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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make google search of Hebdo and they fired a cartoonist who posted anti Jewsih cartoon and when he was asked by management to apologize he refused to do it seems they criticize the and Muslim religions but pull their punches with the Jewish cult although Zionist shill networks like imply they criticize everyone. Herrera All sings of a FALSE FLAG, a 11 remake, a repetition, a clone. We know and Jews know even better than us, the HUMONGOUS national spirit that is growing Europe. Jews know already that Pen be the next president. Saudis are just Jews with Keffiyeh the head never ever forget that. supported by Arab Saudis decapitate everyday human beings the name of Allah, and now they get pissed off because of this Mohammad cartoon sequel? BULL SH….T!!! Johann I think you be right, dear Brother It sure sounds like a new Jewish false flag attack. It was too well executed to be anything but too organized to have been orchestrated by Arab terrorists. We all remember the two Black men killing that soldier London the other year. They were brutal savages and stupid morons. If yesterdays attack had been done by Moslem fanatics, they would have behaved a similar fashion to the ones London. I'm not sure if any Jews were among the dead or wounded? If no Jewish casualties can be found, we can probably be sure of who the true culprits are: Jews. any case it seems that the Jews once again have been too clever for their own good. Thanks for opening eyes to the truth about this wicked crime. Bonney Faulkes On learning of this massacre one's first reaction was ‘It was not Muslims, but surely that is of Jewish creation'. Not quite correct but I believe Brother has promoted not merely a conjecture but a certainty that it did come from a Mossad exploit as pointed out, another false flag. There is no end to such. think the accusation of hacking by North Korea and even the downing of the Air plane were suspiciously Added to the episode of the plane is the threat by terrorists that country from Muslims of course! The Foreign Minister of Australia has warned all Australians relation to travel there, beause of the forseen danger from anticipatked terror at this time. It is apparent that the grand schemes by and the Neo Cons have failed. They are even conflict with Obama and certain bureaucracies. Their anticipations of victory Ukraine have been doomed to disaster and it did not bring Russia into a war. The Palestinians stood firm, despite suffering very much the attacks by the Israelis. Such composed a murderous revenge for the ‘false flag' of three Israeli youths supposedly killed by a Palestinian. Another Mossad evil. The unwarranted attacks against its cities, populace and partiularly the thousands of women and children, evinced world-wide charges towards of ‘Crimes Against Humanity'. lost the war. Added to all this, the politics of a few European countries have undergone a reversal that their sympathies, actions and plans have shifted from being led by the US and for into being greatly pro-Palestinian. 's Pen indeed proves a serious threat as politically, she is set to lead the country into a deep nationalism. trouble had to be. Another false flag indeed. Their occurrences are The deceptions obscene. War continues to be at the throats of nations. every week there is a meeting of the president with his ministers every Wednesday. It is called Conseil des Ministres By a coincidence, this week this meeting took place on last Monday 5, following the last one also held on a Monday of December 22. Koen When I saw the TV footage of the attack on Hebdo yesterday, it was already clear that the stupid politicians the world over jump to the conclusion that the killers are Moslims, yet anyone can shout Allah Akbar, which is easy enough. Not once did I ever hear the words false flag on TV and this is why the internet medium has such immeasurable value. From another website: It is opinioned that the murdered policeman the street wasn't really