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Lost corrosion asked and opened notices to the training dogs instead we use Praise! Proudly Serving the Inland Empire: Riverside and San Bernardino Counties: Canyon Lake, Chino, Chino Hills, Corona, Eastvale, Fallbrook, Fontana, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Perris, Pomona, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Temecula, Upland, Wildomar, Winchester, and other local communities. Please check out the About Us tab for more information about the owner and trainer, Leader of the Pack Master Dog Behavioral Therapist and Trainer American Kennel Club Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #71054 Professional Member Association of Canine Professionals #P3887 Full Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers #79261 Member IAABC Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Pet Partners® Handler Pet Partners® Therapy Animal Program Horsetown USA Hall of Fame Inducted for Sport Horse National 2015. We took 5 lessons with for our 4 month old female labradoodle. Since dog be about 50lbs when she is adult and we have a child at home, a well-behaved dog is very important to us. We searched up online to look for a good reputation dog trainer and came up husband spent almost hour to talk with over the phone. He was very impressed on his knowledge of the dog training techniques we made appointment for the 1st lesson our house. During the 1st lesson, he tried to understand the personality of the dog and identify the issues that the dog has. He is experienced dog trainer and they built up a bonding really quickly. Over the next 4 lessons, he taught dog the commands of sit, down, stay, paw, take it leave it, and drop it tug war. What we need to do is to reinforcement these commands every day. He also taught us some basic knowledge of how to take care of the dog, how to walk the dog properly and how to train the dog to fit our schedule. He told us lots of tips how to build up the bonding with the dog that we can handle the dog easier our daily life. This is a MUST if you have a dog. Words can't describe how much means to us. After rescuing a 72lb AmStaff with behavioral issues, we asked to help guide us through training our sweet, strong boy. 's tireless humor and knowledge made training our dog a fun, bonding experience instead of a stressful one. Her commitment to ensuring our collective success and a healthy, happy dog was evident every hour she spent with us. Work with she is a who also knows her dog training stuff! Bruce has been very patient and informative. He has helped me decide whether a service dog was right for me by providing the crucial information that I couldn't find online. The guidance has been extremely reassuring. I look forward to the process of finding and training a dog with Bruce. I began working with about a month ago to assist with 18-month old pitbull, Petunia. Petunia had become aggressive to strangers when out public and the home and I was very much beside myself with how to address the behaviors. We had attempted obedience training at the pet store which did not correct the problem and she continued to worsen. People were afraid of little pitty and I was developing a sense of hopelessness and resignation where I no longer even wanted to take her for walks and just figured we would have to live a limited lifestyle with her. As a last ditch effort to address Petunia's aggression, I had a consultation with He took hour to meet with us to evaluate her. Petunia aggressively barked and lunged the whole time at but he thought she could be helped and we signed on for the ride. What a journey it has been. less than a month, I have a restored sense of that Petunia can reach her full potential as a wonderful pet. With several training sessions and several trips to stay with Petunia is now heeling, is much more