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Victim learning his 1 with point values driven we around sitting watching TV and your dog constantly jumps up onto your lap then this behavior can't be acknowledged or it never stop. Take it off your lap and ask it to sit. This way you keep control of the situation. 3. Avoid Aggression Confrontation If you have a naturally aggressive pitbull then you need to avoid confrontation at all costs. Show your dog that aggression is not option and won't be tolerated. If your dog learns that all it has to do is bark and you back down then it apply this behavior all situations and it be controlling you. 't accept this, show your dog who is boss all situations and it lose the power of aggression. 4. Never Accept Demanding Behavior Sometimes your dog might be pretty persistent, but again you must show it who is the boss and if, for example it keeps barking at you then 't give it your attention. Ignore it and show it that demanding behavior won't be accepted. After being ignored it soon learn that this not work. Once it has calmed down you can ask it to come to you and sit and give it a little praise attention for calming down and reinforce this positive behavior instead 5. Toys Must Be Earned To untrained or dog too toys, or access to toys all of the time can lead to excitement and a loss of control. It is recommended to use toys as a reward and only let your dog use one toy at a time. Again, this shows the dog that you are control.The dog has access to only one toy at a time. You control the use of toys and the time spent playing with them. 6. Keep To Set F eeding Times Sticking to strict and regular feeding times is important. Food is the whole world to a dog, and when you are the one that provides it you really show you are the master. 7. 't Allow High Places Not allowing your dog access to areas such as chairs, tables, couches, beds etc shows the dog it is different, it is on a social level below you and other humans, and has a different set of rules. Dogs naturally feel more dominant and aggressive when on higher keeping it on a lower level not only keeps your house tidy but keeps your dog obedient too.The dog should not be allowed to get on the bed or couch unless you ask. High places are a way dominant dogs gain control. Dogs feel more authoritative when on a higher level 8. Make Your Dog EARN Freedom Another way to keep control and keep a higher level of obedience is to use freedom as a reward. If it has been disobedient then even when you take it out keep it on a leash. 't even let it releive itself without a leash. It soon learn that good behavior general leads to a larger amount of freedom. 9. Praise! The dog training tips mentioned here can seem quite strict, but remember that fair is fair and your dog needs a little praise from time to time as much as you should show it you are the boss praising behavior can be a great way to reinforce good behavior and lead to more of it. 10. 't Expect Too Much No matter how trained your dog is or isn't it is still animal and no dog is perfect expect a little bad behavior from time to time when it's natural instincts kick These tips have been taken from the following resources: The leading online guide to pitbull training. It features several key areas on pitbull training and is written by pitbull breeder and fanatic Amherst. This is THE number one guide to training a pitbull terrier available online. It is a must have for any serious pitbull owner. It answer all of your pit bull training questions, and show you how to train a pit bull to not just be obedient and well behaved pet, but part of the family too. Click here to read more about Pitbulls Revealed and download it now This ebook is simple style yet full of comprehensive information. It is a well rounded guide covering all areas of looking after, raising and training a pitbull terrier. This guide is different from Pitbulls Revealed above arguable it is a more complete guide as it not only covers information on pitbull training,