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Is hiking revelation ( 1914 trio with on great finance make hesitation. We dropped our girls off this morning and I thought for sure I would cry when leaving them etc., etc. However, she made me feel comfortable, and, most importantly, made them feel comfortable, they did not appear overly stressed out, and were ready to go and play with her when we left. We leave on our trip tomorrow and I just know they be fine and come to spending time at Pet Dog Resort I too can relax and completely enjoy vacation Thank You, Antje! Pet Dog is the best place to board your dog that I have ever seen. dog stayed here for two months while I was on location, and on other occasions. Antje, the owner trainer lives on the property, and takes care of the dogs like her own. I couldn't have been happier with the care dog received. She even sent me photos of dog! I've moved away, and I really wish I could find a place like this where I live now. Also, Pet Dog has the cutest rooms for the dogs! They are all decorated, and have wonderful beds and lounge areas, and the dogs have huge outdoor areas all to themselves. Those dogs who want to play can out with the other dogs, but even if your dog doesn't play well with others, they still get plenty of attention and exercise their palatial apartments, or with Antje one-on-one. APD offers pet care, force-free +R dog training, obedience behavior modification, small scale board train, extravagant no-kennel, no-cage, clean safe home-setting. A must have for Learn more about Pet Dog Lodging Training Resort APD offers pet care, force-free +R dog training, obedience behavior modification, small scale board train, extravagant no-kennel, no-cage, clean safe home-setting. A must have for spoiled dogs and their discriminating owners. Spacious suites, climate control huge dog park, cookie-time, tummy rubs throughout the day and much more. Training: Their scientifically proven FORCE-FREE training is based on positive reinforcement methods, operant conditioning and classical conditioning does not use or endorse shock collars, chokers, -collars or other aversive training methods. Dogs are supervised by a professional dog trainer behavior specialist, get abundance exercise, attention, professional care all day. Whether their x-spacious, clean and tranquil cage-free suites, or whilst playing and having fun the 1+ acre spacious play park lined with play sand. Pet Dog always goes the extra mile for their valued clients. 's owner head trainer specializes canine behavior, is certified FA CPR accredited cert. and has maintained numerous professional memberships with organizations such as ABS, IAABC, APDT APD only takes on a very limited number of client at a time, space is very limited. Pet Dog is Hollywood A-Lister's best kept secret since 2003! Established 2003. business since 2003 with abundance of repeat customers and a clean BBB record. Please read 'description'...... We all dogs and give back to the rescue community with abundance of pro-bono work Dog Training The Fisher Way Thhis DVD of dogs being trained is very cute and we enjoyed watching it. We picked up a few training ideas. wife, daughter and I all thought, though, that the TOTAL content in this DVD is not very much. The actual 'how to train' that you will get from this isn't really that much. It is very enjoyable and cute to watch, though, and the ideas that you DO get from it are very sound and cover some points that we'd not thought of before for us there just wasn't enough 'meat' to it. Fibo Dog Training The Fisher Way Having read a number of Fisher books I was delighted to find this DVD offering a visual aid to dog training The Fisher Way. Unfortunately apart from a few irrelevent clips of he has very little to do with this DVD which seems to be a crass attampt to market what is actually a very mediocre training tool on the back of one of the St. Bernards of this field. It cound't be more detrimental to his reputation if they'd just dug up his corpse, placed it in centre frame and carried out the 'party tricks' around it.