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And repeat the one model at cup give one done following a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There was no public memorial, per his request and he was buried peacefully Nashville near Wynette. RIDDLE, KNX, 2000. was the business editor at KNXNewsradio. He passed away did his special reports from the Pacific Stock Exchange. Unlike other stations which taped earlier market reports and replayed them the afternoon, KNX Business News was heard live until 9 p.m., giving listeners real time information on the ever-changing financial world and a recap of the business week. was honors graduate from Georgetown University. He began his broadcast career 1968 at UPI Audio Chicago. He subsequently moved to UPI New there as a news writer for News. 1971 he became a writer-producer for 's WBBM TV Chicago. While the Windy City he co-produced two award-winning documentaries that won a national and the coveted DuPont-Columbia University Award. He joined San 's KCBS Newsradio 1975 as investigative and consumer reporter. And 1982 he became a News Correspondent New City. Finally, prior to coming to KNX, Riddle joined Public Radio International 1997 as a business reporter writer for the highly-acclaimed Marketplace Radio. and I were hired together 1982 for the new adult' network News Radio New launched to counterprogram against Radio's 'The Source', emailed There were eight anchors hired a clump; and I were two of them. We were fast friends from the day we met. He left News Radio the early ‘90s. He figured out how to retire early, to Mexico. But that didn't work out as he and his wife had planned, and he wound up back on the market again the late 90's. He was there when I left the network New '98 and came west, and one of the best things about the move to LA then was seeing him, and getting to work with him, again. continued: Shortly after G. Hall took over KNX, decided it was time to move on, this time to but he was among those who'd learned how to do remote broadcasts, and continued to deliver KNX business reports from his home as if they were coming from down the hall at Columbia Square. Eventually that ended and he was enjoying actual early retirement. '06 he had a serious stroke. Eventually he recovered somewhat, walking and talking to a degree where he felt some of his old pizzazz. Then came a move to Mississippi, followed by another move back to two years ago. He was one of the best, most committed, most ferocious newspeople I've ever known, one-of-a-kind, with a one-of-a-kind delivery. Polish, anchor at KNX, was another wonderful friend of 's. He took this refreshingly candid photo of just two months ago while on a visit to 's home. was one of the smartest, quickest, most amazing reporters I've ever met. He was truly a wordsmith. His command of the English language was unbelievable. When confronted with hypocrisy or lies, his eyes would literally flash. But when he laughed, the whole room did too. When I'd ask him how things were going, he'd flash that big smile, wave a hand toward me and say, 'Everything is tickety-boo!' He was a stylish, refined with a wicked sense of humor. And a pleasure to work with or around. I met him at KCBS San the 1970's and we became fast friends. Then, he headed off to NYC as a News Network anchor, where after what I think was a 15-year run he retired to Mexico, where he built a solar powered house and eventually landed at KNX doing business news, which is where I ended up, just a few weeks before the 9 Twin Tower attack. Riddle, KRLA, 1960; KFWB, 1963; KHJ, 1965; KDAY, 1971; KROQ, 1972; KHJ, 1974. The longtime producer of produces tv specials. Riddlemosher, KCMG, 1998. left his post as marketing director at KRBV- February 2003. Riedy, KTWV, 2006. joined Smooth Jazz KTWV from doing mornings at the Seattle Smooth Jazz station. He left the of