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Later she visits i have given floors right pet understanding is McConnell, who apparently is just like only 30 years younger. It's worth getting to pedal with both of them...a dream cycling trip to Belgium enjoying cobbles, waffles, cross, and beer is on his to-do list…before pedaling it's waffles, pancakes, or Noosa and afterwards well, it depends on the during and Summer, raw oysters and beer, and when the temps drop, wings, pizza and beer are on the menu… the few remaining hours of the day that he isn't on his bike you can find typically playing a creek with his four-legged JD, working on his bike, or staring at maps dreaming up adventures…enjoys cooking, dancing, and fine wine with good friends…never turn down a good cheese and fruit board, and the 2 weeks he spent Northumberland, UK this year were the best of his life thus far. What working at Moots means to It means being able to follow one of passions with people who share that passion. Plus it's a rich culture of outdoors, adventure, bikes, dogs, exploration, giving back, being good stewards, and trying to enjoy every moment of these way too short and sometimes painful lives we live. It's a healthy immersion. At Moots since 2011… Steamboat for 25 winters and counting…grew up Napa, California…backcountry tele skier… 1990, married Stephanie,then loaded mountain bikes and camping gear into their Honda Accord and took a six week honeymoon the Mountains. While passing through Steamboat, they ended up staying for a week, found jobs, a place to live, took out a steel Moots mountain tandem for a ride, and the rest is as they say history…first bike has three brothers they fought over and traded everything, especially bikes…the first bike he called his own was a black Stingray, followed by a gold Typhoon…currently his garage Moots Rogue YBB, Moots Vamoots CR, and a 1988 Breezer…loves anything singletrack Steamboat particularly the full …outside of Steamboat it's Independence Pass…dream cycling trip is a tour of …breakfast burrito pre-ride and salty chips with IPA following…admires Stamstad…when not riding is listening to music and planning his next ride…speaking of music… loves seeing live music: rock, blues, bluegrass, reggae, jazz, just about anything. The product, and the people behind the product, it's a passion, and something I can believe Hometown Born Sweetwater, TX, home of the Rattlesnake RoundUp. Time at Moots Still the new What draws you to Bikes Riding is the perfect Zen balance between freedom and suffering. Life changing moment on a bike At ten years old, I tried to impress a girl by jumping BMX bike off a handicap ramp. Long story short, I ended up with a concussion and a compound fracture. She was not impressed. How did you end up Steamboat? Followed the smiling alligator. is our newest Sales Associate, and Steamboat local since 2010 Born Bozeman, MT and grew up the Pacific Northwest just outside Seattle Bellevue, WA. He moved to Steamboat to get out of the PacNW rain and the sun! typical Steamboat-transplant fashion he moved to town the and stayed for the He married his lovely wife, at the Columbine Cabins North Routt County, and has two firecracker daughters, Éloïse and He's a mountain biker first, but also loves riding road commuting, towing his kids the trailer, and JRA. Is a Telemark skier snowboarder, hiker, traveler, cartographer geographer, linguist, chef, and of course devoted father and husband. Has worked bike shops since high school, and alumnus of Moots dealer Orange Peel Bicycle Service. Favorite rides Steamboat are anything the high country to a spot where there's a view, Creek Mtn. -town singletrack, and the Loop. Has a 10 year old Newfoundland dog named Magnus Pre post ride food: burritos At Moots since the beginning …from West Bend, WI…arrived Steamboat Springs 1971 while bike touring…recently took up snowboarding …first bicycle was a Moots Mountaineer…has a new one order…rides all over the world…fish or snails before a ride, Stinger gingersnap waffles during, and a muskrat after..when not riding, Mr. Moots enjoys swimming. Being part of a small business Northwest Colorado that's driven by people with a passion to build lifetime bikes for more than three decades is pretty darn cool. And position is unique, I get to accompany each and every Moots owner on cycling adventures world wide. It's the best job ever. Moral Support, post lunchtime vacuum cleaner, watchdog for the mail who brings rather large biscuits…time at Moots 8 years…hometown Evergreen, CO…moved to Steamboat ‘cause he wanted to live the dream too….loves bananas and pretty much anything …favorite thing to do at Moots follow around the shop all day step-for-step…after work looks forward to swimming the Yampa River. Worked at Moots 3 years… Steamboat Springs 7 years…originally from CT…came to Steamboat to be a ski bum for a …telemark skier…first bike was a Nishiki Colorado… got into cycling at 13 I rode a trail behind a friend's school and was hooked.…favorite Steamboat ride is Dumont Lake to the Ski mountain …likes eggs before a ride and icy cold Dr. Pepper afterward…when not on his bike, is tracking his Mazda Miata…a cyclist he admires Moots' own Piscopo…if you didn't know… is into cars as much as he's into bikes. Working a great environment and having fun while building bike frames. I was fortunate enough to buy Moots October, 2015 and am proud to be part of this team. I've been a passionate