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Feels justified to and come belly states has ago become asked for a better trainer. We would very highly recommend K9 to everybody who wants the best dog training. dog, is nine months old. She grew up as a breeder dog and had received no training whatsoever. She could not walk on a leash; she did not know how to sit. I brought her to Mayday Dog Training. two short weeks, she learned all the basics of obedience training. She now responds to commands and is a well-behaved doggie. I am impressed by that I had to write this review. He truly knows how to get dogs to behave and become part of the family. is not a down place position living room. She not move from that position. She heels perfectly both on leash and off leash. What she learned is nothing short of remarkable. uses positive reinforcement techniques and seems to really like the dogs he is working with. He communicated with me every day. I found his videos of working with dog helpful follow-up training. I am one happy customer. I do not hesitate recommending and Mayday Dog Training! If I could give more stars than five, I would do Great job! Misty did their first session with dog on last Saturday and the results have been good. I am very surpised and pleased at the amount of change puppy already after just one lesson. She is more controlled and the tips that they left me with really work. We have been working daily since they left and the progress is very clear. We had went to a treat-based puppy training class at a local kennel that taught her commands that she only responded to with treats and totally ignored if treats weren't invoked. After one session, she is responding without treats. I'm impressed! Can't wait to get a few additional classes under belt. IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON, AND THE DOG TRAINER I HAVE EVER MET. WITH MINUTES SHE HAD CHANGED DOG. WITH 20 MINUTES SHE WAS ALSO TRAINIG ME. WE HAD A 2 HOUR SESSION. TRUST ME IT WAS HARDER FOR ME, THAN DOG. AND I, ARE ALREADY HAVING THE BEST WALKS EVER. I CAN'T WAIT TO AGAIN NEXT WEEK, TO SHOW HER THE IMPROVEMENTS WE HAVE MADE. GOAL IS TO GO THE BEACH AGAIN, AND LET PLAY THE WATER. IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO NEEDS A REALLY GOOD DOG TRAINER, PLEASE CALL THANK YOU, LIZ SENSBAUGH I had a doberman, that was a challenge to walk. She did not go out for walks. I found Come and Train It K9 and now and I go for walks! and Courtney really understood and gave us the tools we needed to be successful. The team is extremely professional and genuinely wanted to make sure we were successful. I learned about own shortcomings when it came to with and toward I very much recommend Come and Train It K9 to anyone who has a dog with challenges. can go out for walks is much better for her! Thank you and team! is absolutely amazing! Where do I begin? As as you start speaking with you can immediately tell how much her profession means to her. It is clear that she is it for the dogs and it's obvious that she is doing exactly what she was meant to do. She take the time to explain to you the reasons behind doing things which helps to give you a better understanding of the training and your dog. If you are looking for a dog trainer, I highly recommend I've had the pleasure of working with to help train puppy the past. She always came prepared, and tailored each session to the specific needs for myself and furry friend. She set manageable expectations, was punctual and consistent. I that her approach is one based on reward to help with training. It is very clear that she loves what she does, as it showed through her communication, and connection with myself and dog. Took Cavalier spaniel at 5 months old to for puppy training and continued with 3 additional 6 week classes. was great training me on how to work with dog and also getting us prepared for being certified as a therapy pet. Very pleased with the results. has been go-to trainer for the past year with all of our rescue dogs. She is very patient working with each other their personalities and we the fact she uses positive reinforcement, not shock collars or anything of the sort other trainers quoted us using. She also has been helping guide us through the process of finding the right Service Dog prospect and owner-training legally. We definitely recommend her for all our dog training needs, whether person or through Skype Facetime when she's not our area! the dog trainer, has been a great dog trainer. I have tried out and around the area where I live, and have never had any success. This time I am seeing successes that I never thought possible. dog is making great strides. Yes, she has a long way to go, and do I, but with 's help, I believe we are achieving that goal well. is very professional, yet very down to earth, and talk to you about what he wants