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Jul 1971 ( bailed convenience to make find out for 13 the Society of American Foresters and the National Audubon Society, Dorner's hobbies include nature study, hunting, fishing and gardening. Dorner is married to the former Ryden. They have a 7. Source: The Village Crier Vol. 1 No. 5, 1969 the truest sense of the word, E. is a physicist with a mission. The respected section leader of the Linac group has qualities-among them: Determination, Enthusiasm, Ability. When R. was named Director of the National Accelerator Laboratory early of 1967, he started immediately to plan for and to recruit his staff hoping to attract top people the Midwest scientific community as well as from the east and west coasts. Because building accelerator, whether it be a 28 or accelerator, is not everyday occurrence, physicists, engineers and technicians who have had previous experience the construction of such a scientific instrument, comprise a relatively small group of people. recruiting the staff to design and construct the world's largest accelerator Dr. was, naturally, interested getting the very best men available to do the job. When it was decided that a linear accelerator would be the first injection system the 200 accelerator, the field of competent physicists was further narrowed to those who had had experience designing and constructing a proton linear accelerator. E. was such a person, having worked on the design and construction of a 68 MeV proton accelerator at the University of Minnesota. was the I wanted to head the Linac Section of the National Accelerator Laboratory, said Dr. He was first choice and luckily, for NAL, he accepted the invitation and the challenge. Illinois Background is a local boy, if you want to generalize and call the Midwest local. He was born and raised Lake Zurich, Illinois and is a graduate of Ripon College, Ripon, Wisconsin, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree 1946. He started his graduate studies at the University of Chicago, but 1948 he transferred to the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis where, as a research assistant t h e Physics Department, he worked toward his 's degree which he received 1951. It was here at the University of Minnesota that he started working on the 68 MeV proton linear accelerator which was the first multi-tank proton linear accelerator, containing three tanks. While studying for his PhD at the University of Minnesota, he was also working the research laboratory of General Mills, Inc., on such problems as food sterilization, radiation source and computer problems. As a result of this research, he co-authored article with Paschke and W. H. entitled Probable Role of Gramma Irradiation Origin of Life, a most interesting and provocative subject. received his Doctorate from the University of Minnesota 1959 and continued his research with General Mills. Shortly thereafter, he joined the staff of Midwestern Universities Research Association Wisconsin, where he worked on the 50 MeV Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Synchrotron, designed a 200 MeV proton linear accelerator, which is the type that be used at NAL. He also contributed to the Title I study on a 200 MeV linear accelerator for the Argonne National Laboratory Zero Gradient Synchrotron He participated studies to improve the performance of the ZGS, mainly the area of the linear accelerator injector. February, 1967, joined the staff of the University of Wisconsin at Wisconsin, as a Professor the Nuclear Engineering Department; still working with MURA until its dissolution July of 1967. On 22, he came to the National Accelerator Laboratory as head of the Linac Section. Family The family interests and hobbies are varied. Until recently the family numbered the thousands including a dog, a cat, several rabbits and 10 bees! The bees have been given away because, according to The neighbors were a little uneasy, which is probably the understatement of the year For years, Bille, 's wife, has worked with the Girl Scout organization as a leader, trainer, service unit director and, of course, as Cookie Chairman. She is looking forward to attending the National Girl Scout Convention Seattle the latter part of this month. Both age 17 and who is 13 are active scouters. The Youngs The of the family, age 11, is a Boy Scout and has started his business career the newspaper field delivering the weekly Downers Grove Reporter. The entire family enjoys the outdoor life with skiing a favorite sport and camping the interest. A highlight of this past was a four-day camping and canoe trip down the Flambeau River Wisconsin. Every Day New If you ask what his typical daily schedule might be he answer, There's no such thing as a typical schedule. Every day brings new ideas that have to be worked out, new problems that have to be solved, new ways to surmount sudden obstacles; it is a constantly changing schedule and one that, because of the element of change, becomes more interesting every day. Achieving the 10 MeV beam