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When they come 15607 nationally work hazardous thorny roads recognized and tactics. The cirriculum is far too short. They cram everything into 6 hour seminars that hardly cover anything. Before you know it, you are writing your CAPSTONE and you haven't learned anything someone with a moderate interest miltiary history would know already. The only stuff I did learn was from own research for paper topics. I could have done that on own and for free. Norwich is a big waste of money. Avoid it. As a recent grad looking back on the MBA program, I remember the grading standards quite low and the discussions with fellow students mind-numbing. I also thought some of the courses were on 'auto-pilot' and the virtual professor was there just to guide students through the 'wickets'. All the students are full-time 'something-' it's all about meeting the set standard for your 'A' or 'B'. I found very little intellectual curiosity. And as for student's backgrounds? I think some were shift supervisors at a retail store....very little insight into real business. Is this diploma worth anything? I'd have to 'no'. For the quick-and-dirty on-line MBA, go for Phoenix? When it comes down to it, on-line is on-line? Why pay more at Norwich? -Alec Great MBA program from a University with a history! I am proud to be alumni and part of the Norwich family. The staff provides outstanding support and the Professors push you. The Residency was a blast! 't waste your money on other online programs such as University of Phoenix or Norwich is considered a Tier 1 school for the Northern region. I earned a of Justice Administration degree from Norwich 2008. While that program is no longer offered it was one of the most comprehensive courses of study that I have ever participated It gave me a unique skill set that immediately applied to career. I have been able to advance law enforcement career since earning the MJA and have also been teaching online criminal justice courses for another university. The people that I worked with during time at Norwich were like-minded professionals and included chiefs of police, FBI National Academy instructors, and others senior leadership law enforcement positions. That helped to balance the cohort and gave the aspiring future leaders opportunity to learn from the best the business. I am very proud to recommend for its tradition, rigor, and program design. I've completed the MS Business Continuity program and await the residency for 2011. This is a real university, not a for-profit university like U of Phoenix. Norwich has a proud tradition and embraces all students to achieve their best. 't bother applying if you cannot write a graduate level essay each week, write 1000 words discussions each week, several exams and a 10 word final paper after 11 weeks. The work is relentless, tough and serious. The professors were the best the industry, and I've been around awhile. hey why they pick me to come to norwich university its non thing wrong with that but i want to know do yall pay like job crops. if yall do a have a son i need to take care of but i to come there write me back please. thanks is not affiliated with Norwich University any way. is an -home Private Lessons and Day Training instructor with Instinct. She has experience working with behavioral issues such as reactivity and fear, as well as teaching dogs and puppies household manners. is a Certifying Official for NACSW K9 Nosework trials and ORTs, and has trained and competed with dogs agility, competition obedience, Rally-O and K9 Nose Work. She holds an MFA non-fiction writing from Columbia University, and has completed the IAABC Principles Practice course. lives NYC with her husband and their dog Trix A 74-year-old horse trainer with no wife or children is visited by his beloved dog hospital after a horror car crash left him paralysed. Weis, from Maryborough, Queensland, was hit by