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Give dog some championships for water lumbar staff meeting internet last weekend. He came second the best show category. This is a picture of him wearing his We are pleased with our little chap who is exactly four months old today. We are very happy with and he is a great addition to our lives. He is full of character, loves to swim, search, find and retrieve objects and seems healthy and content. And he is relatively obedient and very calm uncertain situations! We cannot imagine being without him. and really are best of friends. is huge and seems to be getting taller before filling out a bit. Every one of the dogs gets on with him, but of course and have a clear bond. I think calling them best of friends is understatement! As you probably remember, it's birthday today, I'm one year old. Thought I would send you a recent photo of myself to show you what a handsome chap I've become. Here I am inspecting the ravishes of the floods. I still go to training classes and have now passed bronze award. Everyone is very pleased with me. Please give to Mummy and Daddy. Just to let you know that our puppy has really settled very well. We didn't have any quiet period at all, just went into mad mode as as he met our Shepherd, who has really taken to him and they are already great friends. does not like him hanging off her tail and we do have to move him when we feed her as he attempt to eat for her. His vet check and first vaccination went well and he was passed fit and very healthy. We have had no noise overnight and hardly any mess overnight either. Still a few puddles on the floor, but that is to be expected, but generally toilet training is going very well. He is certainly very confident, playful and loves our everything that we could have asked for. Firstly thank you for such a fantastic dog, is now 14mths and is a pleasure to own and we're very proud of him. What a chunky handsome boy he is adored by everybody everywhere we go. Brilliant puppy from day one who just fitted into our lives easily, started training classes a few weeks ago but he has been easy to deal with just need to polish up on a few grey areas! Once again thank you for a great dog who has brought much happiness and pleasure into our home and lives is now 5 months old. He entered the PDSA Show on his routine walk down at Himley Country Park and we're very pleased to say he won 3rd Smartest Dog. He did: sit, stay, paw 1, paw 2, down, and circle around owner when asked. Please find enclosed a picture of him enjoying himself on the day. Rubble the dark chocolate Labrador and his best pal Bigdog Murphy, inseperable friends that to go shooting with their masters. Bigdog was very poorly and needed a life saving blood transfusion and his best pad Rubble came to his rescue. Bigdog lying hospital very poorly brightened the minute came to him, and seemed to sense his pal needed his help. Glad to say Bigdog fully recovered thanks to his mate We had about 6 years ago from you and he is the most loving softest lump of Labrador anyone could ever wish to have. I must say I do get proud when strangers come up to us and say how handsome he is. I have recently recommended several customers to you.... has slept all night every night since the first, which is absolutely incredible. He is just about house trained, although sometimes gets things the wrong way round he is on the right track. He has met loads of different people including the postman and binmen, babies, children, etc, and is happy to them all. Funnily enough he was spooked by the sight of either