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Dogs at friday GJEM 80669 by 8 palestinian on chasing leave. If you are considering giving up your family pet, then you must be prepared to spend time and effort to do the right thing by your loyal family member. You once made a commitment to care for this living, breathing, feeling animal that has come to depend on you for everything life. It is worth every hour you spend making the right decision for your pet. Is it truly necessary to give up this pet? Alternatives do exist and you owe it to your devoted companion to explore all possible alternatives prior making such a difficult, live changing decision regarding your pet's future. Ask yourself if there is anything about your pet behaviorally or medically that could be worked on order for you to keep him her. FOHA'S PROCESS Aside from the dogs we transfer from other shelter, FOHA does accept surrenders on a case-by-case basis. If you live the northern DC metro area and want to be considered, please read our process below. We are a limited-intake facility and take approved animals only, as we have limited space and resources. Pets must be spayed or neutered We require current vaccinations and your pet's complete medical records along with a vet's statement of overall health and behavior. Vaccinations, heartworm preventative and city county dog tag must be up-to-date at time of surrender. You need proof of identification as proof of ownership of the pet you are surrendering FOHA reserves the right to require a thorough medical exam and or temperament test on your dog prior consideration FOHA appreciates a donation fee of $350 for accepting your pet but waive this under special circumstances Once your pet is accepted at FOHA and you have surrendered it, he becomes the property of FOHA. We realize that surrendering your pet is emotional decision which you have made and it would not be responsible of us to return animal to someone who has told us that they are unable or unwilling to provide care for their pet. FOHA strives to rehome only the most adoptable pets. We cannot adopt out pets that we believe to be a safety risk. Therefore, we do not accept pets that have a history of aggression. We keep all healthy, adoptable pets as as it takes to find them a home. If you would like for FOHA to consider your please email If you would like for FOHA to consider your please call THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PET WILL BE ACCEPTED FOHA. ALTERNATIVES TO SURRENDERING OR GIVING A PET There are reasons given for giving up a pet. of these reasons have solutions and we encourage you do to everything possible to accommodate your pet to stay with your family. Military deployment For military personnel who have been deployed to active duty, there are programs that can help you keep your pet. Insurmountable Vet Bills or Housing Crisis If your pet is facing non-routine medical case and you cannot afford it, for resources available. When you brought your pet into your house, you made the commitment to take care of it forever. There is available pet-friendly housing everywhere. Find a situation that allows pets. They are plenty of landlords that do allow pets. Take the time to find them. cities have services that are dedicated to helping people find pet-friendly housing. And if you're worried about a pet deposit, just think of this: what's worth more to you, a few fast-food meals or the life of your loyal friend? Allergies About 15% of the population is allergic to dogs and or cats. However, there are ways to still live with a pet even though a family member is allergic. Make sure you are allergic to pet dander and not something the house. Your pet not even be the cause of your allergies. Visit your doctor to find out if your allergies can be controlled through medication and or diet. Consult your doctor to find out exactly what you are allergic to. Create area, most likely the bedroom of the person who is allergic, where your pet simply isn't allowed. Close the door to this room at all times to ensure this area doesn't have any of the allergens from your pet. If medications do