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Of though big where (case poor about getting started doorstep again running outside and playing. When her numbers were totally back the normal range I was able to stop giving the daily drops and put her on the maintenance program. Always giving the greens and keeping the healthy diet. and her amazing holistic approach has been the answer to prayers! Five years later, Cookie's kidney failure is just a memory!! I have kept her on the maintenance program, have had her blood work done every six months and have given her the greens twice a day for the past five years. Cookie is now 17 and is amazing dog!! I owe it all to FIVE LEAF PET BOTANICALS…without them I wouldn't have beloved Cookie. I can't say enough about these products. I wish everybody knew about this program!!! Thank you Cookie and I you!!! Walters, Bargersville, Indiana Cookie's Veterinarian: Dr. Vaught Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Vaught recommends or endorses our products. 01 2016 After 2 years with rescued 7 year old Bijon mix, she started having difficulty She always urinated very frequently, more than normal, but this was different. One night before I could get her into the vet she tried and tried but could not the morning I took her before they opened and found out she had bladder stones,11 to be exact, and one had broken up and lodged her ureter. Urine had backed up and the Dr said surgery was necessary but she would not know if her kidneys were damaged. Several days after surgery she came home, thinner and lifeless. When she tried to eat she would throw up and her little body would shudder and heave up what little food she ate. The same happened when she drank. She couldn't last like this. Back she went to the vet; her blood levels were off the charts. Dr. T said she was kidney failure. She offered me anti-emetic and some canned kidney diet food and told me to bring her back when I needed to put her down. A matter of a few weeks according to her. I have always made dogs food from healthy everyday human ingredients. I went home that day and did research on canine kidney diets. That is how I found Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. I read everything on the website. I mixed up the apple cider vinegar with applesauce and ginger and syringed a small amount down her throat. I saw immediate relief. She started keeping down the water! I then went out and got organic chicken, it and slightly sauteed it mixed it with rice, sweet potato, organic vegetables. She didn't eat much but with the apple cider mix she kept it down. the morning I called the web site number, not really expecting a call back and ordered the At the end of that day called apologizing for how it took her to call. I couldn't believe she even called, let along the same day. We discussed the water therapy, eggshell powder and a few other things I could do until the herbal remedies arrived. I did them all. As as I got the tinctures I started her on them. She hated them and after taking them had the strength to put up quite a fight. I called again and asked if I could put them her food. A quick call from her and we were okay with that method of ingestion. Weeks later, for after surgery checkup, walked into the vets with a gleam her full of life. The vet couldn't believe it and asked what I had done. I told her of the diet, supplements and Five Leaf Pet web site and was summarily dismissed as I bought enough tinctures to do 4 rounds. however, does better on the tinctures as a regular part of her diet that not. Three years later and not only is she wonderfully well but eats her food raw. Truly amazing results. She has much life her..On her recent annual exam, 's blood work showed a small rise her bun levels. I had increased her protein levels to 50 percent and believe that was the cause, but a quick call to and a few adjustments and I am truly sure she be as good as usual. Thank you for showing me how to save dogs life when all I have gotten was a large and a death sentence from the vet Adams Federal Way, WA 's Veterinarian: Dr. Tberg Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Tberg recommends or endorses our products. 12 2015 dog, Smoke, 11 year old black lab ridgeback mix, was diagnosed with Lyme disease 2011. He had a tough battle with the disease but eventually over a few months time and a round of doxycycline, he returned to his normal, happy self. I never suspected that another disease was growing his body