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Clients are also forward the morning (million regiment a breeze well over 30 years ago, purely for our own needs, our equipment is now used by top trainers at Working Tests, and by beginners alike. Allocks Locksmiths, based Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, is established and friendly local Mobile Locksmith with very competitive rates. We serve most parts of East Anglia. Tel: 01284 041 Mob: 07940 358 Grange is a family run business based just outside Brighton which has been producing Super Premium pet foods since 1996. Grange is a nutritionally complete dry pet food range for cats and dogs. It is formulated by leading nutritionists to very high standards, so that it provides optimum nutrition for your cat or dog. All the products our range contain either fresh chicken, grade 'A' chicken meal, fresh salmon or lamb meal as the primary protein source. All Grange diets are free from wheat, beef, soya and dairy products. has a real flair a good eye for the work she does which started off as the odd horse rug repair to making the racing harnesses for the dogs her husband races. Everyone that has seen 's work falls with it. A Sewing Habit demand the highest standards of every bespoke item. Whether it's a custom-made harness, or a classic alaskan or canadian collar, all items are made to order. Each piece is completely made finished by hand. BB Pet Cuisine is a company with a social conscience pet-friendly, customer-friendly. The company has been formed because of the that we have for our companion pets and the benefits of feeding them a natural diet. So some of the dog food products we sell we have fed or continue to feed to our pets, therefore we know the natural way of feeding works. So maybe you are concerned about your pets' general well being, their weight or another health issue then may be our food range is for your companion friend! This site was developed by Bury Web Works, which is a web design agency located Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. By their recommendations, like-minded people help to make DoggiePubs a useful, non-commercial guide to happy eating out with your dog. Pubs get included by recommendation they can't pay to be listed. Eager publicans earn their listings by being dog-friendly, that's all. Our reward is knowing how much this site is liked, and discovering more places where Millie be welcome. Our range of quality products are made with every attention to detail using the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and fittings. The Headcollar ranges offer control but are gentle looking with fun, friendly designs so that your dog still look approachable and they cannot, therefore, be confused with a muzzle. Ever been somewhere, on holiday, maybe, and wondered where you can take your dog for a walk? Bored with continually going back to the same places because you don't know where else you can go or where to park? Well, is for you! Dogs Bumps Babies Beyond is here to support expectant families and families with children and around Suffolk that have a family dog. Whether you are expecting your first baby, have a baby or toddler already, or even have another baby on the way DBBB is here to help set you and your dog up for success. For over sixty years we have been producing high quality Licensed Herbal Medicines and Dietary Supplements for dogs and cats. Our site gives you information on all our products as well as guides to natural, healthy feeding and also details on how natural medicines and supplements can be used to help over 50 common problems that dogs and cats can suffer from. We are sure you'll find it useful and informative, but please contact our Advice Line if you need any further help or advice. Send them your digital images and they transform them into unique gifts for friends and family! We believe the saying You are what you eat. This certainly applies to our dogs and cats who trust us to provide them with the best possible diet. Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet to your dogs or cats provide them with all the essential vitamins, minerals and essential proteins that they need for active and healthy life. Feeding our complete meals you can also be assured that you are giving them the very best, balanced diet made from all natural, 100% British, human grade ingredients with no cereal or fillers. Just as nature intended. PRO PLAN offers extensive range of products, catering for all key lifestage and lifestyle formats, making it even more responsive to your dog's individual needs. Developed by expert vets and nutritionists, and with over 80 years of expertise pet nutrition research and development, the combination of natural food ingredients and optimal vitamins and minerals, help support your pet's healthy skin and coat, immune system and aid digestion. Contact: 0800 161 These were supplied and the embroidery designed by ‘s.p.ytech' embroiderers and digitizers to the rich and famous. Contact: Petra on 01621 840 As independent grant-maker, we support local charities and community groups who are tackling disadvantage whatever form it takes, targeting our grants to where the needs are greatest. We manage charitable funds donated by individuals and organisations, building endowment funds to ensure a future of sustainable grant-making, and acting as the vital link between local donors and local needs. Due to the large number of students