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Time to retract on occasion fulghum in professional clean basic more Road Kill there Be? The civilized theme is to practice Good Stewardship, do you agree? It is also expedient to take opportunity of any Value Added Products, do you agree? regards to the AR'st Dogma that using wool is a vegan sacrilege, view is that using the wool, dairy products, then the meat and hide is more responsible than lets say Toxic Silk and Bamboo fabric which require the Clear Cutting of Forests that evicts the critters pushing them into populated areas where pets and human attacks are on the rise. Please study the impact of Toxic Silk, I live it, having inhaled Disulphide Pulp Mill emissions. This article is terrible and quite misleading. Of the five reasons given, only one defends the practice of killing coyotes for fur. Apparently, they are a problem for ranchers, and away household pets cities. The link they reference states the following, which the article neglects to mention: are abundant throughout their range and are increasing distribution as humans continue to modify the landscape. The species is very versatile, especially their ability to exploit human modified environments. Thus this article's own source indicates that coyotes are becoming more widespread because humans are modifying the landscape. It seems unethical to justify mass killing of coyotes for the dubious reason of population control, when humans are the ones causing the population increase. The remainder of the article is similarly garbage. It suggests PETA incredible because it opposes use of all animals. Not wanting to harm animals for personal benefit is hardly ‘incredible' position. But any case, the video shows what it shows, and the article doesn't disagree with the fact that coyotes are killed for their fur. Whether you find PETA credible as organization doesn't change the facts. You know article is weakly argued when it has to rely on such diversionary tactics. The only thing weakly argued is your comment. It IS incredible that PETA opposes all use of animals, animal research has saved lives and they want to ban it, amongst other things. And your argument about human modifying the landscape, yes, it is true. But what are you suggesting? We cull humans the coyotes can take over? You freely criticize the article and 't mention a single solution. Is this question well conceived? You ask, you support animal suffering as as you benefit from it Any consumptive use of animals by humans inevitably involves a trade-off which the level of animal suffering is deemed acceptable given the benefits to humans. The alternative supporting animal suffering when there are no benefits is unacceptable to anyone modern, civilised society. of course there must be benefits. coyotes caught leg traps is considered a trade-off which the level of animal suffering is deemed acceptable The Truth About Furs eyes? How about mink that are anally electrocuted to kill them….. for fur? Acceptable The Truth About Fur eyes? Your alternative explanation is a pathetic excuse. There is no need modern society to cause intention animal suffering for fur. The only reason you do it….. is for Some short answers for you Yes, we consider the minimal suffering caused by modern foothold traps to be acceptable given the benefits they provide. Mink are not anally electrocuted. As far as we know, gassing is the procedure used on every mink farm North Of course the profit motive underpins much of the fur trade, or any other trade, but please 't fall into the trap of thinking that this is inherently evil. It's what makes the capitalist world go round. People need to eat, and food costs money. I live Quebec at -32 you can wear syntetic jackets by companies such aa North face. thats a bad excuse. You probably oppose to seal fur, at least the meat is eaten. Cayotes are just skinned the rest thrown the garbage. But maybe you have a point. Too cayote, too seals as the eco balance is wrong. perhaps we should round up cayotes fly them to the seals! Killing animals for fur finding fake excuses to justify is terrible. You are not a good person. You are promoting the killing your opinion is not welcome. Perhaps you should migrate south with your guns They write all the time about seal skin on this blog, maybe you should bother to read it before you presume they oppose it. They definitely do not oppose it. And of course you can wear synthetic jackets minus 32 but they aren't as warm and they are made of petrochemicals. I prefer natural, sustainable products over petrochemicals. I'm pretty sure two of cats were lost to coyotes. I 't have proof that the coyote got them, but it's the most logical theory I've got.