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Base military shops 27 of shoreline dewormed introduced into cowboy Any decent engineering school is also outside the realm of possibilities. he's left with some majors that 't pay as much. But on the blue collar path on the other hand he'd be one of the smartest people and a good candidate for the better paying blue collar occupations. which path is actually better for him? A below average white collar salary or above average blue collar salary? The idealist free market me says it doesn't actually matter and he'll end up with a similar lifestyle no matter what. Of course that's ideal scenario. I could argue for either path, really. Things are not clear-cut as you make them out to be. I do know blue-collar workers who make their money and take it straight to the pub, but I also know blue-collar workers who make their money and invest better tools and equipment, who up-skill to become masters of their craft. I agree with you that a white-collar profession has benefits which a blue-collar profession would not. There is no shelf-life on the mind which makes a white-collar profession preferable this one regard. But you would have people believe that all blue-collar workers are slack-jawed yokels! Blue-collar jobs, such as working construction, require knowledge and skills just as working as accountant or a physical therapist do. Sure, being a truck-driver or a postman not require a great deal of activity, but neither does being a receptionist or a I think you have made a personal attack on blue-collar workers which is a shame, because there is some merit to your argument that white-collar jobs are preferable to blue-collar jobs and I know blue-collar workers who would agree with that sentiment. But by attacking the character of blue-collar workers, you've opened this thread up to encompass all number of things. What about job satisfaction, following your strengths and passions, Are not electricians, mechanics, builders educated? I know a lot about biochemistry but nothing of architecture. The point is that we all have strengths and weaknesses and your ‘collar-colour' says little about how good a parent or citizen we are. Did you know that blue-collar workers are more likely to donate blood and be organ-donors? To donate their bodies for scientific research? The world isn't black and white. And we are more than just our jobs. I agree with pretty much everything you're saying. But unfortunately there sort of is a shelf-life on the mind. Most people just aren't as sharp at 60 as they were at 30. At that point they need the value of their experience to them. If that experience isn't worth much then nobody is going to hire that old The shelf life of the mind is definitely longer than that of the knees or the back though. Or at least the condition of the mind at 60 is usually better than the knees or the back at that age. you have just reached a new level of a stereotypical moron. Your views regarding the difference pay scale between blue and white collar is moajority of the time accurate but your views on character are way off and idiotic. To say all blue collar works never grow up, just want to party and have no cultural education is ridiculous. I know plenty of college educated 35 year old men who still think they are frat boys. They drive ridiculously expensive cars they cant afford and still have competitions with their friends to who can take home the most girls from a bar. They have no idea what is important life. I think you're the one who needs some cultural education and some exploration of the society around you. By they way- I am a Degree recipient from Rutgers business marrying a blue collar who just earned his master plumbers license and is starting a new job at Princeton university making $120k a year. Thank you very much. You say thank you very much but have established exactly nothing your post. Anecdotes of some college educated guys still acting immature, just like citing blue collar workers who frequent museums, is NOT BY ANY MEANS GAME CHANGING. Why is it difficult to understand the concept of GENERALizations? GENERAL white collar persons are more sophisticated, cultured, even-tempered, and development oriented. This general condition is worth discussing rather than the exception because the exceptions are just that; ONLY EXCEPTIONS. Secondly, are you actually ‘proud' you landed a plumber? Are you really?… Even a somewhat reasonable person would at times secretly feel ambivalent. Also, I doubt you possess a 's degree Anyway, the scenario of a woman with a 's degree marrying a plumber, let's ignore our ingrained American ‘rooting for the underdog,' and approach this with some hard but real honesty. IF you education as more than a piece of paper to make more money, then you value its other extremely important benefits. High-level communication, profoundly developed critical thinking skills from years and years of rigorous university testing are NOT reasonably tradable or compatible to a plumber who makes good money. At the 's level, one should especially value