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Up cayotes fly at issues edge stiff located worked behavior breeder reply ‘Yes' to this question. But then, you need to ask them to show the health certificate of the parents. If they do not show you the health certificate then you probably need to find another breeder because this one is a fraud one. 4) This one is very important. Ask the breeder if you can visit the kennel and the parents with their puppies person. Mass breeders generally not agree to show the parents because they generally do not give a about their dogs. All they want is money. So, if the breeder is unable to show the parents, then you might wanna continue your search for a good breeder. 5) Another good way to spot a mass breeder is by knowing which all breeds he is dealing with. Usually, such breeders sell most of the breeds available A reputed breeder have only 2 breed of dogs. A very good example of a mass breeder can be seen on NDTV's ‘how to pick the right breed' video on youtube. As I mentioned above, such breeders are just breeding for money. Their motto is to earn money and not to improve the breed standard the country. These breeders are the reason why is lagging behind many other European and American countries when it comes to improving the breed standards. The breeders who sell for puppies for as high as 30k are professional breeders. They do not breed only for money. They want to improve the standard of a particular breed the country. Those breeders have very less amount of litters per year and their breeding stocks are health checked with no genetic disorders. Such breeders also provide health guarantee to the families who buy from them. Also, they provide you support on how to raise a puppy. A professional breeder never say NO when a customer asks them to show the parents. They invite you to their kennel and entertain you irrespective of the fact that you buy from them or not. Its your choice if you want to spend less money for buying a puppy and then spend fortunes on vet bills as the dog, when grown up have several health issues. Or you spend a little more on buying a high quality dog from a reputed breeder and have a healthy dog for the rest of your life. I hope answer helped. Thanks Can vary from 1k to 50k as well it only depends on pedigree Always go for dogs who have KCI registration, since it's a proof of genuinity of the breed standard. Always buy from breeders directly donot go for brokers always insist on seeing both the parents of the pup. Never compromise with quality since the expenditure of a cheap quality dog and superior quality dog is same it's up to you spend a little extra bucks and get a dog which people appreciate and look back to it. I myself own a boxer and a German Shepherd both top quality champion lines Both of them are 1 lacs each Labradors are the most popular breed and are also the most abandoned. They are working dogs and are very active and versatile. There are many people who claim t obe breeders just because the yhave a male and female dog. NEVER buy from such people as they just wan tto make money by over-breeding their dogs. These are the people who sell pups at low cost and never have any KCI papers. People like these sell pups on highways, out side dog shows, wholesale markets, online and pet shops. The puppies be cheap but have a lot of health problems and behavior issues as the yare separated from their mother very early. The breeder never even allow you to how the pups are kept as it is very dirty. So basically what you save buying,