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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make first album and also Tyranny and Mutation, though for some reason Secret Treaties evaded me for some time. The following year I was sold only bootleg album EP the Mouth or on the Ground it did though have the rawest version of Red and Black that I have heard. I didn't the support band, which I from the gig list was Birth Control. those days, it was not considered cool to the support, unless you always knew and appreciated their stuff. Instead we went to the bar and had a few beers. We were the stalls, probably about fifteen rows back but that did not matter as we would just make for the front as as the band appeared. After the customary shouting during the interval, the lights went down and to the cry of Manchester, on your feet or on your knees for the amazing Blue Oyster Cult, we were up and forward. I recall it was a bit of a crush but do not remember too much more about the opening couple of songs. I really came alive at Harvester of Eyes, which was one of favourites. Must admit, I cannot remember Store, but the sublime and beating Cities on Flame was superb before the fantastic Ain't got you and the playful 's We had practised this times, we just joined on our air guitars. The sight of stood there his white costume appear theatrical these days, but he held that audience the palm of his hand and he was without doubt the world's greatest guitarist. The lasting memory though was the one we had been waiting for all night; all five on stage playing guitar together. Yes the inside cover of OYFOOYK look slightly surreal but this was the real thing, no doubt about it. The encores were all too short; the night could not possibly end, though we knew it had to eventually. I had been on feet all night; now I was on knees before the mighty gods of rock. I went to the gig with 3 friends, who had first bought BOC albums plus some Soft White Underbelly demos and bootlegs from a shop that was on Oldham Street Manchester which appeared to sell nothing but bootlegs. other two mates were and Griffiths. The gig was by no means a sell out but it was fantastic. We were also impressed with Birth Control who performed a really innovative drum solo. I find most solos very boring. Our seats the stalls were next to two guys doing a bootleg and they encouraged us to whoop it up into their mic. who was the only one who was not that impressed. He wrote a letter to Sounds, which was published, complaining it was too loud etc. He signed it off as a Ritchie Blackmore fan. Letters were published the following week asking how a Ritchie Blackmore fan could complain about volume etc. The letter was even quoted interview with the band a week or later Sounds I saw BOC about 10 years later at the Manchester Apollo but it was not a patch on this concert 1975. I have recently been playing BOC early albums and they really do stand the test of time. Fantastic I went to this gig, and I have a copy of the bootleg cassette from the concert, which then girlfriend bought me as a christmas present 1975- the first pressie she ever bought me. I was at the Police Training Centre at the time, and it was first week. I got home to Manchester at 6, eat meal and was straight out to the Free Trade Hall to BOC and Birth Control, who I had picked up on a couple of years earlier when I was buying Krautrock albums. Considering that later shows would feature fireworks, lasers and light shows, this was almost a club gig a massive venue, and they pulled it off, playing the most high energy set I'd seen for a while. 2003 BOC played the Live Cafe which was across the street from the Free Trade Hall, and I was talking to one or two chaps