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Claim physical comfort the town of dogs a great possibility such as pulling on leash, jumping, lunging and barking at other dogs or people. We help you live with your dog. Help is a click or phone call away! offering private appointments and group classes. It's been about a year since you visited our house for 's training. We had company on Saturday and was well behaved it was unbelievable. Our company couldn't believe the difference either. They said she is like another dog. We have seen a gradual change with for the better the past year but yesterday was the best! She goes to her mat when told and I think this is what has helped! We are having another visitor this coming Saturday and feels good not to feel stressed out because of how she is going to react. I know she will always be a work progress but I can't thank you enough for how much your advice has helped! Just wanted to let you know. Again, thank you! and Brian, Home Training Clients I knew very little about taking care of a dog at the time I adopted a three-year-old Shih Tzu mix who was extremely reactive on leash and very impulsive general. and worked with us over the course of several months, to knit dog and I into a confident team able to manage his reactivity independently. They were able to assess each of our strengths and abilities, meet us where we were, and move us on to the next stage with persistence, kindness and clear teaching goals. They modeled the techniques I needed to learn until I understood, and then coached me to apply the techniques myself with dog. In addition, I had many questions along the way about taking care of dog, and they always listened and responded with helpful information and clear explanations. I had felt a lot of fear and anxiety about dealing with such emotional little dog; knowing and were available to me gave me much needed support and confidence throughout our training. And I am equally grateful that they are still there to call on the future! Thanks and a Home Training Client Both mother and I were very pleased with what we and learned the class. We can already see positive changes her behavior. and I went to the local and hung around outside the door, then went and walked the aisles. came fairly close proximity with 4 different dogs, and all we saw her behavior was curiosity, which was a great change! -Sandra, Reactive Rover Student Hi Just wanted to say thanks much for a great class and let you know what AMAZING progress we've made using positive reinforcement. Before your class, we had to keep Bravo completely separated from boyfriend's cats. Since implementing your techniques these past six weeks, we've been able to integrate all the animals if Bravo's excitement starts to overwhelm the cats we can call him away with confidence that he'll come to us. Ya'll are great! Basic Manners Student. Judicial News 02 18 Sentence Review Docket February 2018 13 Litchfield Judicial District at Torrington: Effective Tuesday, February 20, all criminal matters Part A and Part B will be handled by the Criminal Clerk's Office on the 1st floor at 50 Field Street, Torrington. All pleadings should be filed that office as well as any questions regarding case information. The Criminal Clerk's Office phone number is 626. 02 18 Notice of Application for Reinstatement to the Bar On 2 18 Maurizio D. Lancia filed the Superior Court for the Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport docket number FBT CV12S Application for Reinstatement as Attorney Admitted to the Practice of Law