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Time driver if quiet strengthen ( strategy kinda stuff i highway from State University and studied for three years at the University of Akron working towards a 's Degree. I also spent seven years on the Board of Directors for the National Super Kids Classic, a national soap box derby for children with special needs. I also spent time as a volunteer at the Humane Society of Greater Akron, where I was blessed to work with amazing animals, that against most odds, were a pleasure to be around and eventually adopted into forever homes! journey with Sit Means Sit began as a client after watching a video of a trainer from Chicago and his dog doing amazing things their backyard. I found the local Sit Means Sit by doing a quick search online and promptly scheduled appointment for a trainer to come over to house and do a free demonstration. After seeing what could be done first hand, I knew I had found the people for the job. It was amazing to watch dog change over the course of the three training sessions. Much to surprise, she even became more affectionate through the course of her training. By the end, the ‘monster' that I had on hands had transformed into a well-behaved, attentive, happy member of the family. journey as a dog trainer started eight years ago when I was a struggling college student. I decided to adopt a puppy thinking maybe that would make life a little more exciting. Little did I know that puppy would change life. She was as rambunctious as they came and I couldn't keep up with her energy. As I continued to go through the motions school, even less interested now because of new responsibilities, I knew things needed to change. I decided to take the leap, drop out of college, and enroll a school for dog trainers. I studied intensively for six weeks where we focused on basic obedience, scent detection, search and rescue, service dog training and protection work. It was life changing. I continued training after school at local shelters for a few years until I stumbled across Sit Means Sit. I've worked with the company now for three years. During that time I took a couple months for myself and moved to New Orleans to explore the world and gain some new experiences. adventures were truly eye opening but It was clear to me that true passion was back home Ohio. that I'm back, I'm more excited than ever to continue educating and sharing knowledge with all our clients. Helping them on their journeys to a happier more balanced relationship with their dogs! journey with Sit Means Sit began as a client with dog Ca$h, a Bernese Mountain Dog Standard Poodle mix. I got Ca$h from a breeder when he was 4 months old and immediately realized that he was far more dog than I was capable of handling. He had a dominant personality and when challenged he exhibited severe aggression towards me and family. I had previously contacted a number of other local training companies seeking out help but they all told me I needed to get his aggression under control before they would work with him. When I found Sit Means Sit and explained the issues I was having with dog, I was expecting them to say the same thing as everybody else. But they didn't. came out to family's house, did a demo, and we signed up for private lessons. The amount of control they helped me gain with Ca$h opened up possibilities for both of us. He had much more freedom and I had much more peace of mind. Within a year he earned his Therapy dog certification through Bright and therapy dogs. After seeing the miraculous change with own dog I knew this was something I wanted to help others achieve with their dogs. I started employment with the company as a kennel tech; caring for the dogs that were boarding at the facility. From there I started apprenticeship under to learn the of training. Once apprenticeship was completed I began role of being a facility trainer and working with the dogs who were a part of the board and train programs. I also attended the Sit Means Sit school for dog training with second dog Lumos, a Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix, and completed classes including: handling aggressive dogs, fun and with group class, protection training, advanced marker training, and advanced obedience and trick training. I currently am employed the role of a street trainer and I can honestly say there has not been one day of working with this company where I have gone home unhappy. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to have a job that also doubles as passion life. I'm excited to where journey with