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Are far really i stealing now disabilities and service food rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. Since she has the collar, the hound hasn't taken off after anything. She listens to commands much better that I often 't even have to use more than the tone...if that. They are much happier off of their leashes. We are very happy with the purchase. By: We got this unit to help remind our dog of the limits on the farm, and to obey commands from a distance better. It has made amazing difference his outside behavior. And when he is a knucklehead, I have a tool to reach out and get his attention. It has been everything we needed with a great price, fast shipping, and good contact with the seller. By: Springer spaniel. Family pet. This collar has been a life saver for our springer. She is much happier because she can be outside more, not always a leash, with more freedom. She learned immediately her boundaries now she does not go near the road or cars. Such a great purchase! By: Family pet. This dog was already trained to stay electric fence at home. I needed a way to keep him from roaming at lake house. This was the answer. After working with him for less than hour, he knew his new boundaries. I clip the remote to swim trunks, and he and I are and out of the water without problems. By: Family pet. Not only is this a great product, but it comes with excellent instructions! We thoroughly appreciated the recommendation to leash train basic commands before initial use. Our only qualm at this point is wishing the device had a low battery indicator. We went ahead and gave 5 stars for value, customer service and the additional training advice that was unexpected. Thanks, Gun Dog Supply, for recommending this product. It's meeting our needs and helping us train Gus By: Family pet. This E Collar has done its job perfectly! Our Vizsla is a very fun loving dog with just a few persistent behavioral problems. With proper usage and training, this collar has helped tremendously. Duke is able to play the yard and walk and run off leash with no problems. He is extremely smart and sensitive dog, and implementation of this collar hasn't change his personality at all. Thus collar and training has enabled me to be able to do things with duke that I never thought I'd be able to. I highly recommend this collar. As far as the physical collar itself, it is very well made, and far it's very reliable. I haven't tested the range yet, as I've only used it the yard and walks and runs, but it has not failed me yet. The only thing that doesn't seem to work well is the button. I can tell it is operating, but I think it is such a quick correction that duke doesn't associate it to his training. That doesn't concern me much, and the time function is all we use now, and Duke responds nicely to it. The static level I observe Duke operate on is level 3. It's enough to get his attention. But doesn't change his mood or personality, as the instructions indicate he responds by shaking it off and responds to command. I initially trained him with treats but duke is too smart and learned to only operate with a treat. Overall it's outstanding product that I highly recommend! By: Family pet. Start on a low setting. The highest 70 lb Lab needs to nudge her into complying with command is a number 3. Keep the collar snug, not tight. Pick only one behavior at a time. lab wasn't always coming when called. I spent a week just on that one command. Release the correction button the split second the dog starts to comply, and say good dog!!! Next week was jumping on guests when they came Watch all the videos online. No training collar can teach a dog to understand a command, but if you've already worked with the dog, and he she has successfully followed the commands but now has decided that compliance is a maybe maybe not, then this tool is great. If your dog doesn't instantly return to a happy, wagging tail demeanor a second after a correction, then the correction level is too high. You can probably give the training collar away a few weeks because it's effective. Thank you. By: Family pet. This product is perfect for what I needed it for: A well designed E-Collar from a quality manufacturer with all the features I need with none of the extras that would raise the price a lot. I really liked that Gun Dog Supply had a good variety of E-Collars with tons of knowledge on making a purchasing decision. dog has reacted well to this collar, and I have been able to shape his behavior to keep him safer around the yard and happier to be off-leash more often. This collar offers improvements than the cheaper SportDog collars. By: Family pet. I had a similar collar from a different manufacturer that worked great for years. This product appears to be as good or better than that one. 2 major