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Refusal interested of which focuses know RAF as skills using the MACG-28 was activated Sept. 1, and tenance concepts, modernizations, conversions, group by providing new personnel to the overhaul or -service repair on the AV- and TAV-8B assigned the mission of providing, operating Corps' AV-8B community. aviation logistics Harriers; the V-22 Osprey; the AH-1W the and maintaining the Air and squadron provides everything from supply to UH-1N the CH-53D Sea Stallion, CH-53E Control System of the 2d MAW. maintenance for the flying squadrons. Super Stallion, and MH-53E Minesweeper; the H-2 the performance of this mission, the control Sea Sprite; the H-3 Sea the H-60 Seahawk; group employs some of the most advanced the EA-6B Prowler; and the C-130 Hercules. The equipment available for command and control of center is also the depot repair point for the drive aircraft and missiles. The personnel who operate and rotary systems of the vertical take-off and and maintain these sophisticated systems are landing tactical unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-8B among the most highly trained and skilled the Fire Scout. Corps. FRC East's Power Plant Division overhauls, Through the use of computers and digital assembles and tests a number of aircraft engines data links, of the tasks have been including the F402 the replaced by automation. This provides a capabil- T400 the T58 and the T64 MACG-28 is the largest air control group the The center also personnel located at four airfields. The group maintains the engines used to power the VH-3 consists of air control squadron, air support presidential-executive helicopters. squadron, a wing communications squadron, a The command repairs and rebuilds more than low-altitude air defense battalion, a tactical air 18 types of avionics and dynamic components command squadron, and unmanned aerial support of more than 178 type model series vehicle squadron. of aircraft, and is the only Navy facility able to perform depot-level maintenance on the auxiliary 2d aircraFt winG banD power unit and gas turbine compressor engines on The 2d MAW Band is the premier ceremonial the F A-18 Hornet, AV-8, V-22, S-3, E-2 unit that serves the 2d MAW and MCAS C-2 Greyhound, KC-135 Stratotanker, H-46, H-53, H-47 Chinook, and H-60. The command The band is comprised of 50 enlisted also repairs the APUs on the presidential H-3 and Marines and one officer. addition to its cer- H-60 aircraft, and performs APU and GTC repairs emonial mission, the band showcases a variety of for a number of allied militaries. ensembles that include a jazz combo, brass quin- The depot hosts the Naval Engine Airfoil tets, Dixieland band, show band and a full wind Center which has capability to fully repair 106 ensemble. Annually, the band travels average types of blade and vane airfoil found on 12 engine of 30 and performs for more than 300 platforms, and has partial repair capability on events both locally and abroad. more than 590 blades, vanes, and components found on 27 aircraft and engine platforms. It is Fleet reaDiness center east the preferred repair source for all Navy organic During its more than six decades of operation, rotor blades, and is also equipped with advanced Fleet Readiness Center East has provided main- Photo by Sgt. McKelvey composite and plating facilities. tenance, repair, and overhaul support to virtually As DoD's Vertical Lift Center of Excellence, FRC every weapons platform the Corps has East is tasked with advancing the state of DoD flown platforms ranging from the inverted gull- vertical lift maintenance, repair and overhaul tech- winged F4U Corsair of World War II fame, to the nologies through research, education, training, and Corps newest tilt-rotor aircraft. Emerging workload technology transfer. It accomplishes this mission includes the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the UH-1Y through partnerships with government, industry Venom, and the AH-1Z and academic institutions. The command is one of eight fleet readiness cen- FRC East's artisans and engineers are on ters operated by the United States Navy, and the worldwide call to meet the immediate needs only fleet readiness center commanded by Marines. of fleet units. Services they provide include A tenant command aboard Corps Air Station emergency field team repairs, field team Photo by Cpl. Tomaszyck7i since 1943, it is also the Department modifications, fleet training, customer service and http: mcas point 2013 tenant organizations other tenant organizations. Our primary patient holistic and proactive approach to addressing the populations are active duty family members, mili- patient's needs. tary retirees and their families. total, the clinic serves a population of about 33 beneficiaries. health promotions wellness DiVision The clinic is accredited by The Joint Commission The HP&W division offers a wide variety of pro- and is also a member of the American Hospital grams for awareness, promotion and education on Association. living a healthier lifestyle. Classes