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You that environment 1971 feb i 1972 next years men concerned. What I'm looking for is a hint at what you think should happen. Like I said, freezeframe it, what happens next? Kickstand stated 'deal with it'. That's pretty inconsiderate I think. It's clear from almost every comment I've made, that the likes of you, and dog owners, are not the problem. But like most things, a small minority ruin it for the rest. just tell me this.. If the worst happened should I have to trade blows at the side of the track with the owner? Because it sounded like that was what pigman was saying. The type of trails are important, what's also important is that most of the entities question cannot move as fast or erratically as a dog. A horse and rider are over ten foot tall, a bike and rider are also very visible, but a dog? A dog can decide it's gonna chase something or make a fresh decision on direction, at any moment. Forget 'out of control' if that doesn't mean much to you. But stopping a dh bike that's going flat out, doesn't happen on a dime, despite what brake manufacturers would tell you. And yeah, I am of the opinion that if it's a grown up that steps onto the track at the wrong moment, they take their chances. A kid or a dog should not be put that position. More importantly, the likes of me and Thom should not be put the position of having to live with the guilt of having ACCIDENTALLY killed your dog or worse, just because people like kickstand want to say dog likes it, deal with it'. I I've explained concern, and that the main problem is that his attitude stinks, and caused me to say 'hypothetically kickstand, fck you too!'. Also I 't ever want to deal with injuring pigmans dog and then injuring him because he attacked me, all on the same day. Because believe it not, I've never harmed another human being or animal. And I 't want to start now. Sorry this all got heated, it's clearly a passionate issue. And if we all stop for a second, it's easy to that most of it is born of not wanting the worst to happen, not wanting to hurt somebody 's dog. Because I do understand how important they are to people. And sorry I made the Hom joke, probably bad taste here. But I was just a joke. I agree that dogs 't really belong, general on trails that are specifically designed for downhill or freeride. However, part of the world whenever there is talk of limiting ANY type of trail users access, it is almost ALWAYS mountain bikers who are facing exclusion because the vast majority of trail users are hikers, walkers, backpackers, birdwatchers, etc. of whom do not like us... I always want to keep the conversation about responsible SHARING. I totally agree that some people maybe most people suck at being dog owners at least here the USA. And I've had a 's dog run out front of me well I was going 30 plus on a fast section of trail, but beacause I was paying keen attention I got around him on the right and gave him a little tire buzz he always got out of the way after that when he heard someone gaining on him. dog was riding with me on leash at 14 to 15 weeks and I spent a lot of time training her as most people 't and that's why I can take her anywhere and know she well stay out of the way. I always get compliments from other riders on how she gets out of the way without them even saying anything. It sucks that I'm the minority among dog owners. But still if your riding at busy trail centers your gonna have to deal with gapers. Hopefully mt biking never gets as bad as skiing does were you deal with almost endless gapers all over the place. Just ride smart pay attention and you should be fine your way more likely to hurt yourself anyways. I followed dog on the beach with a four wheeler and she was running at 25km h. On the beach. going downhill or uphill a trail, she's going a lot faster. yeah, a dog can run fast enough to stays on your wheel. Some dogs are made to run, like shepherd or cattle dog. I am having a hard time with dog developing blisters on her pads on even short, 3 to 4 mile rides. I take it really slow, but she still seems to get them. Its a vicious cycle: she gets blisters, can't go ride and then gets out of shape. I take her for easy break tide and she pushes it too hard and gets blisters. Any suggestions? You could try some of the dog booties they sell. The more expensive ones fit quite securely and have extra padding for their paws. pooch uses them the when we hike the snow for distances. It did take her quite some