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Lawns vast terrain takes online classes to being protective hard a kid who had the guts to stand up to him about it. Shooting a gun surrounded by kids could easily lead to someone getting shot and he lucked out that wasn't the case. As a Police Officer of 27 years and currently the profession, this action by this off duty officer is absolutely 100% UNJUSTIFIED. I do not know exactly what led up to the incident BUT watching the video for the first 2 minutes this 13 year old was not fighting with him or anything but rather the officer had a tight grasp on the 13 year old as they moved around the yard. Then a couple of his Buddies tried to get him loose. At this point the officer pulls a gun and fires. Are you kidding me? If this officer feared for his life at a situation like this that he pulled his weapon, then this is a that should NOT be on the streets protecting citizens! S. posted, I do not know exactly what led up to the incident… Exactly you do not know anything, STFU. If you are a cop, which I seriously doubt, you should not be. All real cop know darn well you can not judge a situation by watching a short section of edited video posted by friends of that disrespectful punk kid. The Anaheim officers who were actually on scene, who actually conducted depth investigation, and who actually interviewed everyone involved determined who the criminals were and arrested them. And you can be sure that decision was made at the highest level of the Anaheim Police Department. Facts: 1. This is not the first time these teenagers done this. 2. The of duty cop also complained to PD before 3. the video, you can clearly hear that the off duty cop told the 13 yrs boy that he wanted to talk to him face to face. 4. As you can a group of teenagers were trying to surround the off duty cop and he was trying to avoid them; as well as making sure no one attacking him from behind 5. Also, there was another teenager moving toward the off duty officer a very aggressive way; And that forced the officer to pull out his gun. Obviously, this is self defense. Image that the officer was attacked by these teenagers, and if one of them got his gun; the outcome be or could be totally different. There could have someone dying and one or more of these kids could end up prison for assault with a deadly weapon. As a parent, I think this is a good lesson for these teenagers and a great lesson for others to learn; Whether values or attitudes. The parents of the 13 yrs old teenager should know their child better. I rather having them going to juvenile hall, learn from their mistakes than being locked up jail for years. People shouldn't using this incident as a racist excuse to protest, disturb or vandalize people's personal properties. I can not believe all the hatred being voiced Two wrongs do not make a right. The teens were wrong to walk on his grass yard but his actions were not justified, he way overreacted. How much damage was actually done to his grass none. What actions would I be justified to take against someone who lets his dog poop yard grass GET REAL PEOPLE Adults especially Police Officers should demonstrate much better judgement. He should have waited for the on duty cops to show up. I'm a Republican, I watched the video, and I think that officer needs to be fired and needs psychiatric treatment. He is obviously unbalanced if he is going to detain, unlawfully I might add, a 13 year old CHILD for walking on his lawn. The video is clear. The other kids were trying to defend the child who was being attacked by this off duty officer. Then to make matters worse, instead of walking away and dealing with this official capacity by calling his fellow officers, he pulls a gun and starts shooting. And you guys are with this?? Really? If that was child, I would be a millionaire no time at all…… Another Nazi cop goes bananas. 13 year old child threatens to sue cop. cop attacks child then fires weapon while holding terrified unarmed child. Two shots were fired at terrified children by Nazi cop. Anyone else other