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Regarding anyone who response can kick collision with object itâ spend weeks or even month on end the thick jungle, dragging large pieces of Vietnam War- scrap metal to the roadside, awaiting pickup by transport trucks Ho trail Remains M41 BulldogBetween Aloui and Landing Zone Alpha, the armored column was ambushed at a stream crossing and four M41 tanks were abandoned the middle of the stream isolating the 11th Armored Cavalry on the west bank. The airborne soldiers abandoned the cavalry and kept on marching east down QL 9. No reinforcements were sent and no recovery vehicles came to remove the abandoned tanks. The 11th fought on alone, and after three hours cleared a way across but had to leave seventeen disabled vehicles on the west side of the stream. The NVA used the vehicles as machine gun positions until the vehicles were destroyed on 25 Laos, Ho trailThe next day, the 1st Armored Brigade and a paratrooper battalion were ordered to go back and recover the 17 damaged tanks and APCs left behind by the 11th Cav. Once again American air cover had been promised and once again it was diverted. The brigade succeeded picking up the vehicles and had the 17 vehicles tow when, once again, they were ambushed crossing a river near Aloui. The four lead M-41 tanks were hit with RPGs blocking the route. For three hours the South Vietnamese fought to survive until the disabled tanks were pushed aside and the column could move. All the vehicles that were being towed as well as the four M41s were left behind and later destroyed by Cobras PT- is a Soviet amphibious light tank, this is a good example of this old design, at a local army base. February 1968 the NVA brought PT- light tanks down the trail to attack the Vei Special Forces camp.The camp was just inside the Vietnam border from Laos. Captain Frank Willoughby, Vei camp Commander, had one sitting on top of his command bunker after the attack. Although I was not involved, unit at Forward Operating Base-3, Khe Sanh Combat Base, organized and conducted the relief operation that rescued him and the other camp personnel. S-75 Dvina missile,this missile was better known by the NATO designation SA-2 Guideline, used to knock out B 52's Attepue Since its first deployment 1957 it has become the most widely-deployed air defense missile history. The SA-2 missile had a solid fuel booster rocket that launched and accelerated it, then dropped off after about six seconds. While boost stage, the missile did not guide. During the second stage, the SA-2 guided, and a liquid-fuel rocket propelled it to the target TECHNICAL NOTES: Range: Minimum 5 maximum effective range about 19 maximum slant range 27 Ceiling: Up to 60 ft. Warhead: 288-lb. blast-fragmentation Speed: Mach 3 Weight: 4 lbs The remains of unsuccessful launch of a SA-2 Missile, Shown here is he solid rocket booster first stage which dropped off after 6 seconds Xepon, Ho trail, Laos The SA-2 did not operate alone, but as part of a complete system. A typical SA-2 site North Vietnam had six missiles on launchers, control and support vans, a Spoon Rest acquisition radar, and a Fan guidance radar. Fortunately I do some mapping work with the military here, and a friend allowed me access to some of this ancient but Magic stuff! Radar and controls inside the command module, note the curtain to keep out the light for visibility on the CRT, just to the right of the radar control is a gun rack with weapons at the ready. I wonder how kills this one had? I looked around to if there were anything like a notch the gun stock however I did not any thing. laboy Ford, I camped beside the river and was awoken by villagers whom had walked over the mountain search of scrap metal to sell at the market. That was a cold night. This was the area of Harleys valley, and famous rescue attempt of Sijan. F-4C was engulfed a ball of fire, due to the bomb fuses malfunctioning and causing a premature detonation on their release. The fighter went down a fireball and Sijan ejected into the jungle.He evaded enemy forces for 46 days He was finally captured by the North Vietnamese on Christmas Day, 1967. When captured, he was sent to Hanoi. his