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The police attempted places of abode i know advice animal saw even if it was the dirt of Penrose Stadium First off the billing was opened with Blank followed by BOC and then a somewhat drunk Walsh who proceeded to throw his Gibson LP up the air and catching it, sad sad sad. Anyways, Blank put on a good show for being a band I knew nothing about and they played very good but then they were the opening act and not much reaction from the crowd. Then BOC came on and opened with Harvester of Eyes and I was INSTANT FAN. of course dressed leathers and black tee was captivating and of course white. They ripped through a set of jams I had never seen the sights of. Then they did Flaming Telepath and this little ZAP of lightning bolt came out of 's finger after the last line And the Jokes on You, both and me turned to each other and said DID YOU FKING THAT. The band then moved on to ME-262 and came out from behind the drum and all five band members proceeded to do their famous ALL FIVE -SYNC JAM THING it was great. As for Walsh, well what can I say: go buy his live album from 1976 You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind I'll let you imagine the show he put on back then. YAWN. YAWN. One cool thing about playing was, at one point and I looked up the outdoor sky at the same time to a falling split -two as it fell, that was another one of those DID YOU FKING THAT thing all over again... What a fun show, think I was 16, and the funny thing of it all is that I still remember it very well for all the years that have past. BOC left a lasting impression on and I am still a big fan. BOC... When you coming to the wonderful town of Bend Oregon Cheers. This was first concert ever. Colorado Springs, there was a school for the deaf and blind A bunch of kids from the school were up front, and they climbed up INTO the big bass speaker cabinets. They just sat there grooving to the vibrations, since they couldn't hear a thing. It was great to watch them enjoy the show that way. The show Okla city was where I first hooked up with Shaeffer of Little Wing, the civic center had never allowed cameras we went early I could try to talk with someone and did get Shaeffer mentioned the concert tulsa the next day and we had not planned on going or maybe didn't know about it. on the way home we turned back to tulsa, We had paged when we got there and got Well with the buzz of the boc walsh show wichita still buzzing ears we waded into this day hot as hell outdoor sweatfest. Kansas was a groove and being handed up all the pipefulls of weed that they could reach out to try from some very well stocked and generous fans all along the front of the stage, ahh those were the days. Terrible was fun but by this time i was ready to here ladies and gentlmen on your feet or on your knees... Best of the night was Bucks at least opinion. that was always a fav of mine. When we went over into Canada, we forgot that we had about 200 lbs of various fireworks bought out west around the 4th of July the back of our mostly really sinister looking silver tubes about 4 ft that were roman candles with about 25 balls them... we had