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Transcript all dog at the watervliet dog work bear one a one minute video attached the instructor can actually answer a question that they can The question must relate to a topic the class and the video must be a demo of the question. Please the discussion forum for a detailed explanation feel free to sign up at bronze, read the explanation, and then come back here to upgrade to silver if that interests you, and if space is available. If you are interested a bronze level subscription, you can sign up at any time during the registration period. To increase the chances of succeeding, your dog should only be exposed to the stimulus while you are actively working on the exercises. At all other times, your dog not be put a position where he must face the thing he's afraid of, at a level that he can't comfortably handle. I can repeat this until I'm blue the face, and still some of you want to try to rush things at some point during the process. It's normal to feel like it's no big deal to cheat just a lil' bit Well, you'll know. You'll know because it won't work. The first one tells the well-known story shared by Nikos Kazantzakis One day, while watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon, he became impatient with the drawn-out process and decided he'd help it move along faster by gently blowing on the wings of the butterfly to dry them. It didn't work. He tried to rush a mechanism that has no business being rushed, and the process, he prevented the butterfly from emerging at the correct, natural speed. There was no going backā€¦ no saying Oops and then starting again. The damage was done. The butterfly died. Kazantzakis was wracked with guilt and famously said this incident weighed heavily on him for the rest of his life. I know. Dead butterflies are sad. Little caterpillar dude was close to finally becoming what he'd worked hard to achieve his whole reason for existing. It was taken away by someone trying to help move things along. I'm hoping this image now pops into your head the next time you're tempted to speed up the DS CC process. Dieting. Many of us have, at one point our lives, decided to get healthy and lose some weight. We usually start off feeling very gung-ho about it all and we restrict our calorie intake with a clear goal mind. But if we try to rush the process by reducing our calories too drastically, we are setting ourselves up to fail. The odds are stacked against us by approaching weight loss this way. We'll either deprive ourselves too much and give up, or we'll succeed at a bunch of weight very quickly, only to gain it all back thanks to a natural biological process that is designed to protect us from starving. Or how about joining the local gym. We set ourselves up for the same unsuccessful outcome if we skip steps a new fitness plan. We might lift too many weights too and injure ourselves. We might start a running program before conditioning our bodies to be able to handle running, and also injure ourselves the process. It's usually not that it didn't work, but rather that we didn't follow the program. Nevermind a program, how many of us have tried to wing it without even having a program to follow the first place? And here's another example. Remember those egg and spoon races? You place egg on a spoon and try to run as quickly and carefully as you can to reach the finish line without dropping your egg. If you drop your egg, you're out. The damage is done. If you rush it if you try to go faster than you should, you increase the chances of dropping your egg. However, if you move steadily 't push it, just keep moving, keep your eye on the egg, adjust your speed as necessary to keep the egg safe you likely make it. Even if the egg is wobbly that you have to completely stop moving for a moment to let it settle down again, you make it. Your ultimate goal is to reach the other side with your egg intact. Evaluating and making necessary adjustments as you move along help you accomplish that. Dog training at Pet Camp San is the perfect way