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With day police suited for occur determine events longest langley been it. Grass clippings no matter how small the amount, ferment and become toxic to rabbits. A friend of mine, had someone watching her rabbits and he didn't know, he gave all of them grass clippings trying to be helpful and sadly a lot of them died. I'm sorry for your loss. I rescued 3 baby dwarf bunnies 3 days ago because mother sadly died. We fed them kitten formula and within 24 hours were doing great. Last night we started giving them grass pro biotic vitamins their water. This morning we woke up to 1 dead and the others close to death. thoughts are 1 vitamins could've been to strong, 2 the grass we picked have pesticides on it, or 3 a virus. I wanna try to get fluids them as much as possible to hopefully push out any toxins of any. But what can I do? What can I do to help them? The babies probably needed mother's milk and rabbits do not eat grass, especially babies. Rabbits eat hay and Orchard grass, not lawn grass which makes even adult rabbits sick if they eat too much. Unless you can find a nursing mother rabbit, I am afraid that you most likely lose the other babies, too if they are too to have been removed from their mommy. I know it's almost a year later but I thought I should put this up for anyone stopping by. Rabbit's milk is very and dense. Kitten formula work but it isn't enough. What I would suggest for very rabbits is this mixture: 2 cups of 2% milk 2 egg yolks 2 tbsp powdered milk 2 tbs corn syrup Feed lukewarm They 't need too much of this at a time but they get it twice a day. Every day. Only feed them as much as they eat quickly. If they are still hungry they pucker their lips out to try and get more. Good luck to anyone raising rabbits without a mother, it's hard but if you feed them and keep them warm then they should grow up fine. If your is still alive at this time, then he obviously survived. The problem with ingesting antibiotics rabbits is that they kill all of the important bacteria inside their guts. This causes a major bloom of bad bacteria which can result death or severe sickness. I that your little did not have this kind of reaction, but it emphasizes the importance of only letting our pet bunnies play areas that are totally proofed and safe for them. Another common problem is fallen leaves from common house plants. Most house plants are deadly poison to bunnies, check the floor often around where they reside or remove them altogether from the home or bunnies play areas. Hello! I'd just like to say, thank-you for taking your time to provide such wonderful answers and reassurance to lovers. I too have a quick question, but can't find any information on it. grass that i pick for he has something to nibble on during the night and rainy days, has developed rust disease problems and i was wondering if you had any idea if it was safe for to let him eat and walk among the affected grass i would treat the grass, but most of the products are toxic to bunnies and i have no idea what i should do with this situation…? Thankyou for any help you can give, it is much appreciated, Jessica To be honest, I would only be guessing if I gave your answer. I tend to think that bunnies are exposed to this stuff all the time and I would think that it would not be exceptionally toxic for them, but I am just supposing. I that you are providing lots of fresh grass hays for your I order different kinds online for bunnies to enjoy, if it is not available freshly for your rabbits your area. Forget about buying most of that stuff sold pet stores. Those small bags of hay are usually very dry and powdery. bunnies not eat that stuff. I get hay fresh from feed stores that sell it to people with horses. Then I supplement the stuff I buy at the feed stores with specialty hays that I obtain online. I try and keep at least three or four kinds of hay around all the time for bunnies. As a result, rabbits eat a lot of hay, every day. Throughout the day, I take a handful of their current favorite and toss it on