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Diagnosed day autism if you want delivered development it prompted coat comes five colors: red black, blue, cinnamon and cream. These colors be solid or solid with lighter shadings the ruff, tail, and feathering. If you're buying a puppy, 't be roped into paying more for -called rare or exotic colors. Some breeders describe their dogs' colors as champagne, silver, lilac, chocolate, or white, but these are just fancy names for the regular colors. There's no need to pay a premium for them, and reputable breeders won't try to charge one. Expect to brush your Chow Chow three times a week to keep the coat good condition and to keep loose hair from landing on your clothes and furniture. Chow Chows are heavy seasonal shedders, and the coat requires extra attention at that time. They have no doggie odor if the coat is brushed often. For brushing, you'll need a stainless steel comb with medium-coarse teeth; a medium-size slicker brush for the legs; a medium pin brush for the longer body coat; and a spray bottle of diluted coat conditioner for misting the coat as you brush. Never brush a dry coat or the hair break. Brush all the way down to the skin or you're likely to miss mats and tangles. You'll probably want to bathe your Chow at least monthly more often if he plays outside frequently and gets dirty. Start grooming your Chow when he's a puppy to get him used to it. Handle his paws frequently dogs are touchy about their feet and look inside his mouth and ears. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you'll lay the groundwork for easy vet exams and other handling when he's adult. When they're raised with children, Chow Chows can do well with them, but they're not a rough and tumble dog that tolerate a lot of abuse from a child. Chows do best families with older children who understand how to treat a dog. As with any dog, always teach children how to approach and touch your Chow, and supervise all interactions between dogs and children to prevent any biting or ear pulling from either party. Chow Chows are sometimes bought without any clear understanding of what goes into owning one, and these dogs often end up the care of rescue groups, need of adoption or fostering. Other Chows end up rescue because their owners have divorced or died. If you're interested adopting adult Chow Chow who's already gone through the destructive puppy stage and already be trained, a rescue group is a good place to start. We Specialize Basic Obedience, Behavior Modification and Off-Leash Control. If you are the happy owner of a new puppy, the big-hearted owner of a rescue or if you have a family dog that needs some guidance Sit Means Sit is for you. Famous for off leash control we offer a variety of programs to help with basic obedience up to dogs with serious behavioral issues. If giving back to the community is something you are interested we also can get your dog ready to be Certified as a Therapy Dog with our partner Caring Angels Therapy Dogs. Give us a call and take advantage of our FREE, no obligation -home evaluation of your dog s. We work with you both at home and at our facility one on one with opportunity for focused training with instant feedback. We work with your dog and with you and your family to assure consistency, obedience and understanding. Because your success is our goal, we offer FREE group classes after you have completed your private lessons. We do this that you can continue to work on your skills newer and challenging environments including facility work, field trips and social events. If you have to travel, have a dog with more challenging behavioral issues or like most residents of have little time, our 2 week board and train may be for you. We take your dog for two weeks and work with them a home environment. From interactions with our dogs to walks the neighborhood, working human environments like outdoor malls or dog friendly stores to practice dog environments like a dog park we work and train a variety of environments that when your dog comes home they are ready to take on the world with you. This program also includes FREE group classes that you can continue to practice and attain higher levels of success. We offer several specialty courses some of which require attaining a previous level of obedience. These include Agility, Tricks, Nose Work, Therapy and Service Dog Training. Some training is done conjunction with our partner organization K-9 Caring Angels a