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Trips to ensure he lights powerful explains that unlike area when we keep serenity about the difficulties we might have, we have a great opportunity to overcome and to be free of them. dear friends, there is not only a single there is also a family there is also a country and there is also enfolding for our entire world. And I must say, there are signs of change today. People have got the opportunity to work together to try the good and work together to realize the good. Yes, it's do or die now: It's the fight the world. Evil against good, and if we all stand together, we succeed. And another thing reminded me of the story said. At the moment when all the most friends declared their solidarity, I remembered a sentence of Groening, when he said: Yes, yes, first there is a united Europe, and then comes a world government, as he said literally, come a world government, where the task forces, a joint task force, as said, ensure that peace be established over the whole world. Hmmm…this he told us at that time, 40 years ago, incredible. Until now, I thought, well, a united Europe is already progress, but a world Government? Unimaginable. now, to speak, violence has struck and has shook up all people of goodwill. You have to imagine this. Also, all the different religions are shocked and pull on the same string. mankind always has the choice between good and evil. Everyone has a choice. You can use a situation for the better and you can use a situation for evil. We only go far, that we take this as a sign for the opportunity for Mankind to hold together tightly. And we should do something more, dear friends. We should be convinced that Mankind could make it! We should be convinced that God guides us that violence does not win. Let us believe, that nonviolence prevail. It is also up to us to us little souls, it's up to us to pacify the world. How can we understand that? We are children of God. And if we want the best, then we are with God, with the Divine, connection with the divine energy. And when we connect with this energy, deep deep conviction, deep humility, then this belief is a trigger for the force of a strong Divine power field. The divine field is strong you can hardly believe how strong the divine field is. But it also needs people who believe that goodness the world is happening. We are just tools this way, instruments of God, if we say yes to it and if we are firmly convinced if we have no doubt, if we 't let put ourselves into fear and terror by false images. When we say, aha, and now we want more and more people who really want the good, really want the big reversal, as Groening said. Unfortunately it's mostly been the case that persons, who follow the divine path, have got immense difficulties. Hmm and Goethe let the Mephistopheles speak already his tragic play Faust: This must be borne mind. And then said to the people: Oh, but if you only were hot or cold! But because you are lukewarm, I spit you out! That means, with half-hearted people you can't do anything with! And why should one be hot or cold? Because we know, the worst enemy could become the most convincing advocate. Just 't forget, the Apostle was a great persecutor of Christ: And then suddenly the light appeared to him, a very bright light. And has spoken out from this light: why do you persecute me? And the great reversal happened to him. He was temporarily blind by the light, and then he took stock of himself, looked inside and asked himself: Yes, why do I persecute those, who want the good? And then he converted. And has become And then he stood up for the good as before he fought for evil. When he would have been tepid, he'd only said: What do I care? I am neither advocate nor follower. And therefore it's important that you realize that by being lukewarm you burden yourself with guilt, because you 't do what you've promised before birth. once said that anyone has promised something before birth. And when a baby is born, it grow up, the be programmed externally from the outside world, from external impressions and then also from inside. And the inner guidance, the quiet inner voice knocking softly at the door of the heart be pushed away. Oh, stupid imagination! you think then, nothing than stupid daydreams! And some people their goal, people 't recognize the meaning and sense of their lives. Gröning said: they've spent their lives with senseless stuff, they didn't experience anything. And when the time has passed, when they'll lose that