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Rescue Me!, are service marks of WO. View Photo Credits. History tells us that Vikings are not ones to cross, a lesson hard learned by this fox who dared tresspass on the land of a Norwegian the cat did not take lightly to the wild fox approaching his owner's bins and looked more like a mountain lion as he launched himself after the intruding predator. had no problem showing the fox who was boss, and swiftly chased the fox off his owner's property Troms, northern Norway. Supercat: There is no mistaking the fear the fox's eyes as he realises he has messed with the wrong cat Owner Evy Hind, 48, caught the moment turned guard cat outside her house, using lightning speed to run down the fox. It is clear the fox was no mood to mess with this killer cat as he quickly sprinted off. Evy was enjoying her morning coffee on the porch when the drama unfolded. She said four-year-old has always been known for being a bit of a grumpy cat, not afraid to throw his weight around to get his way. The housewife said: chased and followed the fox that came into our yard, he doesn't like foxes and they went at it like cats and dogs. ‘With his big hair obviously looks pretty scary because the fox which was bigger than him was obviously scared of a fight. ‘The fox came into his territory so went into battle mode, I ended up having a super morning with a cup of coffee and my camera.' is a Norwegian a breed known for its lion-like features and long hair. Is the breed's name alludes, it is especially adapted to live the cold Norse climate with its long hair and sturdy body. It is thought its ancestors served as mouse catchers on Viking ships and that the modern Norwegian 's ancestors are the 'mountain-dwelling fairy cat' referred to Norse legends. It's hard to Komagan, even on the busy Poonamallee High Road because walking beside him is a very tall dog. I mistake it for an extra large Dalmatian. No, this is a Great Komagan tells me, and orders ‘Tiger' to ‘stay'. And with Tiger calmly sitting on the pavement, without a leash and curious passers-by asking if it is a police dog, and if it can catch thieves Komagan tells me how he ended up as a dog trainer. Formerly a supervisor the leather industry, Komagan switched his line of work 2003, when the leather trade declined. I used to have a dog, but I couldn't look after it, I gave it away. I happened to come across an advocate's dog a Labrador named and I trained it, he says, speaking very fondly of the dog even after a decade. Dog training, he realised, suited him very well; he had a way with animals, and it gave him a chance to be self-employed. But it also came with its share of pain. When the advocate moved house, they gave away and I got very upset. Till date, he considers to be his ‘aathma' After Komagan trained dogs. I owe a big thanks to veterinarian Dr. Priyadarshini, Komagan says, as she was instrumental him getting new clients. Some also came as referrals. I usually take a trained dog along with me. That way, the dog owners know what I can do. Typically, owners ask for the dogs to be trained ‘quickly'. But I explain to them that it take a month to make them understand commands. Until they're approximately one-and-a-half years old, they're just babies! A properly