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31 to do with (afternoon drive lompoc 1st new 45A Do not feed those to your or you risk him becoming sick or dying. died around 5 minutes after I took a few photos with a flash camera. She was laying down on his belly when I took the photos and then she curled into a fetal position. I picked her up and brought her to bed with me, she then ran towards me stomach and sat there for a few minutes Next thing I know she is spasming. She stopped but was unable to sit and after a while started to gasp for air. I was helpless and didn't know what to do. Then she continued to spasm until she passed away. Do you believe it was the flash that have caused this even thought it occurred several minutes after? Hello! I have two bunnies and I keep them a cage room and today mom used some spray insecticid room and hers and I wanna know how much should I keep the bunnies out of room until it's safe for them to stay there. mom said the insecticid is kinda low and humans 't even feel it and it's no harm for us, but I can't know if it's harmless for the bunnies too. I am sorry to say that the insecticide DOES hurt rabbits and they are designed to last a time, even when you wash them away. It is definitely not harmless and can have effect even when you think it is gone. The manufacturers put oil into them that they are lasting but this means that they are difficult to remove and be there a while. For this reason, we never use these around our bunnies or places that they ever be. Hi rabbit is clearly very weak n not her self. took her to vets n check her over and said she was nice but ad mites which i got the treatment for. Since iv been home she as ad a nose bleed n her eyes keep rolling her head, i dont know what it is. Could it be posining as they r outside rabbits and should i split her up from the boy incase he catches it? thanks Oh word. This is clearly dying. Sounds like poison or some kind of serious condition such as myxomatosis. I a sorry but your vet must not know anything about rabbits. Never take a rabbit to a dog or cat vet because what you are describing be the result every time. They cannot diagnose or treat anything for a and you have just wasted time. I fear it already be too late. You MUST locate a rabbit vet and take your there. Depending on where you live, it be a couple hours drive to a competent rabbit vet. order to locate the nearest rabbit specialist vet, visit and then click the link on the left side of the for the nearest location to you. Once on the site for the nearest House Rabbit Society chapter, they maintain a list of competent rabbit vets for that area. You must get this to a vet if it is not already too late. She sadly pass away this morning was horrible to her like that and was amazed the vet cleared her. other one seems fine think its something she has eaten. No more running free the garden got big run he have to stay im worried bout him now being by his self as they were both together as babies. If i got a new female rabbit would he expect her he quite plasive nature. I might leave it month make surr he okay n he can finishes his treatment of the mites iv got for him Bunnies should not have milk or antibiotics from a non-rabbit vet. Most antibiotics kill your rabbit. Your vet is obviously not familiar with rabbits because I am pretty sure that giving your amoxicillin be fatal. You need to find a rabbit vet specialist to help this rabbit. Dog and cat vets not know anything about the or how to help her. This is very important. Hi I think I know the answer to this question and am kicking myself badly for this but just want to make sure i am right. i have had 2 of rabbits die the past week and the only thing i recently changed their diets was giving them banana peel and apple peels and hay. I am thinking I am I either gave them to much Hay or To much