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Rising least she they're dominating you auckland three pretty dog are ototoxic. This means that if the ear drum has not been confirmed as being intact, they can result lasting damage to the middle and inner ears including hearing. Also if the ear canal is full of debris the ear preparations not work as well. addition the shelf life of already open ear preparation, is, cases, only 30 days. Make appointment to us. Our veterinarians diagnose the problem using the history you provide them with and by a physical examination of the ears using a specialised instrument called otoscope. They be looking at the condition of the lining of the canal, the presence of debris and what it looks like, whether the ear canal is tact, the presence of mites or foreign bodies and any other abnormalities. some cases they also decide to swab the ear canal to determine the type of bacteria present and which treatment is the best to use. This be done on the first visit or on a subsequent visit if initial treatment has failed. The treatment that be chosen depends on what has been diagnosed and the specific animal affected. It could involve one or more of the following: It is essential to follow your veterinarian's advice and to attend revisit appointments as recommended. Remember only used medications specifically prescribed by your veterinarian for the current ear infection. Follow up is required to track the response to treatment and modify medications accordingly. You should also contact us as as possible if you are having difficulty applying any medication correctly as directed by your veterinarian. It is impossible to guarantee that your dog never get ear infection. However, there are some steps that can be taken to help reduce the odds: Keep the ears of dogs like spaniels well clipped, especially the under side to improve air flow the ear canal is cooler and less of incubator for bacteria and fungi. 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