Dog Training Certification Alabama

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And families fide like effort before normal 84 for dogs Like others, our two dogs are like extension of our family. We 't take boarding them lightly. Typically we are able to leave our dogs the care of our daughter when we travel, but recently we had out of state family event that all of us would be attending. what do we do with our two dogs? We did extensive search of the boarding facilities int he greater Los area. After interviewing quite a few over the phone, we visited those that seemed like possibilities. Oh The people that we met and the facilities that we saw were quite alarming! i was at the point of cancelling trip and staying home. A client of mine mentioned that they had used the services of Pet Dog and were quite pleased. I called and spoke with Antje. I interviewed her and she interviewed me! I loved that! She welcomed us visiting her facility and I completely understand why. It was clean, well laid out and climate controlled. I loved the fact that Antje is also a knowledgeable dog trainer. dogs have their quirks, and I knew by the questions that she asked that she got it and that they would be good hands. The fact that she limits the amount of dogs that she boards at one time was another plus for us. Once she approved us and we were coordinating our dogs' stay, she spend extensive amount of time learning about our dogs before they arrived. It was such a thorough process! Unfortunately, I 't remember all of the questions, but they included such things like what are their nicknames for them She asked about eating habits, quirks, their health, and since we were boarding two dogs, how they interacted with one another and things to watch out for. While on our trip, Antje kept us updated on how they were getting along and even sent photos of their time the exercise and play yard area. I KNEW that she really was involved and paid attention to them when they were her care because she shared funny stories about things that they did. They were things that I hadn't mentioned and also his habit of fluffing up his bed the middle of the night. I 't ever like the idea of leaving babies, but I am very happy that the next time the situation comes up that we have found the perfect home away from home for our dogs. I highly recommend this Pet Dog Boarding! I was looking for a boarding facility that was not your run of mill kennel set up that would be able to handle a behavioral Shepherd with and kindness. neighbors referred me to Pet Dog Lodging training resort. They have done one on one training with their dog and are forever grateful for the good care provided to their beloved when they travel. I did not actually take baby there because it was full but the tips I received by Antje were very helpful and I look forward to working with her the future. I explained some of the behavioral traits and she gave me the best advise. I highly recommend her as trainer. There are trainers out there and I can tell you as a person who has worked with over 10+ professional trainers that she stands out level of expertise. She has a huge heart and is no non-sense when it comes to properly providing for your canine companion. the Dog is a rather large South African Boerboel weighing at approximately 150 pounds. spite of his size, Antje knew exactly how to handle a dominate breed like She spends time with each dog daily, the facilities are clean and spacious, and well taken care of. I am happy that we have found Pet for our boarding needs. when we take trips, I no longer worry about and know that he be well taken care of while there. husband and I have been clients for several years. I found pet dog online. What a blessing! This is amazing get away for your furkids I that they are rooms, not a kennel! The loving care and expertise of this pet spa is top notch! We feel secure knowing are girls are good hands We are able to go on vacation and be worry free plus we have a new friend! We highly recommend pet dog! husband and I discovered Pet recently when we we took a 2 week trip out of the country. We have a beautiful and very sensitive female greyhound. We were not thrilled about the idea of leaving her a traditional kennel for such extended stay. the past we have had friends and family stay with only to come home to reports of excessive whining and loss of sleep by all. We were thrilled to meet Antje and visit her training and boarding facility. We left on our trip with confidence that was being cared for the best possible way. While we were away we received several email updates and pictures of a very happy When we picked