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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make Whether you posit a big difference between the two groups or not, is not as important. There ARE HUGE differences between blue and white collar and I've discussed them times. But before we move forward we need to RECALL HOW I'VE PREVIOUSLY DEFINED THE TWO COLLARS. White and blue collar are NOT ONLY CAREERS, BUT CULTURES. Yes, they are ways of life. White collar culture begins with a child raised having values of studying and learning NOT JUST to land a high paying job, but for the benefit of self-development GENERAL. As I've said previous posts, continual development is the core philosophy behind being white collar. Learning varied courses activates parts of the not otherwise possible if you followed the ‘spoiled child' route of only caring about what's fun. Years of a structured, challenging education, sharpens high-level thinking; and this superior thinking can be applied to EVERY PART OF YOUR WAKING LIFE. When you form opinion, you are not merely some local tattooed loudmouth who garners respect merely because he's not afraid to go to jail if someone argues with him, but your opinion is meaningful because it's coming from a well-trained mind. You are just flat out more insightful. Because of this hunger for intellect, it is a natural consequence of the white collar philosophy to learn about culture, fine food, spirits, clothing, etc.., Again, it's all about higher and higher development. contrast, most blue collars consider intellect, sophistication and culture geeky or lame. The terminal flaw of the gross majority of blue collar is the literal brainless worship of being tough or badass. summary, these are the differences between the two camps. They ARE HUGE DIFFERENCES and consequently result enormous differences how both develop life and what level of humanity each party belongs to. I have read quite a ton of replies on this thread. And being between finishing college education or quitting and choosing something I feel to be more productive and helpful for the world, I try to give opinion. Languages were written to pass the correct information to others. They were perfected for everyone to understand, but that doesn't mean mistakes are bad. Some people never had the chance to improve their skills. If you really look into it, people with high-education could have it, because they had people doing the dirty work for them. If you had to cook, do your laundry, etc, you would never be able to have free time to study and improve. For the highly-educated, who takes care of your children? Who teaches them? Who feeds you? Feel free to do all that on your own, and still be able to have free time to study. The thing is, everyone is needed its own way. People choose whats best for them according to their skills and ability. The problem is that people really lack some values, but those 't come directly from school education, but from upbringing values. Using the correct terms, for the people with superiority complexes, including some or most of white collored workers, if for some reason the blue collared workers were to refuse to work for the white collared workers, I would people go starving or loosing electricity. That's because the agro-engineers and electrical engineers couldn't feed you all. High-level education gives you broad-knowledge, but doesn't make you apply big part of it. Education doesn't give you skills. It gives you tools to think and think better. But to make better requires practice, which you can only achieve by doing and learning those more specific skills. The thing with is he believes he should always be looking into the future, but you can only do that if you have your present taken care for you. And because there are similar people like is how we are trying to get to be able to live other planets but forgetting to take care of what we already have. sum, some of the highly-educated people would starve or eat not--delicous food if blue collars refused to produce foods for them. That's because money doesn't buy you everything, when it looses value a catastrophic event. tell me who thinks