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Company camp humphreys army may 5th puppy CVA 61 circa Have you ever yielded your all to the Man of Calvary? Do you Him better than the best? You would not out your vow as probably Jephthah did, but are you as absolute your dedication? The reply of Jephthah's daughter is one of the noblest on record. Compare it with 1. Her heart was full of filial and patriotic passion, as she stood there, timbrel hand; but the of God overmastered all and made her willing to yield all. 2 Corinthians 5. Introduction: Jephthah was the of a named Gilead and unnamed prostitute, v. 1. His birth caused him problems with his half-brothers. After their father died, they refused to share the family inheritance with Jephthah and they forced him out of the family home, v. 2. Jephthah became the leader of a band of mercenaries who protected the people of from their enemies. Sometime later, the Ammonites attacked the Israelites, v. 4. This promoted the leaders of Jephthah's tribe to reach out to him, v. 5. Apparently, they were familiar with his prowess as a military leader. They ask Jephthah to come back and lead them to victory. If he do that, they promise to make him the head of their tribe, v. 7. Jephthah answers their call and returns with them to address the Ammonite problem. Jdg Jephthah tries a series of diplomatic measures to cool tensions with the Ammonites and avoid all out war. correspondence with the of Ammon, Jephthah learns that they are attacking because they want back some of the land that took when it entered Canaan, v. 13. Displaying amazing grasp of Hebrew history, Jephthah answers the Ammonites with several convincing arguments that prove they are wrong attacking the people of Jdg The Israelites did not take the land from the Ammonites. They took it from the Ammorites who originally took it from the Moabites. The Ammonites had no stake the land at all. Jdg The Lord had given the land to God was given all the and credit for giving them the land. Jephthah tells them to take what their god has given them and be satisfied. Jdg had lived the land for hundreds of years. The Ammonites had not tried to claim the land during the three hundred years had possessed, why were they attempting to claim it now? Jdg 11 The Ammonites are reminded that by attacking they are fact attacking God! He judge who is right and He give the victory to whom He chooses! The Ammonites fail to listen to that arguments put forth by Jephthah because they are ignorant of the Word of God; they do not care about the of God; and they have no regard for the Person of God or the people of God. They press their attack against When Jephthah attempted to negotiate with the Ammonites, he was not compromising. He stands firmly upon the Word of God and declares the facts of the situation. What he is doing is trying to prevent them from being annihilated war. He knows that God give the victory and he is trying to save lives. Jephthah teaches us the truth that the best response is always a peaceful response. When you are attack, do not attack back. Instead, approach those who attack you with offers of peace. If they receive your overtures and reconcile, you have gained a friend. If they persist their attacks, the Lord take care of them His Own way, and His Own time, Rom. Matt. This brings us to our text verses. these verses Jephthah has another valuable lesson to teach us. these verses we witness a who makes a rash vow that he lives to regret. Jephthah teaches us that we need to take heed to every word that comes out of our mouths, and nowhere is that more than when it comes to the words we speak to the Lord. Little children are sometimes taught a that has a line that goes: Oh, be careful little mouth, what you say, For the Father up above, Is looking down be careful little mouth what you say. these verses, we are going to learn the truth at what we say matters, especially when we say it to the Lord. This passage teach us that He expects us to keep the vows we make to Him. let's consider the truths that present themselves to us these verses as I try to preach on the thought Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say. I. Judges JEPHTHAH'S VOW Judges a The Context of His Vow Jephthah made his vow to