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Assigned to people are just and changing beloved, life week public. I had already tried much earlier, always a small circle, tried to educate individuals to the point telling them that I knew a who, without having done medical studies, could heal almost all diseases under his own power. But audience always took me for a nutcase, and just very few individuals have been able to understand me back then. From time to time I had the opportunity to encounter single sick persons and, without them being aware of it, I took the disease off through words, by touching a sick body part or limb or object from me was passed on to them. Later, I realized that at the same time I was helping not only a single individual, but also was capable helping several sick persons simultaneously, and that this, say type of treatment, was not difficult for me at all. Very secretly, I kept working constantly, and hardly any of efforts were unsuccessful. The small circle of individuals to whom I came back then, was stunned of course and could not comprehend what was going on here. Rationally, it is not to grasp either. Sick persons, who had received help from me, recognized and testified the fact without being able to give explanation. The time that passed since, and with it, the accumulation of healings, turned me into a large channel. Increasing numbers of individuals received the healing wave. I think I can claim, that everyone possesses a receiving station for this wave, only, the individuals have to know what they wants to receive. Sure, also earlier small healing stations existed, but opinion, they were limited their power, were not unfolded, but were ousted as a result of their weakness and also dismantled. To be brief, I would say comparatively, that I located the receiver of individuals and I am able to overhaul the human body, to speak. For individuals who were healed by me, this is a matter of course, like the radio. I am also sending a healing wave without direct connection to the patient, ie, without me knowing of where the sick are. This is demonstrated by healing at a distance. Those to whom healing at a distance is not yet known, I briefly want to say the following about it: When a person came to me as a petitioner favour of a third party, a patient, I then never have asked about their disease. It is also completely indifferent where the patient lives. Rather, I have precisely described or have let being described by a third party the disease and have let being made a written record of the clinical disease details described. From hundreds of disease details presented to me of individuals unknown to me, to knowledge none has been incorrect right into the very detail. cases, I have subsequently carried out the cure. I have then requested each case to record writing the exact hour of recovery. Then, I learned that the recovery exactly corresponded to the time I had given, without the knowledge of of the patients, at the time of actually carrying out their healing. Not much different it is with the -called mass healings at a distance. When hundreds or thousands were waiting for me absence, then I never have forgotten to instruct one of closest staff members to inform the individuals waiting that I would out mass healings at a distance from time to time. At the time of healing at a distance I gave the relevant staff member the feeling his body, that he knew exactly what time he had to give the message about the mass healing to the individuals, who seeked healing. particular, from Traberhof reports of healing are available from mass healings absence, where paralyzed, blind, dumb, or deaf individuals became healthy. Thereby, I want to have stated, that it is not necessary at all, that sick individuals have to be brought to me, but that they can receive their healing everywhere, even at home. I have also executed a lot of healing at a distance by phone, without even having spoken to the patient myself. It is not different when I sometimes had some time at disposal, that I picked the letter of a healing seeker, took it hand and have addressed it mentally. Later, it then turned out, that the healing occurred exactly at the time of addressing the letter. I would like to point at all this that the healing wave, exactly like the radio wave is invisible to every human eye. As a transmitter I can never individuals the right to require anything from me. I am sending the healing wave, which also the patient can receive, even without knowing that I am sending and what it is that I am sending. individuals commit the big unforgivable mistake, by at the time, where they expect the healing being too much keeping themselves occupied with their disease or the physical pain, unable to let go of it even for a minute, as I ask them, to listen within and receive healing wave. Then, I am neither a position at any possible time, to liberate these individuals from their suffering. It is right when someone just observe the body, letting go for a few minutes of the suffering,