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AFB animals inadvertently the week is allocated training where dogs and short stubby tails, hamsters were found Syria 1839 and have been held captive as pets or test subjects since the 1940s. their natural habitat, they prefer to be alone and are nocturnal bonding with humans can be a challenge since they do not like to be awakened during the day. But evenings and early mornings are a good time to try to make friends. A 2-foot-square wire-mesh cage with a solid base would be the minimum size for a home for one hamster, but keeping more than one hamster a space that size likely lead to a deadly fight. Those colorful plastic cages be enticing, but they are difficult to clean, and hamsters chew their way out. You'll need a water bottle, nonwood-based bedding such as straw or shredded white paper, chew toys, and exercise wheel. Wooden ladders and toilet paper rolls also make great toys. A hamster's diet should consist of a variety of greens, fruits and seeds, some of which are available packages formulated for hamsters or birds. Their teeth never stop growing, it is imperative that these animals be provided with hard, digestible items such as dog biscuits and clean tree branches. Hamsters live to be between 2 and 4 years old. There are about 90 species of gerbils, but the ones sold stores are most likely to be Mongolian gerbils, found their natural habitat the 1860s and first captive-bred the 1930s. These cousins of the hamster do not like to be alone and live families of up to 20 members their natural habitat. If kept a solitary environment, a captive gerbil become depressed. If you're planning to adopt gerbils, two males or two females from the same family bond together. Like hamsters, gerbils are mostly nocturnal but take a series of naps during the day, it is not uncommon to them active daylight hours. Their dietary and housing needs are the same as hamsters-although you should buy a solid exercise wheel for gerbils since their tails can become entangled wire wheels. Neither hamsters nor gerbils should be allowed to become too cold or they go into hibernation. Gerbils live for about five years. Like any rodent, hamsters and gerbils can rabies and other diseases and, if released into the wild, pose a threat to established ecosystems. Hawaii does not even allow the animals to be kept as companions. If you have questions about the regulations your area, contact your local Department of Agriculture. Yes, hamsters and gerbils are really cute. But they require proper housing, food, temperature, and exercise and prefer to be alone or with their own kind. They can bite and diseases. They do not make good starter pets for children. If, after carefully considering these factors, you are sure that you want to bring these delicate creatures into your home, avoid pet shops and adopt from a shelter or rescue agency. Birds' instinctive yearning to fly is thwarted when they are confined to a cage. Even a large aviary, it is virtually impossible to provide birds captivity with a natural existence, since naturally changing temperatures, food, vegetation, and landscape cannot be recreated indoors, nor, of course, can the birds fly freely. As a result of the horrific travelling conditions they are forced to endure, birds captured the wild die before arriving at their destination. fact, birds are highly intelligent. Crows use tools like twigs to pick up food. But one crow amazed birdwatchers when she went one step further and made her own tool! She cleverly bent a piece of wire order to hook a piece of food that she couldn't reach with her feet. Crows Japan are known to use cars to crack open walnuts the birds wait until cars stop at road junctions then place the nuts the road, knowing that when the lights turn to green, the cars roll over the nuts and crack them open. When the lights turn red again, the crows hop back into the road to eat the nuts.