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Station 342 crash overtemperature light and follow, along side accepted website is a little odd to navigate, but they're easily available on the phone, by email or person. I would recommend Teamworks to anyone. Had our dog here for a reactive training class, along with boarding for our dog as well and both were positive experiences. Our dog has adapted positive behaviors from this class and we have plenty of techniques that we have used to help our dog hairy situations. The boarding is helpful for our sanity, we can go away but it also has more options than your traditional boarding options. Very disappointed puppy was the Puppy Confidence and Agility class and finished less confident than when he started! He was already cautious of being touched by strangers however got progressively worse throughout the class. The trainer would try to force him to let her touch him instead of helping him get comfortable with it. Also, he got snarled at possibly bitten by a fear aggressive dog the class. puppy was playing with a different dog and I dropped his leash because he was tangled, started to pick it up and was told by the trainer to leave it, she would block him if he headed toward the fearful dog. Well, he did and before she got to them, he was growled at and looked like he have been bitten. The trainer didn't apologize to me or the with the aggressive dog, who was shaken up too. puppy was trembling and tucking his tail the rest of the class. There were only three dogs the class but we didn't cover much especially compared to another puppy class we took The class was advertised as relationship-building exercises as well as further socialization to sights, sounds, and smells but there was very little of this. The behaviors we worked on were moved through quickly and the instruction was lacking. Overall, bad experience. hindsight, I should have dropped out for dog since he was getting scared there. I kept thinking it was going to get better but it didn't. I had read good reviews before deciding to use Teamworks, I can't believe how disappointed I was the class. I signed puppy up for Teamworks per the recommendation of a veterinary assistant when I brought 10-week old puppy for her first check-up. I wanted introductory training class that wasn't at PetSmart, I tried it when was about 16 weeks old. and I did the 7-week Puppy Class with There were four puppies total the class, I loved the attention we each received our hour. is a great trainer. She is very knowledgable and helped me get a new harness to walk that would allow me to control her more. Of course, she is patient with the pups I wanted to continue bringing to classes there but you cannot a class and as the came, that became hard to schedule, I moved to Durham, I was no longer close to Capital Blvd., and I started law school. I would recommend Teamworks to anyone. I attribute 's good manners and attention skills to her solid base training. I also gained confidence by training her, which was good! Very disappointed the class I took, very little instruction and other than exposing dog to a new place and new objects it was not worth the money!! Also dog had to a couple of classes due to a health concern and there are no make ups and no one offered for me to come back at another time for a couple classes. friend did enjoy her Canine Good Citizen class here, just not a good experience for me. I that you took the Fearful Fidos class. Counter-conditioning and de-sensitization is not a fast process, unfortunately. It IS a stepwise-process, though, and missing classes would certainly be a detriment to your dog's progress the class. If your dog missed classes due to a health concern, we do allow you to join a future class to make up those classes. Read more I attended the Canine Good Citizen class with 5 year