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Added all' the old ones chatter consultations were to swim he is perfection, large bully head, perfect scissor bite, all the rite stops every single nail is black and most importantly he's got dark brown nearly black eyes. Not only do these dogs have all the correct pigmentation but they have the pedigree to match, these are the best bred true to type blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers Europe, they can't be matched by anyone, others try but are out matched. DOB 01 2017 Price: £1 Location: Morecambe Contact: Hollie Phone: 07388 Mobile: 07552 Email: Presa Canario, stud only, this is a top class personal protection dog yard dogs with a very high drive. Standing around 26inch to his shoulder and coming around 8 stone fit. He's 100% and 100% by your side and this dog puts the same into his offspring always putting out 8 puppies per litter. Please call me if you wish to discuss more information. Price: £150 Location: Junction 4 M5 Contact: Horses R Us T Phone: 07468 Wanted West Highland Terrier. Wanted. We are looking for a female West Highland girl to join our family. A puppy is we 't mind older girl up about 5 years old. Please call us with full details, thanks, anytime. Would also accept a or any Terrier type, thanks. Location: Norfolk Suffolk Contact: Guy T Phone: 07801 Email: Having a dog trained is a big investment and I believe the saying, You get what you pay for. It really paid off for me this case. I contacted and Pappas at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs after much study. 8 year old female Springer Spaniel had passed 6 months prior and I realized that want for a new dog was really a need. I wasn't ready to give up hunting birds and I craved the companionship a good dog offers. They invited me into their home and it was clear from the get go that they what they are doing and run a first class operation. They offer selective breeding resulting handsome dogs, well socialized and instinctively attuned to hunt. Their facilities are clean and well organized. and know their business and share their expertise freely. I bought a female Springer and have been pleased with her progress. I decided to have go to their Hunt-em-up program this order to get her ready for her first bird this fall. Boy was I impressed with her progress! I'm 66 years old and I know I could never have had her bird ready as of now and believe me-she is! She is ahead of the learning curve and we'll be sharing some great adventures the years to come. is the complete dog for me and a great return on investment. Not only that, I've made friends with and and I know that I can always bank on their advise should I have the need. A little about myself, I've hunted birds most of life, had several hunting dogs, mostly labs and saw thousands of dogs hunting while I was working for close to 30 years as a Conservation Warden. I'm not kidding when I say your odds of having a good hunting dog greatly improve if you try Bird Crazy Gun Dogs training program. opinion Bird Crazy Gun Dogs hunting dog program deserves 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. one word unbelievable. year old yellow lab puppy flushed and retrieved over 100 birds her first year. Thanks to Bird Crazy's training methods. just 4 weeks she was taught obedience, gun conditioning, E collar training and was exposed to lots of birds at a cost probably less than what a single hunting trip would run. Pappas has a way with dogs. The dogs and respect