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Therapy assistant life he married ( understood training at dog believe is a Puppy Mill surviver. She had been out of state mill when it was was located and shut down. Lucky for me I was a volunteer at the Animal Welfare League Chicago Ridge and searching for a forever dog. She is such a happy camper! Always ready with her forever Read Emerging Hero Dogs After being separated from the NYPD and becoming severely depressed, a neighbor of mine had mentioned that a friend found a female pitbull a local park abandoned. I immediately wanted to meet her. After meeting her and bringing her home, it was obvious was a fight and or bate dog needing and Read Therapy Dogs came into our lives to help heal our broken hearts after our dog Gunner lost his battle with Megaesophagus. This little terror tested us to no end and rivaled the most unruly dogs of reality TV. Entering into obedience classes proved to be our saving grace and we were encouraged by the trainers Read Law Enforcement Arson Dogs K9 Izzy is a 4 year old Sheppard who is the first K9 for the Carlisle County Sheriff Department. K9 Izzy is certified narcotics detection of Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana and Ecstacy. K9 Izzy is handled by Deputy Sheriff Charles Fisher of the Carlisle County Sheriff Dept far Kentucky. K9 Izzy' Read Law Enforcement Arson Dogs K9 Rio comes to Wisconsin from Brazil, where she spent the first two years of her life. As can be seen the photo, Rio has adjusted very well to her new life the upper midwest. She loves to play the snow! Rio is incredible animal that never ceases to amaze people Read Emerging Hero Dogs October 2015 Abigale was dumped on a County Road South Texas. Severely emancipated with a piece of tight rope around her neck, she wondered up to a nearby house for shelter. The home owner called Animal Control, but they didn't service that area. I was called to assist since I am a -term volunteer Read Emerging Hero Dogs Lil Willy was given up because he was getting old. He wasn't ill,just aging. The vet watched him stand on hind legs and dance,and couldn't do it. I had just lost Rooney to auto immune disease 2011. Lil had more guts,more do survive and has shown more loyalty tjan Read Therapy Dogs is the first trained Emotional Support Dog by Attitudes Reverse, for me Anastasia Lambros. is such a great support for me, I decided to get tested for a Therapy Dog Certification 2013. Since then 's adventures have been far and wide as he is a support to me and others, Read Emerging Hero Dogs Digsby has not only saved one but TWO lives far his two years on this planet! I was severely depressed when oldest child moved out of state for college. I was living several states away from daughter and extended family with husband working 80 hours a week at a Read Therapy Dogs Shadow has earned his Hero honors times over, two separate careers: he spent the first half of his life as a Military Working Dog working as a bomb detection dog at the American Embassy Baghdad, Iraq. His real contribution, however, came after he retired and came to live with us. He Read Military Dogs Hi name is Suma L469. I retired from the U.S. Air Force on October 17 after nine years of service. I was a dual-purpose PEDD, which stands for Patrol Explosive Detection Dog. first five years were spent overseas, mostly Afghanistan protecting base camp and going outside the wire to look for Read Service Dogs October 2012, on a deployment Afghanistan, I was blown up by a command wired IED and as a result lost both of legs. I received Apollo 2013 during recovery and he was a very big part of recovery during a dark time life. During recovery Apollo motivated Read Therapy Dogs Swoosh was put on this earth to be a Therapy Dog! He is sweet and calm. Loves to be with people and is happy to just sit next to patients who are receiving their cancer treatments, along with other treatments. He also loves to get on the floor with children or medical Read Emerging Hero Dogs Sarge first came into life December of 2015. He came through the doors of our local municipal shelter and changed both of our lives forever. Sarge is a purebred Shepherd. When he came into the shelter he was extremely emaciated, neglected, and more then likely abused. The who had brought him Read Emerging Hero Dogs Rileydogg was given to me by brother because he could not handle her. She would run away and not come home for a week at a time. He blamed this on the fact that she was a rescue and had been found wandering the streets of a local small town. Once she came home Read Emerging Hero Dogs husband