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South korea (innkeepers cybersecurity we need kind loving dog jun this week from a friend's grown who was looking for a pup We should all be that lucky choosing our first hunting dog! Everyone has their own ideas about that subject, but it did give me a to write down thoughts email to him... I am a true believer what a friend of mine used to say....'you' need to teach your dog 'english'. Gareth's dog is exceptional, but I happen to believe that, addition to 's strong bloodline, that Gareth and his wife were the difference. They 'lived' with that dog, talked 'english' to her and Gareth began with a strong knowledge of what a good bird dog should 'be' and gave the pup and security. The key is 'exposure'....dogs are always learning something, good things, bad things. As as you, and the other members of the family are consistent about what is expected of them, I believe that you can teach a dog virtually anything. I saw a dog once that would retrieve birds and then stand up on it's hind legs to put the bird the owner's 'pouch' because he had a back problem and could not bend over. I spent time with a male that learned to retrieve a 'dime' that I would pitch out the dark yard at night, even taught pointer to retrieve ducks for me. It took time, but I gave them that time and talked to them 'English'. What you want to look for most a pup is intelligence, and curiosity. I once read that Seeing Eye dogs are chosen for the job before training using a variety of tests, including searching for the source of a sound. Oh, one more thing, find a good training book and mentor. Some wonderful photos the box' this morning of Brown and Barksdale's 9 month old pups out of De and Natl. Ch Bean's Blaze. They spent some time this weekend with these two dogs and some pen raised quail. Amazing to the amount of 'style' these juveniles have on point. A tribute to 's very smart training techniques and good bloodlines. Enjoy... Finally....close to inch of rain last night at Dos Jefes. From a lush stand of cover October, we have experienced a brutal lack of moisture for the past few months. Last night's rain is not enough to call it a trend...but we take what we can get. Email today from Brown, Professional trainer and owner of High Kennels Granbury, Tx with a report on Highpoint Blazin' Blaze was the only male from our most recent breeding of Hello De x NC HOF Bean's Blaze Until picked him up, Blaze was dominated by the two females the litter and I was a bit concerned that he would have the agressiveness that would make him a winner. But after just 3 months at 's? Stand Back!!! I lost him to the front this morning and figured he had birds somewhere and about that time here came 4 birds flying way and Blaze chasing one across the next hill over. I start work him with pen birds again tomorrow. I just this dog. He is gentle and loving. He even is gentle holding live or dead birds with never a hard mouth. Blaze had exciting finish to the recent Quail both South and North Texas and is now undergoing 's wonderful development program... Brown is a professional. I trialed with her dad, a 1995 inductee into the Hall of Fame and she knows how to finish a dog, without taking away their style and enthusiasm. She lost a great one last year who was a very successful stud dog for the breed... Also a surprise email from a friend of 28 years ago... Negrete, now living New Mexico. owned and handled his 'self trained' winning bitch HYDIE DE out of our first and founding stud dog, AFC De x Back 1980, Hydie was incredibly exciting derby with awesome speed and range. I remember watching her at Plantersville, Tx on the Pointer Setter grounds and she 'chewed the country up!. They could have run dogs for a week and not beat her! fact, at a recent get together of owners, Hydie's exciting, but too short, career became the subject of conversation. lost Hydie at early age but her memory is still alive...and says he still has one dog from the line and he is active Thanks for the memories Quail Season 2008 is winding down and spotty late reports are coming from around Texas. De owner Gareth Cook called yesterday on his way back to from South Texas, reporting that they had found the bird crop had taken a hit they wound up working the dogs on pen raised quail. Good news is that adjusted to the change and stayed steady, even when the 'homeboys' were running around front of her. Interestingly, we had driven over to San yesterday to attend the funeral of a dear friend and were having lunch San at the time of Gareth's call with fellow Brown and his wife We talked