train your pit bull, focus on teaching him rather than the result. It take him some time to catch on to your training. Give your dog a simple command when he's ready, and if he follows your orders, then reward him with praise or his favorite treat. Rewarding him with positive reinforcement instead of punishing him when something goes wrong is the way to earn his trust on to tame his aggression. Establish dominance. Your dog should realize that you are the leader and that the dog must obey you. Pit bulls need a leader or they try to become the dominant, dog. Here are some ways to establish dominance over your dog while keeping his loyalty and respect. To show the dog that you are the leader of the pack your should be able to both give him permission to do the things he wants to do, and deny him permission to do the things he shouldn't. Leash train your dog. Train your pit bull to obey you even when the leash is loose rather than pulled tight. This allows your dog to have the freedom to explore and go to the bathroom, but the dog is still within your reach. Using the leash with your dog, especially when you're outdoors, keep him from getting out of control. Here are some other things to keep mind as you leash train your dog: Stop biting before it starts. If you want your pit bull to know that it's wrong to bite people, then you have to start when he's small. Sure, his nips be cute when he's just a pup, but his bites have serious consequences when he's all grown up. Whenever he bites you, move your hand and cry out like you're pain; this trigger alarm your dog's head and let him know that something is wrong. Start socializing your pit bull when he's Perhaps the most important part of training any dog, but especially pit bulls, is socialization. Start when your dog is a puppy for the best results, but a dog of any age can be socialized. Take your pit bull out it can interact with other dogs and people. This keep your dog friendly, as it be used to other animals. Introduce your pit bull to other dogs. Some pit bulls simply not ever get along with other dogs, while others be very friendly. It's important to know your dog's personality and to avoid forcing him to socialize with other dogs. But if you do think he's ready and willing to meet other dogs, try the following: Let your pit bull sniff other