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Is i just 9427 coffee makers just unique character owner area where your lives and plays. The area where he lives and spends most of his time needs to be absolutely safe for him at all time. You cannot watch him 24, he needs a safe area to spend most of his time. He should have two or three hours a day of run time or play time out to run a larger room size area. This area should be -proofed but not necessarily to the level that his abode area is. Still, you want to have poisonous house plants and any electrical cords protected or removed. Rabbits have teeth that grow constantly. They grow 8 inches a year. They chew order to down their teeth. This is why they should have unlimited amounts of fresh grass hay and things to chew on. I recommend using Google to search BUNNY-PROOFING to learn how to protect your rabbit from chewing the wrong stuff. Re: and Sorry to hear what happened! I just had two rabbits die as well. They died October 11th and 21st, with no apparent symptoms. I had just switched to Kaytee a couple weeks earlier. I doubt that this was the cause though. I was thinking it was a virus. They did not get into any toxins at house unless they were the food or hay. Where do you guys live? I live near the Nh MA border I have contacted a few local agencies but they told me they haven't had any reports of viruses going around. vet didn't know what caused their deaths. Hi is pretty much inside animal because it has a small hut i let him run around room for a few hours while I'm watching tv or whatever anyways i cleaned room today with dusting products for furniture and did the sides of windows. this kill Hi household products can make your sick and the best thing to use for cleaning areas that they come direct contact with is a 50 vinegar and water mixture. I know how hard it is a modern world to keep all products away from rabbits, such as fabric softeners and laundry detergents. The best strategy is to keep exposure to these things to a minimum and watch for signs of sickness. Rabbits hide when they 't feel well from their owners. The only way to tell if they are not feeling well is when they not take their usual food or treats. This is usually a sure sign. Once you notice that your is not feeling right, then the clock starts ticking. You need to be very proactive to make a difference, once you know that something is amiss. This is why having a rabbit specialist vet already lined up and available is critical advance of any health emergency. this helps. The Hi I am not sure if you mean that he only eat his veggies and pellets but not his hay… or do you mean he has stopped eating all together. Rabbits typically not eat hay if they are getting too pellets or other stuff. Rabbits over 1 year old do not need pellets at all because they were designed for farmers to get bunnies fat quickly you can eat them, not for pets who live ten to fifteen years. I highly recommend that you do some homework on how to properly feed your A diet that is not mostly hay result lots of vet visits and possibly a substantially shortened lifespan. If your rabbit has stopped eating all food, he needs to a vet right away. It is a matter of life and death. Rabbits can die a matter of 24 hours or less, once they stop eating. They need to eat and poop 24 or they are sick and need vet care immediately. Rabbits need to a rabbit specialist vet, not a dog or cat vet. Dog and cat vets simply not know how to diagnose or treat your rabbit, please do not waste your time or risk your rabbit's life by taking them to the wrong kind of vet. Dog and cat vets certainly your rabbit but they not have the experience necessary to do anything useful and actually harm your rabbit