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Facilities i can time he also drinks with great ways known to be your face breed the nicest of ways. They are always eager to please and they are extremely quick learners, but this means they can learn the good and the bad just as fast. The other thing to bear mind is that Vizslas are inherent hunters with inexhaustible exuberance for life and all this needs to be gently harnessed to bring the best out of these dogs. Vizslas are quite sensitive by nature and therefore do not respond well to any sort of heavy handed training or correction, but they do answer well to gentle, positive reinforcement training methods. The key to successfully training these dogs is to always be consistent and fair that a dog understands what is expected of them. Vizslas must be given as much physical exercised as possible combined with a ton of mental stimulation to be truly happy well-balanced dogs. With this mind Hungarian Vizslas excel at all sorts of canine sports which includes the following: Vizslas are known to get on well with children and they enjoy playing interactive with them the great outdoors. However, any interaction between children and dogs should be well supervised to make sure play time does not get too boisterous which could end up with a child getting knocked over, albeit by accident. The Hungarian Vizsla is also known to get along with other dogs. However, they need to be introduced to cats early and if they have grown up with them, they generally accept their feline companion being around. Care must be taken when a Vizsla is around any small pets and animals, just case. The average life expectancy of a Hungarian Vizsla is between 9 and 15 years when properly cared for and fed appropriate good quality diet to suit their ages. Vizslas are known to be a healthy and robust breed and one that boasts a lifespan for a dog of their size. However, like other pure breeds, they are known to suffer from a few health issues that are worth knowing about if you are planning to share your home with one of these handsome, intelligent and lively dogs. The health issues that appear to affect the breed the most include the following: Hip scoring breeding dogs is essential because it is one of the only ways of reducing the risks of Vizsla puppies inheriting the condition from their parents although the tests are never by any means foolproof. The test would establish if a dog's hips are good condition and if they are carriers of the genes responsible for hip dysplasia, but the test cannot determine other things which includes diet, body weight and environmental factors that might cause a dog to develop the condition. Dogs must be 1-year old to have the test and they should be tested annually with lower tests scores being the best. For the Hungarian Vizsla the breed mean score should be a total of 12. One of the more common causes of seizures seen dogs is a condition known as idiopathic epilepsy. It describes dogs that suffer recurring seizures where the underlying cause remains a mystery although the condition is thought to be one that has its origins genetics. For the moment, the Animal Trust is carrying out studies on 12 different breeds with the Hungarian Vizsla being one of them. The research being carried out needs as DNA samples from affected and non-affected dogs which is the only way of finding out how the disorder is genetically passed on to offspring and to establish which is responsible. All responsible Vizsla breeders would take part by filling out a questionnaire found on the Animal Trust website. The test requires a simple cheek swab. Polymyopathy is a muscle disorder that has been