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Celebrate RAF sourced wherever our services governments locally be air I am doing! Hi Everyone! It's me, We are all here at the Prison Program learning all kinds of words and tricks that one day we get to go do amazing work for our furever humans. It's very exciting! Right now, I have been working on down stay come paws up touch. I'm very good at listening to these words-most of the time! Sometimes I feel a little tired and would rather curl up place or crate. Sometimes I hear the humans say things like, is really sweet. is low energy and likes to cuddle. I am working on getting rest that I have lots of energy to do training. Just the other day human told me down, stay and went to do laundry Lots of other humans were calling to me and trying to get me to come! They were trying to trick me and if I would be a good girl and stay like human told me to. HaHa-I did perfect! I stayed right where I was until human said come! Everyone was excited! They were giving high fives and telling me You did great! You are such a good girl! Humans are funny when they get excited! Adventures: Here prison we get to go to the day room and meet more humans and take a break to play! We to play! We also get to go outside to the yard and run and play. When we move back to the ranch with the other humans called trainers we go on more adventures like the beach, and to big pet stores Goals: I guess everyone has goals-even humans talk about goals. goals are to remember that when a service dog heels we are supposed to walk right beside our humans. Sometimes I get a little slow and walk behind human. Sometimes it is because there are a lot of cool things to look at and other times I just feel sleepy. I work on this goal. I also work on get it and give it Sometimes I want to tell human I think you can get it yourself but that would probably be naughty I go get it-slowly. Haha they would like me to be faster I start doing that too. I also get to work on a really fun word and trick! When human says watch me a happy singy voice I get to stop what I am doing and just stare at their eyes. This trick is easy and it makes me feel good inside! I think that feels like enough work for me for the next month. I it doesn't make me too tired. heehee. Please come look here again a month to how I've been doing. Hi Everyone! It's I'm checking from the Prison Program. I've been up here with siblings getting to learn a lot of tricks to help me be a fabulous service dog some day. I hear the humans telling lots of stories about me. They say things like is girl crazy! gets distracted if there are girl pups the room. sniffs the floor too much if the girls have trained the room before him. Goodness, what do they expect? I'm a healthy male pup. I the girls! They are beautiful! But okay, I get it…focus, focus, focus and not on the girls, but on the tricks I'm supposed to be learning. I can do lots of tricks really well-especially sit come touch inside heel watch me paws up and I can even do down and stay unless the girls walk by. Then it's all over-I lose control, I pop right up and run to them. That is a BIG no no for service dogs! Sometimes when I get that excited, I potty right there on the floor! Another no no! Alright, back to the great things I can do…push to close doors and cabinets, pull to open doors and cabinets, and I am even learning lights to turn the lights off and on for furever human. Adventures: the prison program we go on adventures out the yard and the big day room. I to take a break and go out to the yard-especially if the girl dogs are out too-oops-focus focus focus! I also like to go on adventures because I get to be with other humans. Humans get very happy when us dogs are around. They start talking really high voices and get all silly sounding. Goals: We can all guess goals for this month. Stay away from the