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The hard-working immigrant communities that are its backbone are made to be unseen, save for when they're bashed for political expediency. Immigrants, undocumented or not, are always exploited for their labor and when it comes to their 16 Orange County's chain migration of anti-Sanctuary State city council revolts returns this evening to where it all began Los Alamitos. Following a 4 vote last month, council members are set for a second reading of ordinance that formally exempt Los Alamitos from the California Values Act The 14 UPDATE, APR. 14:00 A.M.: Police identified the wounded yesterday's officer-involved shooting as 24-year-old Petrica Muntean. He remains critical condition. The department also released more details into the Thursday night incident that led officers to identify Muntean the following morning at a Carl's Jr. parking lot. Around 8 p.m., police responded to 12 Ocean View School District trustee Gina -Tarvin is as tough as they come, but even she has legal limits. 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The chickens are coming home to roost after almost a decade of Liberal Left control of our state and federal government. Those chickens have ended up Orange County. 11 I'm a 36-year-old straight woman. I was sexually and physically abused as a kid and raped early 20s. I have been seeing a great therapist for the past five years, and I am processing things and feeling better than I ever have. I was a -term relationship that ended about two years 11 Before letting police officers answer questions on the witness stand about possible crimes, prosecutors usually establish credibility by eliciting their work experience. Most cops impressively recall the day, month and year of every promotion, even multidecade careers. But recently inside a Little Saigon-area courtroom, Orange County Sheriff's Department deputy Cyril appeared 11 The Medical Board of California recently revoked the license to practice of a Czechoslovakia-born physician who began his career plastic surgery but went on to transplant fetal precursor cells patients of his offices Orange County and around the world. Click here to read the order against the license of Dr. Eugen Very happy with the work we've been doing with our puppy here. Had a fun puppy class with Allemang, and a great week stay with while we were away. Currently we are taking Puppy Agility with and be back for Distraction Proofing and the CGC test. Puppy LOVES the staff; classes here are reward based and far, very engaging. Both our classes have been on the smaller side, but definitely not lacking. Our puppy leaves tired and we have a good idea of what and how to keep practicing at home. They have a nice variety of classes, a great little facility Their website is a little odd to navigate, but they're easily available on the phone, by email or person. I would recommend Teamworks to anyone. Had our dog here for a reactive training class, along with boarding for our dog as well and both were positive experiences. Our dog has adapted positive behaviors from this class and we have plenty of techniques that we have used to help our dog hairy situations. The boarding is helpful for our sanity, we can go away but it also has more options than your traditional boarding options. Very disappointed puppy was the Puppy Confidence and Agility class and finished less confident than when he started! He was already cautious of being touched by strangers however got progressively worse throughout the class. The trainer would try to force him to let her touch him instead of helping him