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They were motivated search museum the tucson two firearms clear but he trys to bite me when I do and he 't like to get clipped the groomer said he try ed to bite them to I need to get him to go to sleep when I do him what can I use to get him to go to sleep I have the same situation, or I did. Got them a Pedi Paws Rotary Nail File with rough sand paper and one less abrasive. It is similar to a dermal, but cones with a guard, not to trim to close and I believe it is call the quick. The nail time went from aggressive behavior to, turn on a movie, get the job done, and NOW NO PROBLEMS. I have a American Cocker-Spaniel age 8 yrs. A Staff-ashier Terrier 6, Maltese-Poodle 4, Shih-tzu -Poodle 2, and 4 Maltese-Shih-tzu-Poodle, designer 10 month old pups. They all get groomed bi-monthly and never have a problem with nail grooming. Turning 65 12 days, I and spoil fur-babies, they have their own at home salon, and I learning about techniques, tools, and how to keep them polished and groomed like a professional. Their daily walks have improved as I feared the groomers were not say the same when I left them, and pay back for the salon allows a retire to save for a better life, the pedi paws has adjustable slots for smallest to largest nails. A muzzle, hmmmmm Well that is like, not cool, and The reason for response and the first one ever. Happy Fur- Check out psyillium for diarrhea. Does a great job for lab that insists on eating calf poop. 1 teaspoon on wet food per feeding, works for her 80 pounds. Also- you can copy the image of the chart paste it into Word, and then either save it as a file or print I have a 7 lb. toy poodle that suffers from chronic pain. The vet prescribes her oral Buprenex, however I can't afford that mediation or more the vet bills I incur to get the prescription. I'm wondering what over the counter drug would help relieve her pain? Any suggestions? Thank you, you 't have to print 70 pages all you have to do is print the you need when u go to print it say pages 1 or how ever pages there be all you have to do is scroll to what it is on if it is on 3 just change the 1 to 3 or if its 7 put 7 if it is 1 and you 't want to print 10 pages change the 1 just erase it to say 1 and bam you just learned how to make a printable version of anything you have to outsmart the computer. Why 't you make a printable version of over the counter meds that can be used for pets. I had to print 70 pages to get the list of over the counter meds. I want to keep a list and amounts to be used on pets. This would be handy emergency. I need some help or input. dog has a really bad cough and hacking I read on here to give him robitussin DM I got some and I gave it to him and he instantly started foaming at the mouth and nose. Is this normal? dog is like child and I'm scared to death. Hi has asthma, she coughs sometimes to the point of gagging, she's had asthma since she came to me at 2 years old. It has gotten worse over time, as is 17 this winter!! you check if that is a problem, sometimes gets stuffy nose too, I've started using saline nose drops and it has helped very well. I also put vaporub. on her collar, but never where she could lick it because it is toxic if eaten. The helps too, if asthma is the problem the vet can give inhaler to use and that is the best relief for I recently moved from a house where mold was found the walls. Since our move 's coughing episodes have decreased dramatically!! I wish the best for you and your furry friend<3 First, pets are not above people. If you have to make a choice between care of a person and care of a pet, the person is always above the pet. You do have to consider some costs of pets, food, vet care, possibly grooming, if you can't