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N805Z 1016 became a high school, email non profit good glad to know im not alone. wife and i rescue as well. mostly dogs cause some of the dogs we have dont eye to eye with cats. our house was full 6 dogs ago and we have 9 now. How full is full….. its never too full to rescue and save. the we from the dogs is worth all the effort and money the world. ill gladly sell everything i own to save more. good on you and dont listen to people like that. When i read the first paragraph pets are not above people i just read troll troll troll and on. let em be. let them put themselves before any other living thing. Its a lonely place to be but whatever floats their boat! I can honestly say without animals i nor wife would be complete. you rescue and save more lives and be rewarded with endless return. The we have for our pets is undeniably the best health promoting feeling!! Much better than any medicine. And its two fold we do for our pets what they do for us. As far as cost, its priceless!! We do anything and everything for them. As for the previous comment, i'm with you that maybe they 't belong on this site. Keep up the good loving home you have provided for lucky animals…. bless you!!! I rescue seniors dogs. I won't say how I have, but a lot. I'm not but spirit. I have to cut corners to be able to help as dogs as I do. Going to the vet every time a dog sneezes is out of the question financially. I'm sure these old timers are much happier living with me than being pts at the shelter where they were surrendered and ending up a black plastic bag. pets are above people! They are much kinder and loving. Rescue and animal lovers are the best. THANK YOU for this wonderful setting straight about what it means to care for a pet! I was a rage reading the original comment, for reasons, not the least of which was people before pets. That's like saying, adults before babies. Delaware there is amazing woman running a 501 non-profit called 's Rescues At any given time she has 20+ furbabies looking for a new family. While looking tirelessly for appropriate matches here's where I get to the point she also provides a food pantry for families who are having a hard time feeding their pets. No judging. No teaching. Just much needed food and appreciation for the families who aren't too proud to say, I can't feed pet babies. I need help. It's a site better than surrendering, and it keeps pets out of the shelters. She also find fosters when the need is just temporary for these families. at the end of the day, if we sometimes need to give our pets human meds, particularly emergency, isn't it a GREAT IDEA to know which ones to use!?!?!? BTW, I give to IG every time she gets stung by a Which is a LOT! I agree with you 100%. We have a few dogs, some were planned and some just came to our care desperate need of help. Each one of them is special and much a part of our lives. I can't imagine life without dogs and even a cat mine. Currently we are kind of the go to crew for small elderly and frequent puppy mill rescue dogs for a couple local shelters. Most are simply old and very unlikely to ever be adopted they spend their final years here with us where they are safe, well taken care of and loved. Sometimes it can be really hard work both physically and emotionally but each one is worth it. I only wish I could help more. With the attitude of that her comment above it really makes me sad and I 't understand why she would even be on a site like this as she is perfect a very imperfect world. Kudos to you you sound like a fantastic person and a great pet owner book. Yes, think about the pet. What it could bring into your life, relief from depression and loneliness. Including animal as a family member is good for the human soul, ones Spirit be lifted. For a poor, needy soul it can bring meaning and purpose back into their life. And that mean the difference between choosing life or death to some people. It is not a choice made by the cash your pocket or bank account. Or how big your home is. It is how big is the need for the people who are not as privileged or lucky life who need