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Open home vehicles it companion for protector are constantly well someone else is charge. Your dog craves a leader who has everything under control. Then HE doesn't have to worry about trying to figure out our complicated world. Follower dogs can just relax and enjoy life while YOU handle all the decisions. 2. Follower dogs feel happy because everyone likes them. Since follower dogs are willing to listen to you, it's easy to teach them good behaviors. People appreciate well-behaved follower dogs and are quick to pet them and compliment them. Dogs this kind of attention. 3. Follower dogs feel secure because they've learned the consequences of everything they do. Follower dogs have been taught which behaviors bring them praise and petting, and which behaviors bring corrections. This clear distinction helps them choose which behaviors to do, and which behaviors to avoid. Dogs the security of knowing what to do and what not to do. 4. Follower dogs are happy because they've learned what our human sounds mean. Like anyone who learns a foreign language, your dog feels confident and empowered when he understands what you're saying. Okay, I like the idea that feel more secure when I teach him to be a follower dog. But why do I need to be a leader? Won't he learn from me if I just him? 't dogs want to please the people they Me: Surprisingly, no. Dogs treat and respect different. They unconditionally, but they only want to please people they respect. If your dog is doing any of those behaviors we talked about earlier.....if he's not listening to you....then you've lost at least some of his respect, and you need to know what to do to get it back. I think I understand. Tell me what to do! You'll learn how to teach to be a respectful follower dog and then he'll pay attention to you and do what you say. Exactly what you've been looking for! Ranking: #8 Norwich University, founded 1819 Vermont, is 's oldest military college and the birthplace of ROTC The school offers ten master's programs online areas such as civil engineering, diplomacy, justice administration, and military history. Norwich also offers online certificate teaching learning. of Military History July 29 I started of 2016. First professor was James Broom- he was great! The second class was easier but professor Kautt was nice. Class three was HELL! The professor is expert no doubt, but he doesn't know how to clarify exactly what a student is doing wrong. He just wrote this is not at the graduate level on all of our papers! There were 8 kids section- there were 2 sections. 5 out of 8 kids dropped class, including me, and eventually the program. The was ridiculous, a little pompous, and from what I heard a little rude to other students. I'm switching to Arizona State and far experience has been great. best advice is, if you're expert and have time to read, this is for you, but there's little interaction between students and teachers, even for a distance program. One of the students wrote to the director about the ridiculousness of the and he basically said tough crap. Yeah. I'm not going back there. And I would recommend not until they change things a bit. Their sign on is confusing because there's a separate link for online versus on campus students.I used to have to save the link to computer to even find it again. Admitting advisors and financial aid folks were nice, but they said the higher ups blamed our dropping the program on the ever declining ability of students' writing. Are you kidding me? Then get with the times and help us learn!And, Like, no. I had some great teachers teach me how to write. Some of these teachers 't know how to teach! I'm with ASU and everyone actually Skypes! go there instead! of Business Administration 22 I that someone be reading this first.I just that writing this saves someone's Life ,I have a half brother that attended this school the 90's.His Daddidn't want to press charges.This fact has bothered me for quite sometime as I have seen try to over compensate for being Blanketed a closet by a Head Masters that he refused to do Homework for at the time.A short time after this took place he started lifting weights.,he still does but to such extremes he could get is ashamed that this did not get brought forward to the News as it could of Opened up the EYES of to what can happen at this type of is sad.And probably even sadder that it still doesn't get brought to anyone's attention.Yes,it has been years.But suffered greatly.And maybe this school isn't all it's cracked up to be.They owe him a Life.I just finally am trying to figure out how to get this I started here with you.Thanks, Baker Pretty sure it was Business Administration he was of Military History February 20 Until you the name Oliviero removed from this college, 't go. Unless you are already expert military history. We are learning, obviously,