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Night one bucks offers the owner this trope while already used to cull porcupines. One about 2 decades ago i had time to do extensive snowshoeing on a mountain behind home. The birch trees were 85% damaged by porcupine. That means NO birch veneer logs for furniture or lumber. All they would be good for is firewood that emits Particulate to the atmosphere at a level 20 X more than coal fired power plants. Porcupine is eaten by humans and the quills are used by First Nations artisans. Thus handle; Omg…you are just making yourself feel better. If your dog knew what's hanging around your neck he would walk away from you and never come back. You're hypocrite if you say you animals. I stopped reading your story after your first called reason for not ditching your dead animal jacket. Ugly people wear fur, please never come to country because gladfully here we're not promoting this kind of animal abuse! wolves were on basement wall one wanting to kill and eat dog who had a thick wooly coat. She never liked staying the house and very rarely her dog house. Wolves have eaten her mother as she had vanished. I could only allow her pup outside when i was going outside. a nearby community old wolf was eating cats and dogs one Alpha male wolves at some point lose their position as leader of the wolf pack. This leaves them a position of fending for themselves, the easy option of moving into a residential area and taking pets is quite viable. Or they start taking small livestock. When you witness 17 wolves running down a deer, chasing it onto icy lake your perception of nature has awakening. And about a hungry wolf taking cats and dogs a community, you worry about children playing outside. Sir you are the most stupidist and abonominal low of a being I ur dog fur jacket keeps u n ur dog safe while on the other end of the world south of bejing is a fest for the meat trade and the by product of the fur U r a disgrace to kind if u think like this Please please change People like us be happy open our arms to u please open ur mind and soul World peace isn't a joke deniz r, You are denigrating Cultural Practices. You are judging peoples choice of diet and clothing. This is a form of Food Racism. You can continue to believe your Cruelty Free Diet while the farm tractor tilling the croplands mangles moles, voles, lizards, gophers, rabbits, deer etc. Have you ever watched the Carrion Cleanup Crew following farm equipment tilling and harvesting their crops? Your choice of diet is not exempt from Collateral Damage, aka Field Critter Kill. As omnivore who eats a Balanced Diet with 3 of plate covered vegetables it does less damage to field critters because i choose to eat Self Propelled Ruminants with a hankering for wild meat. That's great, the alternative just keep doing it. Thanks for the reality and justification of a very gray area. I reckon is at a great age to make a hood trim that doesn't do anything keeping you warm. Labrador Retriever jackets, that'll keep you snug Alan. Better yet, what about a Labrador Retriever toupe? Loved this article have been trying to get your point across on their website for ages. Not sure what people really 't understand. It's a renewable resource it's abundant and if they are going to get killed I like that the fur is being used. Thank you much for this article. GW, Vegan, AR'st approved fabrics, Eg. Rayon and Bamboo require the Clearcutting of Forests evicting critters. Full Costs are never considered for all the Inputs to mine iron ore for logging equipment and Pup Mills. They would never consider all the Air, Water and destruction of lands for these two fabrics. Oop's and they use a Neurotoxin, Disulphide which poisons workers the Mill's and Fabric Processing. Humans are animals, and we act as animals, hunt for food and hunt to stay warm. It's survival instinct and has happened for years. Taking down greater animals that would attack and kill and also protecting our own kind. 2016 times have changed greatly, we have advanced and there are other ways we can stay warm.. What I 't understand here is the blogger has no issue with the killing of coyotes for fur, yet you are your dog, imagine if he had been skinned and warn around for fashion? How would that make you feel. No life is greater then another. Put yourself or even your dog that coyotes position, he has the same senses you have, fear, stress, anxiety and can you imagine being trapped and someone handling you humanely. I can understand that we do need to survive, just like other animals do. But we've gone far beyond where we were and there are better ways to do this. I always look at both sides of a story here and I am hoping you can differently soon like i did. Ian, Eg. Deer have become feral some areas, recently the US 8 Million deer were killed by hunters. Another 1 Million were involved Vehicle Collisions causing bodily harm cases. Reason would stand that if 8 million deer were not hunted vehicle collisions would