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Year old doberman and eddington and mud on july slips puppy training begins as early as possible we recommend that puppies start their training from 8 weeks of age Very quickly puppies mature and learn new behaviours and it can be more difficult to train puppies later life. It is far easier and more effective to teach your puppy the appropriate behaviour and to prevent behavioural problems developing as they mature. Early puppy training can either be done by attending our Puppy Socialisation Course, or booking a Puppy Home Start for owners who are unable to attend puppy classes or for those who just prefer 1 Training Private Sessions. For the new puppy owners who are considering getting a new puppy, or have a puppy due to come home then our Pre-Puppy Course would help you plan and organise the arrival of your new puppy to your home and family. Our Puppy Socialisation and Confidence Building Classes are run by Ros Gosport and are for puppies up to the age of 16 weeks. The aim of the Puppy Socialisation Classes is to provide you and your puppy opportunity to socialise a safe, educational environment, and to learn about all aspects of owning a puppy and to lay down a foundation for education and training. Our Puppy Obedience Training Classes are for puppies up to the age of 6 months. Puppies tend to learn on a gradual basis, over period of time. This way a puppy have time to settle into a new class and the environment, and gradually without fear or force build up solid training foundations for the future. This course focuses on teaching self-control, and important everyday life skills. Our Adult Beginner's Dog Training Courses are for dogs over the age of 6 months. The aim of the Adult Beginner Dog Training Classes is to educate owners and help them to understand their dog order to teach their dog self-control and extend their social skills. The adult dog training classes focus on each dog learning to control their behaviour and to understand what is being asked of them even when the situation or environment is distracting them. For all our courses, ranging from puppy through to adult we believe that by using it allows us to educate our dogs and provides them with the opportunity to learn essential life skills. It also means that we are giving them more choice and responsibility over their own behaviour and means that we end up with dogs who behave because they want to, NOT because they are forced to. We offer Clicker Training Classes dogs learn through association, ie. 'I did this and there was a consequence'. Whether you choose to use a clicker to your dog's behaviour, or you choose to use a 'marker' word, both can and be trained and taught your chosen course. Our puppy, and adult dog training courses are supported each week with a puppy topical or training handout and we offer via telephone, email or text. Our friendly to ensure that all owners and their puppies dogs get as much help, advice and support as they need throughout their particular course. For owners who wish to apply and be included for the Kennel Club Good Citizen obedience training and award please request further details. To register for the KCGC Scheme owners would need to have attended the 4 week puppy course. Although, for those who didn't have that opportunity, we can offer support and additional training to bring you up to date with information training and prepare for your independent assessment and K.C. Award. Please enquiry for further details. Using force free, kind, reward based training allows us to educate your dogs and to provide them with opportunity to learn essesntial life skills. It also means that we give them more choice and responsibility over their own behaviour, which means we end up with dogs who behave because they want to, NOT because they are forced to. This course, as the title suggests, is designed to continue with owners and their dog's training. The course is for owners who have already completed one of the Bark2school training courses and also for owners whose dogs have been trained to a high standard and wish to continue to educate and train their dogs with a variety of different exercises. The course looks to improve all aspects of your dog's behaviour. The clicker is a neutral, simple and clear form of communication between us and our puppies and dogs. The sound of the clicker when introduced appropriately tell our dogs the same thing each time that they have made the right choice and they be rewarded. Bark2school welcome owners who wish to use the clicker training within all of our puppy and dog training courses. However this is not a requirement and