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Has been LeadDog's field crash ass knee wraps word judaics the fence, I can boost the stim with the button push to get her attention she responds to Recall. This way she can be rewarded for making the decision to leave the fence and come to me. The point I really want to make, however, is how responsive and helpful the Einstein company has been when I had questions about the functions of this 2-dog model. They have gotten back to me very quickly to work through issues and have been willing to do whatever was necessary for this tool to work situation, with dogs. I have confidence buying products from Leerburg because you work with suppliers like Einstein who are aimed at customer satisfaction. I cannot say enough about the support I have received from Einstein, and I the collars. on Super fast shipping, thanks much! I never had to resort to using a product like this before, but I was at wits end with our 10 m.o. cairn terrier pup. We have been using the same training techniques that we used for our last two dogs that resulted very well behaved dogs, but after more than six months worth of working with our new little he was still not listening anywhere near consistently. He knows the commands that we have taught him, he seems to just choose to ignore them most of the time. I decided to purchase the ET300 and your DVD on Remote Collar Training. far, I couldn't be happier. Funny thing is, I have found I actually only have to use the vibrate tap feature rather than stim for most things. I have done training sessions using the ET300 for loose leash walking and come on recall, and have seen great improvement for both with just the vibration tap for correction, followed by a treat for positive reinforcement when he does as asked. I'm also using this for nuisance barking enough command. For this one, I have had to use just a very low setting of stim with the nick momentary function if he's really going nuts and ignores the vibration, but most times just the tap and verbal command gets him to stop, at least temporarily. He then gets a positive reward as soon as he quiets. This isn't exactly the correct way, but it is working. There are already times when I have let him out and he sees a rabbit, squirrel, another dog, neighbor's horses or cows, that I can just call his name and then give the enough command, after just a couple times of using the Einstein collar. Just a week ago, there was no way he would listen when outside and he saw prey. neighbors, I'm sure, are grateful. Love the features of this training collar and results are fast. Highly recommend. on This one of the best products I have ever bought, it turned rescued devil dog into angel 5 minutes. I only used level 12 out of 100, now she stays at side and behaves perfectly. The night light is great for after dark walks. on. There's old saying that says A dog is a dog is a dog. While there is a little bit of truth this saying, it can be very misleading. Yes, it is true that all dogs share much common. But, one of the most wonderful things about dogs is that they are categorized into breeds, and it is the breed of dog that gives us the most information about its personality, skills, general looks, health problems, life expectancy, etc.. about the differences between various dog breeds, let you pick your perfect companion. For many people, the average adult size of a breed is very important when choosing a dog. The size of a breed can provide useful information since certain characteristics are shared by most big dogs, and other features are shared by small dogs. For example, large dogs are more prone to certain health issues like bloat. On the other hand, small sized dogs are known to be bundles of energy with heavy barking tendencies. Dogs are one of the most pliable animals the world Throughout history, humans have taken advantage of the plasticity of dogs and used them for a large variety of tasks. Some dogs were bred for herding other animals. These dogs have certain distinctive features that you should be aware of. Similarly, some dog breeds were originally bred for fighting, and consist of rock solid muscle that needs to be toned via particular types of exercise. Other dogs were bred for hunting and tracking, and because of this shouldn't be let off leash areas with traffic, because their noses might lead them into accident. Understanding where