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On top of crash thought light same arab countries everyone me to come get her and he thought she would do better at home. She went from 11 lbs. to 7 2 lbs that week. The Doctor put her on medication for 6 more days and told me to take her back to own vet after all medication was taken to have blood workup again. We did this and 's numbers were not good. The Doctor put her on more meds and said to bring her back 2 weeks to get blood workup again. I chose not to do 6 more days of meds and stopped them and decided to put on the program at that time. just one week I have seen a big difference She was much better. After 2 weeks on the program she has gained 2 lbs. back. We took her back to the Doctor for the blood test to if the numbers had changed. just 13 days on the program 's number had changed. Bun–78 to 42 and Creatinine 2 to 1. The rest of the numbers were all normal and back to 9 2 lbs. This has been a miracle and even wife's school kids have been praying for 's recovery. The Doctors thought was not going to make it and thought was interesting case and they thought she was terminal. This is her last week on the drops, food, coconut and hydrotherapy and she is 680px well. we just want to THANK YOU very much. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Will surely reccommend you to anyone that would need your services. and Rhodes Knob, Mo Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. Hi Just a note to tell you about story. name is Zeus and I'm 3yrs old Japanese Akita. I have a wonderful family who and spoil me allot, mom Cathy do everything for me and dad is just a softy who never complaints, 8months ago I lost a lot of weight and I drank allot of water. Down to 27kg and looking very drawn a vets visit was inevitable that's when the bad news come that I had only 1 kidney and suffering kidney failure, take Zeus home and make him comfortable said the vet That's when mom started to look for anything that would help me on the internet she come across FIVE LEAF and a kidney treatment program she ordered the lot. RENAL, HEPERA, BLOOD cleansing tonics, and the pet greens I have now been on the program for 7months you should the difference me I FOOD I TO PLAY AND I LOOK GOOD SINCE I PUT WEIGHT ON 7KG. Even vet could not believe how good I looked. I just want to be with mom dad for a lot longer and have some quality life. THANK YOU THANK YOU FIVE LEAF FOR PROVIDING THAT FOR ME ZEUS TRIANTAFYLLOU PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA 21 JULY 2008 Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. Hi, name is Sugie Day little friend here is Noodles. Noodles is a miniature dachshund we live TX. Noodles was diagnosed with kidney failure about 7 months ago, but fell very ill over Memorial Day weekend. She was vomiting, refused all food water waslethargic. We took her to our vet, Dr. Schwarzlose DS Animal Hospital on 27th, 2008 her prognosis was very grim. According to her blood work to quote Dr. This dog should be a coma. Noodles BUN was negative 101, the Creatinine was negative 8 the Phosphate was greater than negative 16. Not to mention other numbers that were not good. But, Dr. told us that old doc of his once said Look at the dog, not at the numbers he then mentioned your website are we ever thankful that Dr. took that old doctor's advice. Dr. did not know much about Canine Kidney but said he had seen one other dog that had been on it with good results as sick as Noodles was it certainly wasn't going to hurt anything. We came home started our own research on your website. We read the testimonies, studied the ingredients how to administer the program. We ordered the products to come overnight anxiously awaited them to arrive as Noodles was just getting sicker by the minute. When our package arrived we were skeptical, but hopeful. We started Noodles on her first dose that very night she did not even care about the funny taste. We then started our battle to making her try to eat again. Well, that didn't last very Within about 3 days on the program Noodles started taking interest food again. She started drinking water without coaxing I really think it was the Dog Greens that made food more interesting to her again. By the end of the first week or Noodles was back out the yard doing something she loves, barking at the birds!!! As you can imagine we were extremely happy to Noodle active, but were even more excited to have the next round