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Start that get buckling defence just legs this abnormal, drowning to choose from. As as you choose the right collar to ensure that your pal is comfortable and safe, you be on your way to having and enjoyable walks that both of you can enjoy. Thundershirt February 2011 The Thundershirt is a new product on the market for dog trainers and pet owners. The Thundershirt is a shirt that velcro's around the dog multiple places. You put the shirt over your dogs back and velcro a strap under her belly. You have another strap that velcro's around the dog's chest to keep the shirt on snugly. The material is made of cotton and has no chemicals or vibrations that calm the dog. The Thundershirt acts like a hug for your dog a scary situation. Most dogs become very calm and relaxed when wearing the Thundershirt. As a dog trainer you can recommend this product for your clients that have dogs with separation anxiety, barking problems, fear issues and others. You want to always remember to reward your dog when wearing the Thundershirt and showing calm behaviors a stressful situation. First you want to begin by desensitizing your dog to the Thundershirt. Take the shirt out and let your dog smell it and reward her when she seems interested the shirt. Keep these sessions short and enjoyable for your pet. The next step would be to introduce your pet to wearing the shirt for small increments of time. Remember to always reward you dog when she is showing signs of comfort and enjoyment while wearing the Thundershirt. Once your dog can comfortably wear the Thundershirt for more than 10 minutes at a time with no negative reactions you have successfully desensitized her. you can begin putting the Thundershirt on your pet while you are away. Throughout your animal career you encounter products that are new to the market. The best way to decide if you would like to recommend a product is to try the product out several different scenarios on your own. It is your job as a dog trainer to keep up with the most current products on the market. Another great way to keep up on the most current products and training techniques would be to attend seminars and expos. This is where I found out about the Thundershirt! Once I saw it I knew I had to try it out. I have been using it and recommend this product to clients and other dog trainers all the time. The Kong Wobbler The Perfect Solution for a Restless Pooch! 2011 You don't have to go to a dog training school to find a clever way to satisfy your dog's appetite for fun! One of the favorite dog toy companies, Kong, has come out with excellent and extremely useful new product called the Kong Wobbler. The Kong Wobbler is a toy and dog training tool that can be used to entertain energetic dog, or simply alleviate the stress of dealing with a fast eater. It is a food treat dispenser that is bottom-heavy, your pooch be able to access the food by tipping it over repeatedly. Oftentimes, our canine friends become enthusiastic about their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that they inhale their food rather than chewing it. Since our pals do not have the ability to reason like we do, they do not realize that eating this way could be harmful or potentially dangerous to them. The Kong Wobbler eliminates this problem, as your pooch not be able to consume all of the food at once, thus reducing any chance of him choking. The Wobbler also aids you with occupying a fussy, excitable dog by providing him with a puzzle that is both time consuming, and rewarding to finish. Playing with your pooch is always the best recommended way to relieve excess energy, but not everyone has enough free time to spare each and every day for playtime, this Kong product allows you to keep your dog busy without making him feel neglected. This new toy is also great for entertaining your dog while you are gone. You can leave the toy for him while you are at the store or even at work. This give him something to distract his attention while you are away. Please remember if your dog is aggressive chewer this toy is best suited while he is being supervised. Please make sure to